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While I'm not normally great at puzzle games, Dim seems to have a good balance of simplicity and keeping the player thinking, and I appreciate that. There isn't a lot to the audio, with it just being an atmospheric rumble and some mechanical sounds, but the visuals are pretty well done, reminding me of some Ps1 era games. It's a good time.

Good job, devs.

I didn't see the updated version was out until after posting here, which is timing I've had with other games, so it's a bit funny to me. Gave the new version a try and I liked the new "burst" visuals during gameplay.

Though still in the early stages, Hyper Light Music has a pretty decent foundation going on and has a lot of potential as a rhythm game. Plus, it has everything you need in a music based game: Bright lights and rapidly moving bright lights!

Good job, dev. This is sure to make a lot of people dizzy while having fun!

And thank you for making it.

While it's a mod of another game, Ingeste is itself a small, pixely slice of fun. Not enough to feed the protagonist, of course, but enough to be an enjoyable bit of silliness. I mention it in my video, but I'd love to see some other games done this way.

Good job, devs.

While it seems I found the fastest route to the Goodest Boi, I still enjoyed the experience. The simple graphics and bright colors worked well together to make a sort of painted world to take a relaxing stroll through. Or at least as relaxing a stroll as one can take while hunting for their lost dog.

Good job, devs.

Now this is some quality gaming. I doubt Sega could ever top this.

Good job, dev.

ProtoCorgi is a surprisingly fun game and a nice piece of work for just a demo. It captures the look and feel of playing a Gradius style game from back in the day, and that's pretty cool for something silly and corgi based.

Good job, devs.

It's fine. Some people don't respond or see vids at all sometimes, so it's cool you said something even after time passed. Good luck making this into a bigger game. I'm curious how it'll turn out.

As a sort of sequel to Starving Artist, The One Man Band works pretty well. It keeps the pattern going of "artist creates a thing for cash/fame," and I like that the general art style was maintained. It makes it feel like it's all in the same neighborhood, heh. The music mechanic itself works really well, because it's simple enough for anyone to use, and the musically skilled can probably do really well with it.

Good job on this, dev. I had fun making noise.

I return with the ending!

Even though it took me longer than it should have, mostly due to several accidents, this was a fun game. I could easily see it as something longer.

Short, simple, and a little blocky, Blind Deadly Love is pretty much what you would expect out of a game where you play as a Cupid and shoot people with hate arrows. I only wish I had better aim and maybe a more visible scoring system.

Good job, dev.

I barely had any idea what I was doing in this, even after picking up on my...companion's reactions. But I suppose that's a good thing in a game called "Make A Weird Heart." The designs for everything were simple, but still well done for whatever the game is. And I definitely made a weird heart.

Good job, dev. I think. I'm actually still processing it...

I'd posted it on both sites, but it disappeared from here. Weird...

(Could've sworn I posted my video here.)

Go play this Wolod's games, people. This is a fun and challenging little puzzle platformer with an amusing art style. Plus...dancing bug!

Bam. #4 is up and I have now cleared all the stages!

A bit frustrating at times, but this is some quality work. I'd be totally on board with more new stages. And maybe a jump button.

Death Trips is...quite the trip. Short, spoopy, and has a good horror punchline.

Good job, dev. This is definitely something I can say I've played.

Someone's been busy. And, yeah, I wasn't sure if hitting Play would work that way or not at the time, so thanks for the info!

I return with part 3!

Despite some navigation complications, I'm enjoying the new stages.

Painted Red is short, but surprisingly challenging, with a simple premise I can enjoy. What you see is what you get here, as it's a game about cleaning a bloody mess. Literally. If you're a fan of Viscera Cleanup Detail, then this is a good fit.

Good job, dev.

Urplace is short, but fun, with a very Limbo inspired look to it. It says a lot while only showing a little, giving a good "lost little girl" feeling during the adventure, and I can appreciate that. The music and general audio was nice as well.

Good job, devs.

I return with more fractal fascinations!

And made a video without realizing the game had been updated with more levels. I didn't expect the marble fun to keep rolling. Despite getting stuck on a stage, I'm definitely glad to see this still going places. Keep up the good work, dev. This is a trip. Also, I love how the new music track I started hearing is relatively short, but doesn't get old after hearing it a while. That's quality.

While I had some minor frame issues, Flux Caves is a pretty neat puzzle game. All the fun of pipe puzzles, with all the visual appeal of a first person marble game. And somehow wrapped up in a relaxing bow with the pleasant scenery and music. There's some potential in this and I hope the final product goes well.

Good job, dev.

Home Malone is an interesting concept for a game, being a game about a game within a game, and I really enjoy that idea. Looking at a game device the whole time is just silly enough to work, and I like how the Bears game is so incredibly simple, but can still be fun "because video games." This is a small work, but well done.

Good job, dev.

Wish granted. Here's the finale, where I actually have a run in with them!

Overall, this was a pretty great game. I'm not good at shooters, but still had fun.

Resquid is an amusing little game that can be fun for all skill levels, because it's easy to both do well and make mistakes. The music, what I was able to hear of it, worked well for the overall experience and wasn't too intrusive. It helped the atmosphere without adding tension, despite the impending doom. The art style was nicely done as well, with everything moving pretty smoothly and fitting the underwater cave look. I noticed there was one squid I could not bubble at all but, that aside, this was enjoyable.

Good job on this, devs.

Part 3!

I may not be good at it, but it's a fun and enjoyable game.

Though the future may be uncertain for Vind, I greatly appreciate both the demo we have here and the work that was put into it. Even for a small taste of what could be, it is quite the enjoyable play and has a fantastic flight mechanic. From running, to flying, to a majestic swan dive into the clouds all in one go, everything works perfectly, and both the music and the graphical style compliment it very well. I only touched on the story aspect of it a little so far, but I love the designs of the characters that I've seen. Everyone seems unintentionally adorable.

Great job on this, devs, and good luck with your future endeavors.

A nice view of what is and could be, this demo for Down the Well has everything I would enjoy in a 3D adventure game. Folk lore, fancy doors, item hunting, and magic galore. The world in which it all took place was absolutely beautiful, with much detail put into the environment, and lighting both subtle and overt that helps to keep the tone set as you explore a place of wonder. Though it's only a few fetch quests here, I definitely enjoyed the idea of what could be in this game and had fun looking at everything. I would love to see more done with this game if possible in the future.

Great job on this, devs.

Part 2!

I like where this is going.

While I can't play in VR for the proper experience, I do like the idea you have going on with the interactive AI character. Plus, it's adorable, and that's always a plus for games like this.

It's simple, it's challenging, it's nostalgic as heck. Wolfling is a quality piece of work, with everything I can think of being in place to recreate the look and feel of an old NES era game. Something I've only seen a handful of people actually pull off well. And the option to play in C64 style instead of just NES? A big cherry on top.

Great job on this, dev.

Fragile Equilibrium feels in every way a game of balance. From the inspiration behind it, to the decay mechanic,  to the energetic gaming paired with peaceful music, this feels like a perfect example of setting a theme. And without cutting any corners, because the visuals are all pretty rad, especially when parts of the world go flying. 

Good job on this, devs.

Skipped a few to avoid cluttering the page. Here's part 10!

Overall, this is a great game and I enjoyed playing through it. The music was catchy, especially the main theme, and I liked hunting for the secrets in each stage. Some of the bosses were a tad frustrating, but in that "early era games" way where the player had to learn how to play. With a little more polish on the visuals and combat, I could easily see this being sold here or on Steam. Maybe even a sequel...depending on what the ending is like. Unfortunately, while fighting the final final boss, the game bugged out and I could not finish it in this video. Still, that hiccup aside, great job, devs. Hopefully word of your game will spread.

Going by your game's settings, I have to run it like I don't have a dedicated GPU in order to maintain absolute 60 fps, and at that point it looks like someone crumpled up a paper then tried to flatten it back out. That felt offensive to the game so, in the video, I was running it at 720 to balance gameplay/fps and visuals so people got more of a feel for the experience.

Marble Marcher is simple looking overall, having only the "stage" to look at, but still manages to be a treat for the eyes through the use of colors and fractal patterns. I may not be able to speak at length on the technical aspects of things, but I can definitely appreciate a unique experience such as this.

Good job on this, devs. People should do more with this idea.

You're welcome. And thank you for making this.

Becalm is very interesting to look at. While short and without any real controls, it succeeds in being what it is meant to be: A relaxing experience. From the ambient tones to the constantly shifting visuals, this is definitely a good example of art in the form of a video game.

Good job, devs.

A delightful, cartoonish art style with nice animation? Check. Decent sounding music fitting of the overall theme? Check! Expressive characters with rude gestures? A big, fat check! My Friend Alvin is a nice piece of work with a fun visual style, puzzles that even I can figure out, and what look to be possible silly upgrades to unlock. It's a good time overall and I'm eager to play more of it. 

Good job, dev.

I've been enjoying some of the PICO-8 games I've seen made lately and now I have this on my list. Cardboard Hero is really simple with just the left and right movement, but I always enjoy the challenge of this sort of game as everything speeds up. And that main screen tune is an oddly addictive diddy.

Good job on this, dev.