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Spent some time playing it after the video and managed to get five items, but that was after three tries in forty-five minutes.  Immersion was totally lost by that point and it was all about figuring out the item spawn locations...which were super difficult to spot when they seemed random. Pretty sure I looked directly at some spots more than once, then found the item there later.

Part 7! These are some well done bosses.

Cassie-Ann, in its current state, is a good foundation for a spook game. The almost complete silence gives a bit more oomph to the jumpscare when it happens suddenly, and the low visibility also adds to the creep factor of everything. That said, I felt like I was either doing something wrong or the game somehow just didn't have the items in it. After multiple attempts, I was unable to collect or even SEE any items and rapidly lost immersion wandering around searching.

Issues aside, good job, dev. You have a lot of good elements in place, so I'm curious what will come of this as you work on it.

The Eerie Adventures of Kally is weird, silly, and generally a good time. I've only played a little of it so far, but am already enjoying what I'm seeing. Hearing as well, because the game has some rad tunes going on. Being able to just sit there and wail on enemies is fun, though I feel like some balance is needed in the long run.

Good job on this, dev.

Part 6! This game is painful sometimes...

Ribeye Charlie's is a short but sweet meaty little spook game that's easy for anyone to pick up and play. It also feels like an enjoyable starter level spook game, as it is pretty straightforward once you get into it and has simple controls. I'm not entirely sure why the player has Old VHS vision or why the enemies are cows...but I don't question it, because it all adds to the fun.

Good job on this, devs. You made a weird and amusing thing.

Another quality piece of work by Octavi, Midnight Scenes gives a quick taste of some classic style suspense filled spooks. Eerie audio and slightly unnerving scenery leave the player to unnerve themselves as they wonder what will happen next. Something? Nothing? Something else? Who knows! Personally, I could totally see a small series of games under the Midnight Scenes name, playing out like The Twilight Zone.

I missed playing this last year, so I thought I would have a go for some October spooks. Good job, dev, and keep up the good work.

Part 5! No, really, how much is there to this game right now?

Leaving a charred corpse in a beautiful world.

Tower of the Final Bastion is both slow moving and fast paced, with plenty of action going on around you as you make your way to an endless string of deaths. The visuals are pretty rad, looking like an 80s sunset kind of setting, but I feel the audio is a bit lacking, being only the sounds of the tower viciously shooting at you. Overall, it's a fun game that I enjoyed playing, and it seems like a good foundation for something more.

Good job, devs. You made another neat thing.

Part 4! This demo just keeps going! I dig it.

Hey, devs, can there be a photo mode? This game is seriously pretty.

Saw this the day it came out and finally got around to doing a vid on it. Overall, Disconnected is a nice piece of work, especially for a first game. The art style, while simple pixels, is pretty well done, with the walk cycle and cutscene animation being pretty smooth. I've always enjoyed seeing what pixels can do. The audio, too, was simplistic, but worked well to set the dark tone the game itself seemed to want to present. Admittedly, I had no clue what was actually going on, but it was a fun ride.

Good job, dev. You made a game. Keep at it.

I don't remember this having a comments section. Either way, here's a video I did ages ago!

A simple, yet fun and relaxing game about carefully tending to a plant. It's a good thing.

Block is a simple, but pretty looking side scrolling strategy style game. A nice papercraft design works really well for the overall cutsie theme of the game. The gameplay itself provides a decent challenge, since you never know if/when an enemy will attack you.

Good job on this, dev. It's pretty well done for two days of work.
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Part 3!

Jolt: Fully Charged is a delight. With its upbeat music, bright color palette, and simple and easy to remember controls, the demo really worked well to show what's to come. While I feel it could use a little polish in some areas, and gamepad support, I definitely like what you've made so far and am curious what the full game will be like whenever it's released.

Good job on this, devs. You made a fun thing and I hope it does well.

RoboBlaster is a fun little MegaMan clone. While it has its own art style rather than true GameBoy pixels, it still looks really nice and gives that nostalgic feeling of playing one of the old MMs. Jumping, shooting, trying not to die to pitfalls and giant spiky's a good time.

Good job, dev.

I return after way too long with another bit of gameplay! Onirism remains a beautiful piece of work and is a delight to play. I'm barely into it and am enjoying discovering everything about the game, even the little details like the health bar.

Keep up the good work, devs.

Here's my feedback/review:

My Legs Got Tubed is short, simple, and pretty darn fun overall. Classic style comedy sets the tone for the start of the adventure as you flail about the stages making your way to who knows where on the search for misplaced legs. Fortunately, where you're going, you don't need legs.

Good job on this, devs.

Alchemy Garden has a lot of potential to become a much bigger game. A decent map setup and graphical style paired with a small, yet functional variety of mechanics make for a really good foundation for this to grow from.  I could easily see the world being many times larger in the end, with different places to explore to find and grow ingredients. Pretty good for an early Alpha work.

Good job, dev.

Education! Huzzah! 
Sounds like it would take some practice to fully get the hang of the game, especially once everything is fully implemented. So much to keep up with. Totally not a bad thing, of course. It's a good management and memory exercise.

And, yeah, I figured the new settings probably had something to do with the frame loss. I just really enjoyed looking at it.

Part 3!

I see a lot happening for this game in the future. With the music, it feels almost like a simplified, smith based Elder Scrolls.

This is a short and simple, but very amusing game. Even without trying to achieve the intended goal, you can have plenty of fun just messing with the lighting and physics, and that's a good quality for a game to have. The music was also pretty rad, despite the single track.

Good job, dev.

Always glad to give some feedback. It's the best way for any creator to grow!

Drunken Dad Simulator is probably the most accurate simulation of a drunken bear dad at a birthday party anyone will play this year. The gameplay itself is pretty fun as well, with silly physics and exploding lawn mowers. Overall, it's a good time.

Good job devs.

Part 2!

It's always neat seeing Tubers brought into games, even as NPC names.

Glitch House is short, but fun. Some rad visuals and moody, atmospheric music do a lot for the overall tone for the game. Stuff's on fire, yo. Hurry up and escape! Overall, a decent piece of work and a nice entry for a Jam. This has potential for something more.

Though I will say the simplicity of it occasionally works against the tone being set, as a sort of cartoonish look clashes a little against the implied demonic powers and all encompassing flame. Also, the camera is not fun, as I point out in my video.

Still, good job, dev!

Short, silly, and with decent replay value for giggles, Coffee Gets You There is an amusing piece of work. Though you only play in a small area, everything looks pretty well designed. And those wobbly walking physics...I'm pretty sure the main character is both sleep deprived and drunk. The only issue I have with the game is its lack of music.

Good job, dev. This could definitely be something bigger someday.

Part 4!

It is at this point, some of the game's shortcomings become more evident. The world design is well done and the mechanics are pretty cool, but the camera is starting to get a bit weird in some areas, like interior spaces. Collision also seems to be turning into an issue, as I occasionally fall through or into floors, getting stuck sometimes, or somehow being on the plum in the ground and unable to dismount. The Windmill was a good challenge and definitely felt like some classic 3D platforming, but the lack of polish made it a bit frustrating.

Simple by design, simple to control, and unexpectedly challenging, Stuck! is definitely something I would say is worth a try. Some rad music helps push the player through the frustration of being surrounded by people on a train and desperately needing to reach the exit. Meanwhile, physics attempt to screw you over at every shove and nudge.

Good job, dev. You made a thing.

Though I've only played a little of it so far, My Little Blacksmith Shop seems like a game with potential. I don't know exactly what future updates will hold, but it looks like an adventure extending far beyond the humble smithy it began as. The art style is simple, yet appealing, and the music works well for it, making the game feel comically dramatic at times. I've only just begun, but I'm really curious what I'll be seeing.

Keep up the good work, devs.

Part 3!

I'm somehow turning Yuuna into a really grumpy granny...

Simple, fun, and mildly stress inducing at times, 'Naut is a good starting point for a bigger, better game. What starts as a fun field trip through space, slowly reveals to be a race against time as you're constantly running low on oxygen, having to balance your time between finding all the happy little aliens you want to be friends with and trying not to die alone in space from suffocation because you were just a few steps from that last O² tank. Your final thoughts turning to your friends and family as you wonder why you went to space on this journey by yourself. Oh, why?! Why?! Now they'll never know what became of you, meanwhile you'll be a skeleton lost on some empty planet. Oh, and the graphics and audio are pretty nice as well, with the soundtrack being pretty adventurous sounding and the visuals reminding me a bit of soft clay.

While many things could be added to the game over time, one thing I would suggest is a timer for when you're about to run out of oxygen. Maybe the final ten seconds or so. The screen fading to black is a nice touch, but only works well as an indicator when it fades until you die.

Good job on this, dev. You made a fun thing.

It's somewhat relieving to hear my feedback was appreciated. I usually feel a bit wary about being negative toward a game in my videos.

The crawling around and having to guide and time the movements was the unique part to me, yes. While I have played some puzzle style games where timing movements was a key feature, the way you implement that in your game feels both new and amusing.

Yet Another Exhausting Day is more challenging than I expected when I started playing. Amusing visuals and sounds hide the true struggle of fighting off sleep, barely able to control your own body and make it through your day. For some, this probably hits really close. After playing this, however, I'm glad I don't need sleep...

The controls feel a bit clunky at times, especially the rolling around part, but this is an otherwise enjoyable game. Good job, devs.

I return after an accidental break with part 2!

This is an enjoyable game. I really like the visual style it has going and the digging and planting mechanics are creative.

Count me interested if you ever do revisit the idea of this game. You definitely captured the feeling of a classic 3D platformer with it.

CardBound is everything I like in a 3D platformer while also being everything I'm terrible at in a 3D platformer, and I'm okay with that. The arts & crafts theme it has going on is really well done, with a full assortment of objects for the world to be made from. Gameplay wise, it gives that nostalgic feeling of playing something from the N64/Ps1 era of gaming, and that's a good time.

Good job, devs. You made a fun thing. Any plans to make it a bigger thing?

Mondi is an amusing little post apocalyptic platformer with some really nice visuals. Both the art and level design are really well done, with the accompanying music being a good fit for what's going on. The sticky mechanic is pretty solid, with the limit on how many times you can stick/jump posing just the right amount of challenge. 

Good job devs. I mention it in my video, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of this, or something of a similar nature. Good stuff.

Good job completing your game! I remember seeing it back before you tried for KS funding. Always cool to see a game make its way to the public.

Streamed the game recently and thought I might share. (The latter half has more of the good bits and feedback.)

The game is coming along nicely, but I feel it needs a bit more direction as far as story goes. You're told to find the Moon Stones and...that's it. Once you leave the starting room, you're running blind. I can only assume they're found in the deep cave areas, behind many doors. Combat also gives me a hard time if I don't luck up on some gear in a chest, though it's fun finding ways to avoid or outrun danger.