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You're welcome for the gameplay. Thanks for making the game/story.

I'll have to go through it again to find the mistakes, so I'll just send an e-mail when I can get around to that.

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While not without its flaws, this was an interesting story/game. Your use of audio definitely serves it well, giving the appropriate atmosphere for a spook game. The grotesque noises definitely give the feeling of "Ew, what is that thing?" I also like the choice sets, though it was easy to get the good ending just by being a decent person. Overall, this was fun. Good job.

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I love games like this. It's such a simple design, but works really well. The combat, while just button mashing, still feels nice. You also have double jumping, which is always a bonus with me.  The black and white aesthetic is always interesting to see in pixel games, as it gives a somewhat "artsy" feel, but without trying too hard at that. It's also good for adding depth to a game for those who like to imagine their own worlds. Overall, this was a really good time. Good job, dev person.

Have a vidja. (I babble like an idiot, but hopefully it entertains.)

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Beyond Human, inspired by Metroid, successfully carries the same style of gameplay while remaining its own game. The story I've seen so far is unclear aside from "aliens happened, go unalive them," but that in no way stops this from being a great time.

That said...dooood, if the demo has this much quality to it, I am super interested to see how the full game turns out. I'm not really into Metroid style games and even I had a really good time with this. Then again, I enjoy running  around, swinging swords...

Fantastic job on this and keep up the good work. Will probably do a second part to this video soon.

Bright, cheery, and artistic. These are three words that describe this gaming experience. Other words that apply to this game are: Weird, surreal, creepy, random, soupy, and...chill. My point being that this is a pretty fun game that lets you throw an assortment of junk together and call it art. Just like real artists! Good job, game maker person.

On a side note, being able to remove pieces would be nice.

This was a short and simple, but oddly amusing game that reminded me I like to collect things. Maybe a prequel could be made someday where you're going around piling all the keys up, heh. Good job on this.

Eh, bugs happen. It wasn't anything game breaking, so it's fine. As for the maps and modes, you do you as you're able. I was just rattling off stuff while having fun killing birds, heheh.

Quite welcome. Thanks for making the game.
Let me know if anything more is ever done with this game. I find myself oddly drawn to it.

I return with a second video for this game of exploding pigeons. Took the information gained from before and did less poorly and had more fun. I like those results.

A little buggy at times, but this was a fun game.  It has an interesting art style, and the resource list being partly 3D amuses me for some reason. The only real issue I have with the game is the lack of audio. Just having what sounded like a fishing boat going the whole time took away from the experience. Still, that aside, it was pretty good overall. Keep it up.

No problem. And while this is totally optional, maybe have changing facial expressions for the character icon in the top corner when fighting. Or maybe have bandages appear on the face once they reach low health or something. Just for a bit of personality. Little details.

After spending...quite a while farming money for the permanent upgrades - which felt more justified in price - I finally learned how to get the bonus money at the end of a round, which helped speed things along some. Or at least I think I figured that out, heh.  Any adjustments to the prices shouldn't be too great. Instead, perhaps a clearer in-game explanation on money making or how the bonus is earned.
Thanks for the information about using points to buy things during the fight. Despite spending so much time in the game now, I somehow never noticed that and kept thinking it was coins.

You're welcome. Thanks for making the game.

A little slow starting out, but I can see this game having plenty of potential. I spent about an hour grinding money in it and had fun as I got better at killing the evil pigeons.

Good job on this and good luck with future updates! Keep up the good work.

As a side note, you may want to add blinking animations to the people. Or eyelids. As things are now, they have a sort of thousand yard stare going on and it's mildly creepy for such a cartoony game, especially seeing them in the tavern/shop.

A fun and relaxing game for a fun and relaxing time, Gone Wandering is a pleasant boat ride around a handful of happy little islands where the only residents are butterflies, you, and a net. It's great for when you want something different to play, like cute things, or just want to unwind with something a bit more casual. I dig it.

Despite its simplistic nature, I genuinely had a lot of fun playing and recording this. Even doing the editing was an oddly enjoyable experience.

Been trying to play through it again on my own time to see all the postcards. Finally managed to collect them all, but forgot to read them before reaching the end, heh. I also managed to clear the puzzles in the upper path at the end, which was pretty...frustrating at times, but fun.

However, I noticed some issues with the level in one place. At the puzzle with the two platforms you have to move to go over a ledge on the left, there's also a postcard in the upper right. When trying to reach it, if I jumped while on the top platform, or any higher space really, I would get sucked into the ground above me and either pop into the house, dart left or right through the ground, or just get stuck. You may or may not already be aware of this, but it seemed important enough to mention anyway.

Created a new topic Gameplay review and video.

This was a really good time. All of the things about the game were fun.

I've seen a game with a similar mechanic, Camera Obscura, where you manipulated platforms by taking still frames and moving them around. This game took a similar idea and beefed it up a bit with a touch of reality bending and the ability to move and walk on light, and that's pretty rad. The art style for the game is unique, with most things looking a little like paper, whether that's intentional or just my own view on it. The environment itself is full of life and little details, but remains subtle enough to not distract you from whatever you're doing. It's one of those games where if you actually stop and look around, you go "Whoa, that's a thing." I always appreciate games with detail like that.

Overall, the audio was pretty good. The music was pleasing to the ears and all the voices seemed good matches for their characters, but I did notice that there was a little inconsistency in the quality of the voices. Some characters were louder or quieter than others or sounded as if they were recorded through an inferior microphone, perhaps. Being a demo, however, I'm assuming this was strictly a technical limitation and give it a pass.

I can only say so much about the quality of gameplay, since it was a puzzle game. The controls were functional and everything responded as it should and the puzzles themselves were well done. I just happen to not be very good at puzzles, so that limits my opinion on the matter, eheh. And while it might be an odd thing to take a lot of notice of, I thoroughly enjoyed your work with the lighting effects and how the shadows moved, grew, and faded according to your movements. Very good work there.

I show it in my video, but I ran into a bit of a bug with the postcards. No clue what triggered it, but I looked at one and suddenly it wouldn't go a way. That may need to be looked into.

Great game overall though. Keep up the good work, I look forward to the finished game.

Just played a game similar to this and talked about enjoying games where you just cruise...then I found this. It's like 80s magic or something! And this game is like 80s magic.

I like the detail of the tracking static, though it would've been cool if it skipped a little when you hit something/fell off. Like a bad tape.

This was fun. Getting to convert little people into little red puddles is always a good time. And the game itself was well done overall. A simple concept, good for a mini-game, but with plenty of charm. Good job on this.

Have a video.

Finally got around to playing this and am glad I did. It's short and simple, but has potential. And it has a character who is aware he's a character, so that's a bonus. Overall, this was pretty fun. Good job.

This was fun. The visuals, while simple, worked really well for what was going on. Neon against black is always a nice choice. The music was pretty good as well, though the menu was louder than in-game for some reason. A fine way to pass time alone or with others in competition.  Good job with this overall.

Keep up the good work and have a video.

Created a new topic Gameplay review.

I've played a lot of indie games lately and have been checking out Jams like what this came from. Some games were fun and some had interesting mechanics. This definitely covers both of those qualities and could easily work as a full game. Parallelized is a casual, yet very fun little puzzle platformer, and I found myself quite impressed by the use of split screen/dimensional shifting in order to see what is and isn't around you to make progress.  The subtle changes in the music when you're in the different dimensions is also a nice touch. Good thinking.


  • The lack of an intro paired with the music starting with a "bang" felt jarring. Not bad, but very abrupt.
  • Some objects were lacking the back halves of their textures. Understandable since it's a Jam game, but worth pointing out.
  • Collision could be tweaked a little, as I hit a few "walls" at the tops of some stairs and had to jump.
  • Similarly, some objects had collision when they shouldn't have, such as the obelisk near the floating, spinning headstone puzzle.
  • Unless I missed an activation point, there also appeared to be no ending. I assume the "end" is the treasure area?

Have a video and keep up the good work:

(And maybe do more with this. It's great.)

So, I had a random thought earlier. This game could totally work well as something like Contra, if you chose to keep working on it.  It could have some side scrolling levels, then have levels like what you have now, where you're facing the enemies in the background, shooting them.

Just an idea. It seems like it would be cool with the art style you have going.

If the game has an ending, I wasn't able to reach it. However, I did still have fun playing this. The art style is nice and original, and a color accent is always cool to see in games. The movements were smooth, the controls handled well, and I like how the life bar is actually flower petals that float away when you're hit. The comic strip style intro story was nice as well, though maybe a bit too sketchy on some panels. I could tell what they were, but it looked a little unclear.

Good job on this overall. Keep up the good work.

This was a pretty good game overall. The music was...mildly unnerving, but still had a nice sound. The reality bubble mechanic was really cool as well. I've always liked games that dealt with perception or creation of surroundings. The way some of the things appeared and disappeared depending on location actually messed with me a little and it was an interesting experience. Good job on this.

This was a quality piece of work. The art was decent, the music was catchy, and it had all the qualities of an old GameBoy game. Like having a key for a head. Dullahan also has a good thing going for it when it uses a lesser dealt with creature of myth, the dullahan, so that gets points with me. Granted, it feels a little like a Castlevania clone, but...eh. Still good. My only issue is the lack of a proper ending. Though being part of a Jam, I can understand if there were limitations.

Overall, it was a good time and I could easily see it as a full game sometime.

"We made a game!" Cool. "It was for a class project." Neat.

Cut to me actually playing the game. "Holy carp, this is good stuff!" And I mean that, because even though it's a single stage arena game, this is a quality piece of work. The music is rad, the art is clean and has a good level of detail where applicable, and the controls are all pretty solid. The body swap mechanic is interesting as well, especially since you threw in the r/p/s element. A shame it won't be updated or turned into something bigger.

Have a video.

This is a fun way to pass time with ducks. It also has some nice music going on. Recently tried to make a raft out of all the things and...that's more difficult than it sounds. Physics get weeiird when you do that. Good job ducking.

I love it when someone successfully recreates a classic style. Good job on this game. The visuals are nice and the music is very classic GameBoy. I dig it.

Made a second video on a whim! Good gravy, this is challenging.

Created a new topic Simple, but fun. I dig it.

Both the controls and the premise are very simple: Hop around and eat(volve) your way to freedom. The devs took a basic idea, created a mechanic for it, and let it loose on the masses, and I thank them for that. It's short, able to be cleared in roughly five minutes, but has that addictive quality that keeps you wanting to play it more or in different ways. Personally, I just challenged myself to win as a worm. Many tries later, I finally succeeded.

Since the game is still being worked on, I'm curious what will come later on. It would be nice to see this game expanded into something bigger or maybe a little more complex. I noticed the crabs can...spit? So maybe minor combat could be applied for certain things. Overall, it's a good time.

Have a vidya.

I'm not big on car games and this was still entertaining. Of course, having sloths is always good for bonus points. The visuals and art style for this were all pretty nice and everything looked very clean. The only thing I felt was missing was background noise, like ambience or music. Good job overall.

Saving has not been implemented yet. To get fat, you must find and kill rabbits.

Just played the, as of now, current build of the game. Water in cans seems like such a strange idea, especially with the setting being a wilderness island. Perhaps make a craftable canteen or leather pouch for carrying water. And rather than random water pick-ups there could be either puddles, small exhaustible ponds, or have the ability to gather water from the surrounding body and purify it. There is presently a well for water, but it's good to have a variety of options in case things changes in updates.

In terms of supplies, things seem fine for now. There's a decent set of tools for starting out. However, unless there will be a story explaining why we start the game with a fully furnished cabin later on...maybe do away with the fully furnished cabin at the start. Perhaps instead, the player could start on one of the edges of the island with a few planks of wood around them, as if they washed ashore after their boat crashed. Also, while I'm fine with having the random tall mountain, it could stand to be less...sharp. And shiny.

Rabbits and wolves are a good start for animals on the island. Judging by the plants and terrain, it looks like the island could also be suitable for things like bears, wild pigs, and maybe sheep. Possibly reptiles, just for kicks. Maybe expand the island's size a little and stick a few bear caves in the mountain as major threats to brave explorers.

And more audio would be lovely. Try to set up a constant sound rather than a looping wind and tweeting birds. Maybe some subtle, ambient music of some sort. Silence is good for a feeling of solitude, but gets a little stale when gaming. Oh, and footsteps for animals. Those wolves come at you like ninjas if you're not looking right at them.

I definitely agree with the esc button to close menus. It's a minor thing, but with it existing with practically every other game I've played, it feels weird not using esc.

Always been a fan of survival/crafting survival games, so I wanted to give this a go. It's a simple work(so far), but I still enjoyed this game. The idea of having to survive strictly on an island is a solid one, because too many games give you an entire world to gather resources from. I'm curious to see what future updates do for the game.

Have a video.

This was a fun game. The visuals, while simple, were still pretty neat looking, especially with the rainbow effect, and the mechanic of making sound to see the map was cool as well. I really like that sort of thing in games. Good job on this.

Have a video.

Ah. Cheers.

I love me some quality music in games, and this definitely has it.

This is the raddest, most laser filled game I've played in a while. The music is awesome, the controls are solid, and the cheesy 80s plot is just great. Good job on this!

Thank you for this game. It was quite fun.

This game. This game is a good time. The graphical style is amusing and the visuals, while simple, are well made. The background has depth and seems full of life, especially on the jungle and water levels where things are moving around. I'm always a sucker for a good platformer, and the mechanic in this game makes it that much more fun, with the momentum physics and really smooth movements. At times, it really did feel like I was just playing as a cloud, swirling about the levels. I would love to see a longer version of this with more levels to play in.

Yeah, that sounds like a fair guess. Bit of a hollow victory though.