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Huh. Somehow didn't even realize there was a setting for that. After changing that and grapple range I was able to beat the game no problem. Feels a bit like I sullied the intended default style now though. As for the mouse, I physically only have about a hand's width of space to move it.. Not something I can fix right now, heh.

Played a few stages until I had trouble progressing*. The minimalist look to the world definitely fits the name "Cubic Abyss," so good job on that part. General stage layouts remind me of other grapple obstacle course games I've played, so you have that down as well.

Only con for me in this is the slow recharge for the grapple, as it gives a brief moment of panic during most jumps: "Oh, crap, will I make it?! CHARGE already!" Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, but it belies the otherwise chill nature of the game. Unsure if that's intended.

(*Trouble progressing isn't related to the game, but my currently limited mouse movement.)

Oh boy, more weirdmas stuff. Been waiting for this to come out since last year.

I missed some of the plot due to mistaking the story items for decoration, but Cleaning Redville was still a fun time even as a wordless game. It was also nice having the cat for company.

Good job, dev.
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So much foot based anger! Was glad to see this game keep getting updates and improving over time. More glad to play it again, because not enough games let you kick doors into guys and guys into doors. And explosives into guys. And guys into guys...

Keep it up, dev.

I'd heard that. Haven't played that game, but I know it has a lot going on.

As parodies go, FNiA drops any horror but still looks really well designed and plays...well, it's FNaF controls, so...yeah. No complaints. The security room itself was a little empty feeling, but if that's my only issue, that's a good thing. I was surprisingly amused by this.

Good job, dev.

While the film grain may be lost on me, Fears to Fathom definitely nails the sense of foreboding and paranoia from being in spooky situations. I loved the different moments of being able to catch the figure skulking about outside and the suspense it brought. 

Great job, dev. The audio work was especially good, with the floor creaks and such.

Only played so much of Blinx back in the day, but it was enough to know this was a really well done recreation. From the models and map to the smooth running mechanics, it felt almost like the real deal.

Good job, dev. Even if you don't do more with it, it was fun.

Before Dawn is a short and fishy little game with some decent atmosphere going on. While some of the models felt a tad simple(I think the lighthouse was a castle tower?), the overall layout of the island looked pretty good. Evil fish demons aside, I'd live there.

Good job, devs.

Leave it to me to find bugs people didn't know existed! I knew they put me on the force for a reason...

Glad you liked the idea!

Saw Devil Catcher had an update and had to check it out. Overall, it feels like a fair bit of work has been done. Minor changes the stage one's layout, yeah? Stage two was a mallet to the face with new platform mechanics and pursuit enemies, but a decent challenge.

Good job, dev. Keep at it.

I've been on an odd point & click kick lately and am glad that I found The Insector. Despite being an early build, it has a good foundation going for it with the cast, personalities, and plenty of charm. I also find the little 2D figures work super well in the world. Weird about the alien clown makeup though...

I may not be the best insector, but I'm the best there is. Good job, devs.

According to the game's page, it opens on the 25th, but in 2022. A self contained sequel, I guess?

Week three down, three games remain. I gotta say...some of these really take the cake in weird and confusing stuff. Was nice seeing the People's Tree and the familiar 90s kid room again though. Cozy times!

Good job, devs.

Level 2 was the main one that gave me issues, until I learned to fear doors, but it happened with any door close enough to a corner if it opened that direction. I forget which level at the moment, but I remember trying to exit a level and the front door pinned me.

Only a few levels in right now but, so far, I'm enjoying some Ho Ho Home Invasion. All the breaking and entering without those nasty laws getting in the way! Now if Santa could just find some softer shoes...

Good job, devs.

Also, while I wasn't able to show it off in the vid, I did find something that may need some work. Approaching doors from the wrong angle would frequently pin me into corners and render me unable to escape.

Tried this out recently. It needs a little polish in terms of placing things and being able to reach up high, but it absolutely has potential as a home decor sim type game. Plenty of charm to it!

I recently streamed some of the Madvent and scoured your game during. I really appreciate all the stuff you have hidden in The Void.

Recently tackled this game in the Madvent Calendar. One of my favorites of the week; you really have the Ps1 visuals down and the elf-scare at the start was pretty funny.

Good job, devs! Just noticed you also did Turgor Pressure; it's cool coming across familiar games/devs.

On the second week of Weirdsmas, the collab gave to me...a bunch of weird stuff to enjoy. Familiar grannies, rabid elves, brown stars, confusion, and a possum with a sick mommy.

Fine work, all involved.

I knew the update was going to have a lot going for it, but this was pretty impressive. Whole new areas, puzzles, fragments of lore, and even some pretty surreal - and rather funny - moments. Definitely glad I've kept watch on this game.

Good job, devs. Keep it up.

And thank you for making it. I enjoy these surreal entries. I was iffy about ever hitting escape, since it ejected me from some games, heh. As for jumping, I may have forgotten since it's been a year. Will have to play the first again and explore more!

Played this in the recent Madvent Calendar. It was cool to see more of this world...or less? What with the void. Also realized I've done a few of your games now, so thanks for providing consistently weird experiences to people!

Keep up the good work, dev.

Well, jingle my bells. It's time for the Madvent Calendar again! I'd hoped for another of these collabs since the last one, so I was eager to unwrap the games. Covered about a week's worth and was surprised to see some sequels come back.

Good job, devs and organizers alike! I look forward to the coming days.

Simple, challenging, and a tiny bit buggy, UnStable is overall a pretty good time. It's got the nostalgic GameBoy feeling down with the platforming and combat, while the characters give off a strong Hollow Knight vibe. 

Good job, dev.

Gator Raid has some tricky stages, but is an overall good time with some nice mechanics, solid controls(joystick aside), and I really liked the boss fight and its music.

Good job, devs.

First off, I love the music. Second, Infinity Break is a pretty good, if fairly challenging, little arcadey shooter. I'm terrible at it, but had a lot of fun. Has some nice enemy animation as well, so long as they keep their tentacles to themselves.

Good job, devs.

Sulka may be simple in appearance, but is still a delightful little platformer with some fun physics. It definitely has that speedrun game feel, and I could even see it with a level creator. Tiny games like this can have so much potential.

Good job, dev.

Having seen some of the early phases of Blackout, I definitely appreciate the work that's been put into it. The art and music are both pretty great for something originally out of a LD. Some of the puzzles, while a bit odd, reminded me of some old 90s point&click titles with their "Just roll with it" solutions. Wouldn't mind seeing you guys do more like this.

Good job, devs.

Beer, fishing, and giant bacon. Someone in Marmitta is in paradise.

Good job, devs.

The Baby in Yellow is one freaky kid...and the demon powers are weird, too. I remember seeing this game when it first came out and it's cool to see how its improved over time. Definitely curious about the next update.

Good job, devs.

Poor little Pluto looks like it's been rolling in lint, but at least that's better than getting grabbed by Hamhands McSmiles. While I had issues with the camera, I still had fun playing this and liked the suspense as I tried to escape the clutches of evil/madness.

Good job, dev.

Given the source story, I wasn't sure what to expect out of The Portrait, but I like how this turned out overall, especially for being a first game. The spooky atmosphere was well done.

Good job, dev.

The first thing that comes to mind is perhaps someone with WWI era PTSD, what with the war time sounds, the flashes, and old man. Or maybe dreaming/reliving some bad times related to the era.

Obusite works really well at capturing the look and feel of Little Nightmares while still feeling like its own thing. After playing, I felt like I was able to make sense of its story, or at least make one or two interpretations. I had some platforming issues, but the overall gameplay was pretty great, especially in the chase scenes.

Great job, devs.

How to Mummy: Take lamp, wrap in bacon, mummy.

At a glance, Residentvania looked well made but, after playing, I found it was actually super well made. I've only played so much Castlevania, but had a surprising amount of fun with this. The art was fantastic, enemy designs pretty spot on for the pixel style, and the ambience really gives it that Resident Evil tone. Best of luck if you expand on it.

Great job, dev. (At one point I call the art wonky, I think I was referring to the boss blending in the darkness.)

Crux is short, simple, and a bit green, but seems like a good start for someone learning. 

Good job, dev. Could use some extra audio, maybe footsteps or a breeze to fill the void.