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It's a relatively short demo for now, but I am very curious to see how the final product turns out. The puzzle platforming with lethal twists is fun, but my favorite part of this game has to be the visuals and camera work. So fun to just look at.

Good job, devs.

Infinite Nightmares is short, but has some decent atmosphere going for it. While I feel the shadows are a tad too dark at times, the art itself is still pretty good, giving lots of character to the spooky environment. Especially the suspiciously innocent bunny toy. The twist ending felt a little out of nowhere, but I feel with a little extension for plot, this could be something for the masses and memers. 

Good job, devs.

Played solo, Tofu Topple can feel short, but the unlockables and multiplayer mode give it a fair amount of replay value, especially if you enjoy gem drop games. Plus, it has cute characters and rad music. Who doesn't love those?

Good job, Naka.

As with Escaped Chasm, Dweller's Empty Path is a fine bit of artistry from Temmie. The gameplay, while simple in its walking around talking to people, shows Tem's improvements with game development. It's always fun to see people becoming better at games by making them. And though most of the art was enjoyable and gave a nostalgic feeling of playing classic GameBoy, I most enjoyed the scenes when conversations happened. Despite any lack of movement, they were very expressive, even down to lesser seen characters. I was also thoroughly entertained by the utter derailment of the story when the JRPG cast showed up. Overall, this was a pleasant walk through town. Good job as usual, Temmie.

(P.S. Claire is my favorite. So sassy and silly.)

As it is, Tamarindo's Freaking Dinner feels like more of an experience than a game. There are things to do, but there's so much to take in and process, it's like a surreal fever dream. And I'm okay with that.

Good job, dev.

Saiko no Sutoka has a simple premise, but remains challenging with the girl somehow able to keep up with you so closely at times. It definitely works well to provide "I am about to be stabbed" vibes, especially with the audio cues, although I did feel considerably less in danger once I found it wasn't one hit kill. Overall, it's a good foundation for whatever is planned in the future. Hopefully some form of plot will be added so we know why we're there.

Good job, dev.

Had to take another look, but I agree with you on this. The run wiggle seems more cute than sexy, although I will say she does come off bottom heavy. I feel that would be better fixed by simply adding mid-section armor for balance. Maybe more detail on the leg joints, since it looks like she's running around in bulky thigh boots.

Part 2!

Holy carp, that boss. Most combat in the game felt very active, and I enjoyed that, but I wasn't expecting a bullet curtain boss. I like that it had a pattern I was able to pick up on without much trouble, but dodging the lasers, mostly blindly, was quite a struggle.

It may just be demo material right now, but Delta Gal has plenty of potential with a side of nostalgia. Some areas feel a little too linear, like walking a narrow path, but it's at least a good starting point with room to grow. The music is solid, the characters have decent personality, and I love the MegaMan Legends style it has going for it. I'm curious to see what comes in the future.

Good job, dev.

Typically, I'd give some brief description of a game I play or the experience, but I honestly feel Enter the Skinja is a game best experienced for oneself. It's...weird.

Good job, dev. I remember playing Red Mummy you made some time ago. You have a recognizable style.

Gori: Cuddly Carnage definitely lives up to its name and I love it for that. With the foul language and comic violence, I'm reminded of Conker's BFD mixed with a few other titles, and that makes a great game in my book. The music was energetic and really set the tone for combat moments, the enemies were satisfying to cut to pieces, and I see a lot of potential for fast paced staged with the hoverboard/rails. (Also a LOT of chances for me to die in pits.) Gori also sounds like he's voiced by an actual cat. Not something often seen in games.

Great job, devs. Looking forward to the full game.

I got stuck a couple of times, but Train 113 definitely has some spooky potential. I especially enjoyed the atmosphere you provided through both the environment and audio. Both very important for a good spook. Though, maybe give the chains a sedative. They were going crazy.

Good job, devs.

I may not be great at Task Force Kampas, or most bullet curtains for that matter, but I definitely had a good time trying. The visuals were very nostalgic and the music was great both in the game and on its own. And I love how the boss(es) kill you to the beat.

Good job, devs.

It's a weird wild west out there and it looks like the Kungfu Cowboy is the only one crazy enough to run, jump, leap, and shoot through it to die a lot and eventually make it to his favorite drinking hole. I played solo for now, but it definitely seems to have potential for multiplayer antics. The music is pretty good, too.

Good job, devs.

Got Sky Rogue in a bundle not long ago and recently tried it out. Despite the fact I have never been good at flight sims, I rather enjoyed my time in it and liked the overall art style it had going on. Low poly, but with enough detail to have a unique look, and I appreciate that in games. I've recorded a couple of videos for my first few plays, but I think the rogue-lite aspect will keep me playing beyond that.

Good job, devs. This was fun.

Recently played the Heptagon demo and man is it a trip. Much faster paced than I expected, especially on level 2. Seems like it'd be fun to watch a skilled player run through for the music and completions. Instead, I have a pile of deaths.

Good job, dev.

That is the case, yes. I guess I'll just keep an eye out for that update.

On that note, I've actually had troubles running the game. I've tried the current and a previous version and keep getting an "Entry Point Not Found" error and cannot play. Ideas?

For a simple game made in 48 hours, Pink River is deceptively challenging and fun. It's proof that all you really need is one well done mechanic to have a good time, and I appreciate that about it.

Good job, dev.

My room was cramped and full of water, the building itself smelled very musty and had dirty laundry strewn about, and the hostess kept dropping eyeballs on me. 1/5 Would not soup here again.

Good job on the game though, dev.

Mori Adventures is a short and simple collecting game, but seems like a decent first attempt at a game. Despite needing polish, everything seemed to function as designed and it wasn't a buggy mess.(No pun intended.)

Good job, dev.

Moon Raider may just be a demo for now, but it definitely has some potential. It has its own style, but shows a wide variety of classic inspiration, and I like that about it. And even when I didn't know exactly what to do in the game, I still had fun.

Good job, devs.

Smalls Island Woes was definitely an experience. I'm still not quite sure what kind of experience, but it was one. I like how despite the island being tiny and the people crudely drawn, that all works perfectly to fit the eerie nature of things. I wouldn't mind seeing something like this with a bit more depth to the plot.

Good job, devs.

It's short and the plot is vague, but Frontier Diver is an interesting time that I feel justifies my concerns over the ocean. It definitely has the look of a Ps1 game as well, which not many can fully pull off from what I've seen lately.

Good job, devs.

I had a devil of a time playing one stage in this demo, but Radical Relocation still seems like it'll be a fun time with puzzles when it comes out. I'm definitely curious to see how it plays with helicopters carrying things around.

Good job, devs.
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Perfectly fine about the delay, I've had some take a year before getting back to me. Glad to hear my feedback was helpful in development!

The game handles SO much better now with the new controls. I'd completely forgotten about that going in, so I just naturally took to the new way. Having actual enemies in it now makes moving around constantly feel more fun as I juggle shooting, dodging, and finding more stuff to blow up. Due to this, I find I play on the board more than I do on foot. It's fast paced, chaotic, and I like it.

Having music going now also helps make it more fun. I think there were some words being spoken at one point? I'm unsure if that was part of the music or something in the game, but I wasn't able to hear them clearly to know what they were saying. That aside, the overall audio is coming along.

I tried each character, but due to the chaotic nature of the game, I wasn't able to notice their differences at this time. I like that Pipchang has clothes in the new build though. Nipps' new style, however, is a little off putting with her gloves. In the Performance Report screen, she looks a bit like a dark blob with a couple of white spots while dancing.

On the topic of the Performance Report, it doesn't seem to show anything. Am I to assume it's non-functioning at this time? Also, the new stage, what there is of it right now, is looking nice.

Oh, and what's the timer looking thing in the top right of the screen? It seems to change from low numbers to high at random while counting down.

Keep up the good work.

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X Zero, at least in my opinion, definitely captures the simple enjoyment of old games. Just running, gunning, and doing the thing. I like that. The music isn't half bad, either. It's a bit repetitive after a while, but still has a nice sound it that makes me wiggle my gun to the beat. (Though not in public.) I'd wondered at one point why the gun was silent, but then I realized...I fire it constantly. So it's a fun AND smartly designed game.

Good job, dev.

Praise aside, I did notice on occasion that the game would speed up, sending me flying forward or quickly jumping around, often to my detriment. Not sure if this is on my end or the game.

Oh, I meant to mention this before, but there's a layering issue where it's possible to stand on the llama bro's head. Unless that was intentional. (Either way, I found it funny.)

Proof that I did the thing! The grotto was the biggest help.

Take one part Zelda, one part comedy, a dash of retro nostalgia, and a talking llama, then put them all in a pot and cook for an hour...and you'll probably get food poisoning. Toasty, on the other hand, is a fun treat of a game, full of silly humor and food people. Also slimes, coffee, puns, television-heads, marshmallow-heads, and pretty ladies who support your endevours. And that's just in a demo! I'm eager to see what comes with the full game.

Good job, devs.

Though a short demo for now, Rose & Locket gives a good show of what to expect in the future and is oozing with both style and potential. The comic style cinematics paired with the single color per screen theme are some interesting choices that caught my eye, and the audio is pretty great as well. 

Good job, devs. I'm curious to see how it turns out.

It's short and simple, but Nasty Little Man is surprisingly fun to play and mess around in.

Good job, dev.

Paper Hero is a little heavy on the ghosts, but is otherwise a pretty fun time. Though I may just be biased, since the visuals are my favorite part, with the 2D paper people in the 3D world making everything feel bigger than it is. Overall, a nice piece of work.

Good job, dev.

I don't know how I'm only just now seeing Indiecalypse, but I'm glad I didn't miss it entirely. Despite being just a demo, it definitely shows a lot of work has gone into everything, even having some smooth looking animation. I'm curious to see what violence and vulgarity the finished product will bring about.

Good job, devs.

I saw mention of that on the page and have been curious what a "deadly" version of the game could include.

Second video, second life.

Will probably investigate the other "endings" on my own. I'm curious.

The accuracy. The humor. The snarky parents. The cactus! Imagine Lifetimes feels like a nearly perfect simulation of actual life. Definitely an interesting experience and I'm curious to see what other paths I can take.

Good job, devs.

I'm not the best at speedy games like Neko Ghost, Jump!, but I still found it cute and fun. Plus, it has plot. Most "go fast!" games are just "go fast!" without the why, so it's nice having a reason to run. The graphics are solid, the art style definitely covers the "cute cat" angle, and there's plenty of quality(and comedic) audio. Overall, a decent game. 

Good job, dev.