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This is more challenging than it looks, but is pretty fun once you get the hang of it. The simplistic art style looks like something done in MS Paint, and I feel that gives it a certain charm as it works well for the game's overall appearance and play style. I also like that the dev has apparently kept it up to date despite it being made in 2015. That's pretty cool of you, guy.

Good job on this. It's nice having something for the holiday season that isn't just more Santa or snowmen.

From the brilliant narration and comedic tone, to the simple, yet effective graphical style which lends itself to an overall toyish look, Snowed In is a surprisingly fun way to spend a few minutes. Longer if you enjoy needlessly shaking apples around as I did. Everything about this little game was just great. It would be interesting to see a small series of games like this.

Good job on this, devs, and keep up the good work. (By the way, I used my "expert" editing skills to add the special effects for the magic. I think I nailed the game's style.)

Such a pretty and comedy laced game, I dig it. From the "villains" being self aware and knowing their part in this good vs evil world, to the oddly cheery art style, to the really well done music, I like what you have going on with this demo and look forward to the completed work. I've had my eye on the game for a while, so it's nice to finally get to play and enjoy it. Good job on this.

Probably doesn't do the game justice, but here's a vidja!

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This game is a visual treat. From the world design to the vibrant colors, this game is a delight to behold. The gameplay is on par with most third person action-adventure games, but I enjoy the quirky choice of weapons. Fear a little girl's umbrella!

Great job on this and keep up the good work. Definitely interested in what the completed game will be like.

From the plants growing over the mountain and ruins, to the lovely singing voice in the music, to the character physics allowing the girl's dress to flow when she moves, this is a really pretty game. The controls are simple and easy enough to learn, with the tutorial letting you practice on the move rather than completely stopping you to say "Hey, do this" except maybe at one brief point. While the combat and pacing could use a little polish to help the experience flow better rather than being button mashing, I like that the fights still require some strategy and keep the arenas from getting too stale. Larger enemies make you stop and dodge so you don't run in head first and lose your head. Overall, this is a nice piece of work and I look forward to the game's completion.

A game containing Eldritch horrors, Aztec gods, and great music with a Spanish flair? I am totally on board with that idea. Loco, while just a demo, is genuinely entertaining with its cartoonish, yet occasionally dark art style and story. The story itself isn't too "in your face," instead just pausing you briefly in the beginning and then sends you on your way, and I like that in a platformer. The audio overall is fantastic, as expected of a music based game, with everything sounding really crisp and clear. Very interested to see how the finished  game will turn out.

Good job on this.

I love when developers do side projects like this, because they always seem to turn out really well. The art was really nice, the story was funny, and the music was sciencetastic. And the main character was a wiener of science, which is always a bonus. Good job on this and good luck with your other works. Definitely interested in more.

It may be smol, but I doubt I could do such a rad game justice. Still, I wanted to try! For SCIENCE!

Windows 7, 64-bit. I've never had this issue with any other game, so it's really strange.

Just had the same issue. Downloaded, tried to play, and it instantly says "game.exe has stopped working." Even tried downloading from GameJolt and it still did that. I was rather looking forward to playing it, too.

Cat puns aside, this is an amusing and adorable game. The art is nice to look at, especially with it looking like paper cut outs with crayon drawings, and the little audio clips gives that extra bit of character to the townspeople. Not to mention the variety in their appearances, rather than all just being "person" shaped. I like what you've got going on.

Good job overall and keep up the good  work.

This was super short, but cute and fun. A rhyming script is always nice, and you did well choosing a corgi for the hero. I could see this being stretched into a longer game, given enough costume ideas.

Good job overall.

I know it doesn't mean much at this point, but I noticed some text bubbles would just flash by in an instant and couldn't be read. Also, going in and out of the Credits screen caused the music to start an additional time, so...it could get really noisy, heh.

This was pretty fun. Short, but enjoyable, and well executed. The art style reminds me a bit of the early NES days and the comic panels for story telling are nice as well - not all chatty like some games. I also liked the pirate twist for the mummy as it added more character to him. Plus, the game has double-jumping, and that's always a plus with me. Good job on this. I could easily see it as a full game or at least having a sequel.

Disco VS Zombies. Not a combo people see often, so I'm glad you went there. It was a unique experience going around slapping enemies into submission while funky music played. The cheesy acting and comical bosses were definitely a high point as well. I would totally watch a low budget 70s-80s cartoon series of this. While I wasn't able to play using...slappable zombie heads...I still had enough fun going on keyboard. With a little fine tuning, this would certainly make a fun addition to an arcade.

Keep up the good work and stay groovy.

While it's a shame your work was halted, I applaud what you did manage to accomplish. It's a beauty of a remake and I, personally, would love to see other classics be given the Unreal treatment. I'm not even a big Castlevania fan and this was super nice. Good job.

Okay, so I finally beat this and saw some of the secrets. It was definitely an interesting experience.  Tea Time with Dolly was pretty fun.

One thing confuses me, however. What's the deal with the flowers? I never could figure out that puzzle and I'm really curious now.

This was a genuinely fun time for a spook game. The world design and atmosphere were well done and made for a delightfully eerie walk through what would otherwise be average messy yard. The fog and dim lighting also work well to mask the low detail models and further the feeling of being alone in an unfamiliar place. I don't play many horror games, but I am very curious to see what else comes of the game if this was just the prologue/demo. Good job.

However, I do have a little criticism on it. The one flaw I found in the game was the pacing. While I'm fine with an unclear goal in a horror game, since the main point is usually just "Don't die," the puzzles in it were confusing at times and had me casually walking in circles around the map until I stumbled across something important. The steam pipe, for example. While not far from where it needed to go, it blended a little too well with its surroundings and I found it by chance. I also did not care for the inability to turn much while holding an item. That felt unnecessary.

This was a fun and silly little slice of spoop. Good job.

Could've used more cat pictures though.

Well, this was different, heh. I liked the idea behind it, with it taking place on the ship, and getting to smash boxes is always a good time. The graphics were decent and weren't overly simple looking like some games, and the voice work was pretty alright as well. Good job on this parody piece.

Unsure if this is a known issue or not, but I felt it was important enough to point out. I was just playing again, seeing how far the demo went, and I hit pause during the transition between levels. When I arrived on the new screen, the character was in a sleeping position on the ground and I couldn't move. I hit pause again and he was upright, but things were dark. I unpaused and...honestly it looked somewhat nightmarish for a Sega game. Everything was blacked out or really dark, the path you walk on was barely visible, and his eyes were missing.

Basically, I broke the game by pausing it between stages.

Gave it a quick run. Still plays well and being able to run sideways when looking for the bubbles was helpful, but looked a little...awkward? It was like running on air around the plant. As a suggestion, you might have the little sprite hold the plant with one hand a just do a guided slide instead. Just my thoughts on it, of course. I also noticed you fixed the hair thing I pointed out. And were new sounds added? Because I'm pretty sure I heard a sprout(?) say "Oiii!" at one point that I didn't my first time playing.

You're welcome. Glad I could provide...whatever I did for you to take notes.

It's good to hear music and filler will be added. Fun mechanics can only go so far without ambience.

The weather level sounds interesting and I like the idea of a trap level to play in.

Created a new topic This has potential.

I saw this when it was on KickStarter and liked the idea behind it. It definitely has that 90s Sega feeling to it, which I'm sure will only get better once the game is complete. Despite just being a demo for now, everything looks and works pretty well. The controls seem fine, the gameplay is fair with a slight challenge during the chases, and the puzzles don't seem like they would require a guide like in some games. Good job on this so far, and good luck  with the whole thing.

I guess the speed thing makes sense with the VR support. I don't know much about programming, so I wouldn't know if it's possible to have different speeds for different controls. Glad you liked the idea about clicking batteries in though. That'll probably help a LOT. Will there be other meat people over time or just sassages?

Well, good luck with whatever you do. The idea still has potential for something fun.

Well, this was different. I like the idea of this so far, with the shooting food people with the motivation of just trying to be alone for a bit. That's relatable among many gamers.

I will say, however, that it definitely needs some tweaking. I found it way too hard trying to get the batteries into the machine. And when you finally get a gun it just eats through ammo in the blink of an eye.  Maybe set it so the use key just clicks the battery into the machine so you're not struggling while being swarmed. Also, for a gun game, I felt like I was moving at a snail's pace for most of it, even if enemy speed was kept relative to it. Still, overall, this is looking good and I like what you have going on. Keep up the good work.

This looks pretty neat and has potential. Throw in a few graphical tweaks to spruce up the landscape and maybe some features to the creatures and you'd have something good going on. (Looks a little like marbles gone rogue right now.)

Keep up the good work.

Decided to do a part 2 since the game was updated.

I managed to beat the boss, but I really feel like he could be toned down a little. Wow, was he a tough fight. Still, that aside, I like what you have going on in this. I've felt for a while that many modern games were being made too easy, so this does well to give the classic arcade game feeling and the challenge that goes with it.

Good art, great music, upgrades, and fighting off zombie alien hordes with an axe. You can definitely see the influences in action when playing this game, from the over the top fighting to the crazy looking enemies and the random and conveniently hidden food items strewn about. This is some good stuff and I'm eager to see what will be in the completed work.

Good job on this and good luck with your funding.

This was short, but fun. Despite being low poly, everything was designed well enough that it was easy to tell what everything was, even down to the dog breeds. That's a good quality, since some people would have just made blocky...things moving around, heh.

I know it's been a year since it was released, but I am still curious what will come of the game if worked on more. A bigger park maybe? Or unlockable different parks. Perhaps hats for the dogs, just for fun.

It's fine, it's fine. As a player of games, I always like when there is public feedback to see if I'd like the game, so I came back to give the same.

(Noticed the comment section was redone, so I'm reposting. Hope that's fine.)

Soot is a fun little adventure game trying to send a bigger message. As it is now, the game is but a simple demo, but that doesn't mean it lacks in quality. The softly toned music serves well to set the mood of the game and put emphasis on the situations you wander into across your travels. From the solemn tones in the beginning lending themselves to the feeling of solitude as you start out alone, to the more uplifting beats that play as you reach your goal, it's a very pleasant and atmospheric trip. Both the animation and the art style are nice as well, reminding me somewhat of Wind Waker. When you start out, the game feels very empty, but that is all part of the experience as well as you find your way. Overall, it's a short, but fun game, and I'm curious to see how it turns out as more work is done to continue it.

You're welcome for the kind words. Thanks for the game/demo. Hope I presented it well.

Personally, I'd be fine with a jump feature even if it didn't accomplish anything beyond added aesthetic and gave the feeling of "trying but going nowhere," but I can understand your reasoning. I've played a lot of marble games, so I'm actually used to legless things jumping...though that's not saying I never questioned it, heh.

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This was fun. A very peaceful game that lets you take things at your own pace, making your own path in the world, and provides some really nice sounding music for the trip. I could definitely see myself spending a few hours just poking around in a full version of this. A jump feature would be nice though. I felt...restricted.

Good job on this and on getting funded.

Got bored recently and decided to spruce up the game's cover art, going from GameBoy to NES. Looks good.

Replied to Torri in Soot comments

Thanks for making the game. Speaking my thoughts on it was part of the review, yes, but also just something I do. For better or worse, I tend to ramble.

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This was a pleasant way to spend a few minutes. Though there wasn't much to look at in the game's world, the art was clean and well done. The music was also nice, with the starting song working well to give the feeling of walking alone in the world. The little sprite was...interesting looking. Was there some inspiration for its appearance?

Made a video. Hope I presented the game well.

In a side note, I played the game just before commenting here and noticed something. If you walk forward and tap left and right repeatedly, the hair goes crazy. This doesn't need fixing, I just found it entertaining and wanted to share.

Got to pet puppies, had fun. Dog/10

This was fun. The art style was cartoonish and amusing while still containing some substance with the labyrinth runner gameplay. Having to dodge around all the people to get to the destination is very relatable and finally reaching and petting the pups  was rewarding. I also liked that the gallery had little doggy bios rather than just pictures. Gave more of a feeling of "Yeah, these are based on pets" rather than just collectibles.

That said, the obnoxious mannerisms of some of the characters was far too realistic.

Replied to teacat in White comments

You're welcome. I just hope I actually made sense with my analysis, heh.

Keep up the good work on the pixel stuff.

This was short, fast paced, and fun. The music was a great time as well. I wouldn't mind seeing more games like this, where a 3D world loads and unloads around you.

I'm really curious though...what were the items that looked like bullet boxes? They added up a number in the bottom right, but I could never sort out what they did.

Falling in line with everyone else, this game is adorable. 

That said, I really like what you have going on in this game. The choice to make it all look like paper and hand drawn doodles worked very well to give it a unique style. And, of course, the art itself is well drawn, and I like that the characters are all squiggly. It truly feels like a little paper craft house or diorama come to life. The way everything pans with the camera and the way some objects go behind others was really pleasing to watch. A nice 3D effect. While I've never been super into point'n'click style games, I could definitely see myself enjoying a longer version of this.(Hint-hint, nudge-nudge.)  Good job, dev persons.

In a side note, I found that using WASD to control the character somehow had almost no walk cycle. Personally, I find it quite amusing and am not bothered by it at all, but it felt like something to point out.