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Chapter 2 was just as good as the first, only issue was after entering the music room the first time I fell through the floor. Regardless, I'm looking forward to Chapter 3!

Bendy and the Ink Machine was a terrifying experience. It holds the honor of being the first game to make me throw my mouse! Seriously check out the game!

This game is great so far, played the first part of it the other day, hope more content gets added though, was a bit sad when I found out it was only 15-60 mins of gameplay. Here's the content I recorded of the game.

Like and sub, if you feel so inclined ;)

Don't let the thumbnail fool you, this is Fragments of Euclid.
This game is an amazing puzzle platformer, but I mean if you want to see more just watch the video, maybe drop a like or sub while you're there ;)

So turns out Streets of Rogue works amazingly online. Until you punch each other to death.

Played this game a couple months ago and really surprised at the amount of updates, (even multiplayer?!) Can't wait to play more in the future!

Had a challenge with The Dukez to build the tallest raft, this is my entry. This game is a blast and I'm trying to find more reasons to play it lol!

Had a lot of fun playing this game, wish I could have played longer but but finished all the challenges and checked all the rooftops. Can't wait for future updates!
Here's so gameplay!

This game was a lot of fun, even though I had no idea how to not become corrupt lol. I look forward to playing it some more in my spare time!

My first video of this game, really loving it and hoping to make more videos now and after some updates. Here's some gameplay of it. Like and sub if you like it!

Checked out this game and figured I would record it. This game seems like a really neat concept I can't wait for the full game! Only thing I couldn't figure out is how to make the water look better lol.

This game is amazing, can't wait for more updates, if you guys want to check out some more of it for yourselves, here is a link to my video on it. I also tried to teach how to do some stuff on the game as well. If you like and want to keep up with more games from this site, be sure to subscribe.

Saw this game on BaronVonLetsPlay's channel so decided to check it out myself, it's a neat spin on the whole TABS type game in my opinion, though kind of buggy. If you want to see more of the game for yourself before playing here is a video.

Subscribe if you like it!

This game was really fun though a bit short! If you want to check it out before you download here is a video!

I've seen this game on BaronVonLetsPlay's channel and on Markiplier's channel so, I decided to record some myself, if you guys want to check out more from this game before downloading. Thanks for creating this masterpiece, and sorry this video went on so long, we became unstoppable lol.