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Part 3!

I'm somehow turning Yuuna into a really grumpy granny...

Simple, fun, and mildly stress inducing at times, 'Naut is a good starting point for a bigger, better game. What starts as a fun field trip through space, slowly reveals to be a race against time as you're constantly running low on oxygen, having to balance your time between finding all the happy little aliens you want to be friends with and trying not to die alone in space from suffocation because you were just a few steps from that last O² tank. Your final thoughts turning to your friends and family as you wonder why you went to space on this journey by yourself. Oh, why?! Why?! Now they'll never know what became of you, meanwhile you'll be a skeleton lost on some empty planet. Oh, and the graphics and audio are pretty nice as well, with the soundtrack being pretty adventurous sounding and the visuals reminding me a bit of soft clay.

While many things could be added to the game over time, one thing I would suggest is a timer for when you're about to run out of oxygen. Maybe the final ten seconds or so. The screen fading to black is a nice touch, but only works well as an indicator when it fades until you die.

Good job on this, dev. You made a fun thing.

It's somewhat relieving to hear my feedback was appreciated. I usually feel a bit wary about being negative toward a game in my videos.

The crawling around and having to guide and time the movements was the unique part to me, yes. While I have played some puzzle style games where timing movements was a key feature, the way you implement that in your game feels both new and amusing.

Yet Another Exhausting Day is more challenging than I expected when I started playing. Amusing visuals and sounds hide the true struggle of fighting off sleep, barely able to control your own body and make it through your day. For some, this probably hits really close. After playing this, however, I'm glad I don't need sleep...

The controls feel a bit clunky at times, especially the rolling around part, but this is an otherwise enjoyable game. Good job, devs.

I return after an accidental break with part 2!

This is an enjoyable game. I really like the visual style it has going and the digging and planting mechanics are creative.

Count me interested if you ever do revisit the idea of this game. You definitely captured the feeling of a classic 3D platformer with it.

CardBound is everything I like in a 3D platformer while also being everything I'm terrible at in a 3D platformer, and I'm okay with that. The arts & crafts theme it has going on is really well done, with a full assortment of objects for the world to be made from. Gameplay wise, it gives that nostalgic feeling of playing something from the N64/Ps1 era of gaming, and that's a good time.

Good job, devs. You made a fun thing. Any plans to make it a bigger thing?

Mondi is an amusing little post apocalyptic platformer with some really nice visuals. Both the art and level design are really well done, with the accompanying music being a good fit for what's going on. The sticky mechanic is pretty solid, with the limit on how many times you can stick/jump posing just the right amount of challenge. 

Good job devs. I mention it in my video, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of this, or something of a similar nature. Good stuff.

Good job completing your game! I remember seeing it back before you tried for KS funding. Always cool to see a game make its way to the public.

Streamed the game recently and thought I might share. (The latter half has more of the good bits and feedback.)

The game is coming along nicely, but I feel it needs a bit more direction as far as story goes. You're told to find the Moon Stones and...that's it. Once you leave the starting room, you're running blind. I can only assume they're found in the deep cave areas, behind many doors. Combat also gives me a hard time if I don't luck up on some gear in a chest, though it's fun finding ways to avoid or outrun danger.

I return with a second part, because this game is too fun for just a one-off!

Sharks, tornadoes, laser swords...grappling hooks! Time machines, apparently?! This game has everything but a pink bunny named Frederico.

Smithy of the Fishy is short, fast paced, and full of fishy fun. Some really rad music adds a lot to the experience, keeping the player wanting more of the dungeons, and the silly voices are funny to hear and work well in such an odd little game. I'm curious to see what could come of this in the future.

Good job, devs.

Echo is certainly a well crafted game and seems a nice homage to Little Nightmares by design. For something made in a month's time, the graphics and models were all pretty solid, with the textures and lighting working really well to keep a semi-realistic dreamworld in the player's eye. The mechanic of using a shadow in the water to help solve problems also worked pretty well, feeling rewarding once you figure things out. I'm normally not the best at puzzle games, but found this one enjoyable.

Good job on this, devs.

Weird how this is only just getting its time in the spotlight, because Antbassador is a pretty fun game. Short, but fun. The floppy finger physics pose an interesting challenge for the player as they try to assist the fragile little ant people and the music suits the quirky tone of everything.

Good job on this, devs.

While not without a few optimization issues, Shark Simulator is still a grand time that I feel most people could enjoy. Especially if most people enjoy crazy physics and pink sharks flailing around on land while dressed in cool shades, wild hair, and a fine moustache. It also has some rad music going for it, which is always a plus. It feels so dramatic at times, which is a great contrast for such a silly game.

Good job, devs. You made a fun thing.

Thanks for developing.

It's cool to finally see MoonQuest out and playable, even if it's still early on. I've only just begun my adventure, but can really see the potential it has in terms of crafting and exploration. The music comes off as a bit limited and on the quiet side, but the visuals are all quite nice, carrying a quirky style in everything you see. I'm definitely curious to see what will happen in my continued adventures

Good job, devs.

I don't think I can say much about The Last Night that hasn't already been said many times over by others. The audio for the game is awesome, with the music really giving that 80s future feeling and the sound effects blending well with the world, feeling natural despite the mechanical look. And, of course, the art is fantastic, with the updated version of the game looking absolutely phenomenal. Just from the visuals alone, I am super interested in what awaits.

Great job, devs. Can't wait for the full release.

Temple of the Golden Watermelon is short, entertaining, and goes well in a bowl of mixed fruit. Though it lacks sound effects, the dramatic music really keeps the otherwise cutsie game an amusing experience. And the physics puzzles, while simple, were fun to figure out. I could totally see this as a longer game, maybe with different food people/worlds.

Good job on this, dev.

I like the idea of this game, and always find audio controlled games interesting but, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work well for me. I whistled and sang until I was winded, but could barely make anything move, even after recalibrating more than once. Maxing out the gain on my mic helped a small amount, but then it was a headphone risk, heh. Still, it seems fun from what I was able to experience.

Short, bleak, and a little spoopy, Dirt provides an interesting look into one man's struggle on an unsuccessful farm. The pixels are simple, yet effective, and the low tones of the audio work well to set the mood.

Good job, dev. You made a nice thing.

More fluid is just what this game needed. I'm eager to see how it plays!

Forsaken Castle is all the fun of a Castlevania game and all the exploring of classic Metroid, but without the frustrating difficulty of either! Mellow music and an anime character style lighten the overall tone of an undead riddled game, but do not hinder enjoyment in any way. From a well crafted level design and background providing depth to the areas you traverse, to the easy to use controls, everything in this game seems to work very well. It even has hidden treaures! (Though I couldn't find them all...) This is a fine work overall, especially for a Pre-Alpha.

Good job, devs. You made a nice thing and I'm interested in seeing more.

Part 2!

Definitely an ending that keeps the player curious.

Part 3! Because it needed an ending and this game definitely has something to be called an ending.

Undergrowth is a simple, but fun little mousy adventure. The music came off as a bit repetitive at times, but both the visuals and gameplay more than made up for that. From the Asian theme extending into character culture and structures, to the little details of having roots in the under side of stages and areas that are harder to dig, it's clear that a fair amount of thought went into this project. The models and world design are nice as well, with everything looking cartoonish, but clean and well made. I've only played the tutorial area so far, but am curious what the rest of this has going for it.

Good job, devs.

Well, you did it. You created a game that is practically perfect for me. Ashes covers all the bases. From the adventurous music that makes you feel like you're out to save the day, to the awesome art design, having 2D elements in a 3D world, there really isn't anything I don't like about this game. The combat, while simple punching right now, works really well, and I enjoyed being able to knock back projectiles.  From there, having the ability to needlessly smash objects just because I can is always good fun. The camera work is also pretty nice, as I love being able to see what's in the distance, rather than being zoomed in on the hero like many games do. Overall, this is good stuff.

Great job on this, you talented potatoes. Keep up the good work.

Part 2! Sort of piecing things together, but not really!

It's Paper Guy! is a short, but very pleasant little romp through a paper world. The 2.5D paper style visuals were very well done, and are something I, personally, have always enjoyed seeing in games. The audio was enjoyable as well and added to the whole "family friendly" aspect of it. Of course, my favorite part was playing the role of Paper Guy, the God of Cutting Destruction as he went about his day, cutting the world down.

Good job, devs. This was fun.

For being an early stage demo, REDO! has a lot of potential. From some pretty great art design, to subtle, but very mood setting music, it is an enjoyable platformer that keeps you in the mindframe of "Bad things happened in this world." It also has a fair challenge to it, with combat being more about planning your moves rather than just running in, guns blazing, and I can totally appreciate that.

Good job on this, dev. I'm very interested to see more.

While I may still be processing some of what I just experienced, I will say that this is an interesting game. Confusing at first...but interesting. I like the low poly art style it has going on, and feel it was a great choice for this almost dreamlike place the player is wandering through.

Good job making a thing.

Challenging gameplay? Check. Fast paced action? Check! Rad tunes to keep you pumped while dying repeatedly? CHECK! Hyper Flex is an all around good time if you like titles like Impossible Game and Super Hexagon. It's difficult, but never leaves you feeling cheated, and that's a great quality for a game like this to have.

Good job on this, dev.

Part 2/Ending!

A fun game with enjoyable mechanics that I could definitely see lending itself to gamepad controls very well. The only thing I would want more of from this is maybe story. I had a vague idea of what was going on...but only vague.

Alluvium is a micro-masterpiece, being relatively short, but great in pretty much every way it can be. A pixelated art style and variety of bright colors mask an increasingly grim world as you point & click your way through a constant barrage of life threatening danger, all while the excellence that is Adrian Vaughan's voice guides the way through the story. I did click myself into a corner at one point, but once I corrected things and reached the ending, I was left definitely wanting more.

Great job on this, devs. You made a point&click adventure...exciting.

Another quality work by Wolod, Knightin' spruces up the look of an old school Zelda dungeon, gives some fun dungeon puzzles to figure out, and sasses you in a scroll. It's never super difficult and always fun. I dig it.

Good job on this.

A charming little game with plenty of mystery to it, A Tale of Paper proves to be a pretty fun play. While not all mechanics are immediately obvious, the game gives you plenty of space to roam and discover what does what rather than simply holding your hand, and I can appreciate that. It leaves a little to be desired on the audio side of things, though the chase music with the spider has a pretty rad beat going on.

Visually, I have no complains at all. Everything is well designed and works well to set the apparently dreary and potentially post apocalyptic tone of the game, while not coming off as a downer. (I could be mistaken on the apocalyptic thing. The radiation zones just have me thinking it.) I also thoroughly enjoy the subtle environmental storytelling through room decorations and the litter outside; it's good proof that not all games need a narrator telling you everything.

The controls feel a little sketchy at times, and playing with the gamepad didn't seem to have transformation buttons(unless I missed them), but this is some great work. Good job, devs.

I've only just started the demo and Light Fall is an excellent piece of work. Everything being silhouettes works well with the ever present theme of light & darkness and, despite that simplistic appearance, the world is still well drawn and holds much to look at. What I've heard of the music has been a pleasant experience as well, with my favorite song so far being the main menu. So dramatic. And the one doing the owl's voice needs a high five, because he plays the part well.

Great job on this.

The Librarian is an atmospheric and very visually appealing adventure about figuring out what goes bump in the night. Crisp and moody audio works well to set the tone as events unfold, keeping the player wondering what could try to spook them next. And, of course, the art design is awesome, plopping you down in what looks almost like a haunted world, and giving hints of depth in some places, which I always love seeing in 2D style games. The puzzles are about what one would expect to see in a point'n'click game, with some requiring a little though, but none ever overstaying their welcome. Overall, this is a fine piece of work.

Good job on this, dev. You make some nice pixels.

Being a typing game, I just assumed it was supposed to be difficult, heh. Still, good job on this. It's a good foundation for whatever you do with it next, so good luck on the updates.

If you're taking suggestions, I would recommend enlarging the text that shows when you type and maybe slowing the enemies just slightly. Not a lot, but enough so you aren't getting swarmed after one mistake. Maybe add a mode so they go faster the more you mess up.

Type Knight is both entertaining and a good challenge to exercise typing skills. Of course, if you're like me and aren't a fast typist, then it's just hard. Still, it's well made overall and has a lot of potential for what it is. The art style is pretty nice as well.

Good job, dev.