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Looks like Katamari, acts like Katamari, must be Katamari. A short but fun experience that could pass as a small demo for the actual series.

Good job, dev.

This is a game with a simple premise and design, but is able to play off a player's enjoyment of doing things better and faster, and I dig that.

Keep at it, dev.

Pool Party is short, cute, and easy to pick up. It may be meant for two players, but I still had fun controlling both characters myself. And I like how, despite it being a game made quickly for a Game Jam, the extra bit of flair was added to have different pool floats spawn each time. 

Good job, dev.

Plume and the Forgotten Letter is a short, but pretty well made stealth game. The art style works really well to portray the idea of a kid in a fantasy workshop, and I enjoyed the simplicity of the monochrome levels. The character felt really slow in running around, but I appreciate the fact that some of the environment was made around that speed so it still worked. The ending was a bit confusing, though I'm used to that in some games. Overall, it's a fun time.

Good job, devs.

Pyme's Genocyde is a fun little game. The visuals are bright and cheery and the models are well designed, especially for just 72 hours. The audio is pretty nice as well. It's really challenging at times, but this is a fine piece of work overall.

Good job, devs.

Part 5!

Getting more challenging now.

Just from the demo, Dave is a fun and well made game overall, with some great visual design going on. The depth of the background shows a lived in world and has a nice parallax to boot. The funny little sounds/voice people make give a nice bit of character to the NPCs as well. I...admittedly had some issues with the dialogue but, that aside, it was a good time.

Good job, dev. I saw the game is on Steam and am definitely curious about it.

I'm not sure if D.R.U.N.K. is intended to be a rage game or not, but it definitely has the "frustratingly challenging" aspect down. Simple controls, floaty movement, decent graphics and some nice comedy music all work well together to make the perfect example of a long, drunken stagger home.

Good job on this, devs. May you raise the blood pressure of many players.

Part 4!

Now with a save file!

Probably Not is short, but well made and really amusing. Though it just takes place in two rooms, everything is clean and well designed, and the music works well with the quirky gameplay. I also like the idea of doing daily tasks the "wrong" way to accomplish your goals and would enjoy seeing more of this.

Good job, dev.

Part 3!

Now with 100% more shield usage! (Which amounts to little, considering I still get hit a lot!)

Despite still being an early work, Kawaii Deathu Desu seems like a good start to a quality game. Similar to One Finger Death Punch, it has a two button control set, but there's enough happening on the screen that you never feel like you're just tapping keys, even when you are. Decent music and a well done, cutsie art style make it an enjoyable time overall.

Keep up the good work, devs.

Un Momento may be short by design, but it's a great way to just sit and relax with a game. No goals, no pressure, just laid back fun. The art style works pretty well with it overall, and the choice of music is great for the theme.

Good job on this, dev.

Part 2!

I use the word "hate" a few times in this, but it's nothing critical of the game. It's still a great time overall that I could get better at with practice. The only issue I have with it is a lack of save system. Even an old school password system would be nice.

Beats is a pretty good time for a game just under four minutes long and only needing one button. I always enjoy a good rhythm game of this nature, and I think a good job was done with this.

Good job, dev.

Glad to be doing my part then, heh. And it's fine about the late reply, I'm just glad you enjoyed the video.

I had a good time with the demo and am glad to finally be playing the full version of Jolt: Fully Charged. Now I have a story to follow so I know why I'm destroying all the evil robots instead of just doing it for fun!

Great job on this, devs. I'm eager to keep playing.

Manage the Farm, in its current state, is very simple, with just some basic actions at play for now. However, it seems to have a good foundation going for it, and could have a promising future as a farm adventure. The huge fields definitely have me curious what the final work will be like, since that's a lot of land to work with. Some of the controls need a bit of polish, but this is otherwise a decent start.

Good job, dev. Keep at it.

This was a short, but fun little game with the world generating from crayon doodles being a creative touch. The peaceful and smoothly flowing music also worked well for the overall tone of the game and made it feel like a ballet at times when running around.

Good job, devs and baby.

The Goodbye Note is another quality piece of work by Octavi and a fine addition to the Midnight Scenes series. While the ending has me a little confused, the game as a whole is fantastically crafted. From the dramatic and suspenseful music, to the subtle sounds of people talking in an area, the audio worked really well with everything that was going on. The art and animation is everything I've come to expect from the dev as well, with a lot of smooth character movements and era appropriate designs. The slight bulge of everything looking like it was on an old TV screen was a nice touch as well, and I love that the plane had strings on it.

Great job on this, dev. Keep up the good work.

This Baleful demo seems like a good start for whatever the completed work will be. While many aspects felt like ideas other games have been using these days, it still managed to make its own way with them and was entertaining to play. The only issue I have with the game is how doors work. Otherwise, this is a decent work.

Good job, dev.

Part 8! Crash Bandicoot is strong in this game...

I'm a little late to the party, but still enjoyed my experience with Contemp. It definitely has effort put into it trying to spook the player through the environment. With so much darkness present, I kept expecting to turn a corner and have a face staring at me, which is a quality I like in a horror game. It's good to make the player spook themselves.

Good job on this.

While I, personally, remain unaffected by the spooks in Isabelle, I still find it to be a solid piece of work and could easily recommend it to anyone getting into horror games. The dark solitude felt while wandering alone in a strange place is presented well through the sparse lighting of the cave and the ambient sounds heard throughout. Some of the spooky moments, while a bit predictable, were well done in terms of timing and animation quality. Overall, this was very well done for something done in a week, and I could see it easily made into something more given some time. 

Good job, dev.

Spent some time playing it after the video and managed to get five items, but that was after three tries in forty-five minutes.  Immersion was totally lost by that point and it was all about figuring out the item spawn locations...which were super difficult to spot when they seemed random. Pretty sure I looked directly at some spots more than once, then found the item there later.

Part 7! These are some well done bosses.

Cassie-Ann, in its current state, is a good foundation for a spook game. The almost complete silence gives a bit more oomph to the jumpscare when it happens suddenly, and the low visibility also adds to the creep factor of everything. That said, I felt like I was either doing something wrong or the game somehow just didn't have the items in it. After multiple attempts, I was unable to collect or even SEE any items and rapidly lost immersion wandering around searching.

Issues aside, good job, dev. You have a lot of good elements in place, so I'm curious what will come of this as you work on it.

The Eerie Adventures of Kally is weird, silly, and generally a good time. I've only played a little of it so far, but am already enjoying what I'm seeing. Hearing as well, because the game has some rad tunes going on. Being able to just sit there and wail on enemies is fun, though I feel like some balance is needed in the long run.

Good job on this, dev.

Part 6! This game is painful sometimes...

Ribeye Charlie's is a short but sweet meaty little spook game that's easy for anyone to pick up and play. It also feels like an enjoyable starter level spook game, as it is pretty straightforward once you get into it and has simple controls. I'm not entirely sure why the player has Old VHS vision or why the enemies are cows...but I don't question it, because it all adds to the fun.

Good job on this, devs. You made a weird and amusing thing.

Another quality piece of work by Octavi, Midnight Scenes gives a quick taste of some classic style suspense filled spooks. Eerie audio and slightly unnerving scenery leave the player to unnerve themselves as they wonder what will happen next. Something? Nothing? Something else? Who knows! Personally, I could totally see a small series of games under the Midnight Scenes name, playing out like The Twilight Zone.

I missed playing this last year, so I thought I would have a go for some October spooks. Good job, dev, and keep up the good work.

Part 5! No, really, how much is there to this game right now?

Leaving a charred corpse in a beautiful world.

Tower of the Final Bastion is both slow moving and fast paced, with plenty of action going on around you as you make your way to an endless string of deaths. The visuals are pretty rad, looking like an 80s sunset kind of setting, but I feel the audio is a bit lacking, being only the sounds of the tower viciously shooting at you. Overall, it's a fun game that I enjoyed playing, and it seems like a good foundation for something more.

Good job, devs. You made another neat thing.

Part 4! This demo just keeps going! I dig it.

Hey, devs, can there be a photo mode? This game is seriously pretty.

Saw this the day it came out and finally got around to doing a vid on it. Overall, Disconnected is a nice piece of work, especially for a first game. The art style, while simple pixels, is pretty well done, with the walk cycle and cutscene animation being pretty smooth. I've always enjoyed seeing what pixels can do. The audio, too, was simplistic, but worked well to set the dark tone the game itself seemed to want to present. Admittedly, I had no clue what was actually going on, but it was a fun ride.

Good job, dev. You made a game. Keep at it.

I don't remember this having a comments section. Either way, here's a video I did ages ago!

A simple, yet fun and relaxing game about carefully tending to a plant. It's a good thing.

Block is a simple, but pretty looking side scrolling strategy style game. A nice papercraft design works really well for the overall cutsie theme of the game. The gameplay itself provides a decent challenge, since you never know if/when an enemy will attack you.

Good job on this, dev. It's pretty well done for two days of work.
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Part 3!

Jolt: Fully Charged is a delight. With its upbeat music, bright color palette, and simple and easy to remember controls, the demo really worked well to show what's to come. While I feel it could use a little polish in some areas, and gamepad support, I definitely like what you've made so far and am curious what the full game will be like whenever it's released.

Good job on this, devs. You made a fun thing and I hope it does well.

RoboBlaster is a fun little MegaMan clone. While it has its own art style rather than true GameBoy pixels, it still looks really nice and gives that nostalgic feeling of playing one of the old MMs. Jumping, shooting, trying not to die to pitfalls and giant spiky's a good time.

Good job, dev.