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The first thing that comes to mind is perhaps someone with WWI era PTSD, what with the war time sounds, the flashes, and old man. Or maybe dreaming/reliving some bad times related to the era.

Obusite works really well at capturing the look and feel of Little Nightmares while still feeling like its own thing. After playing, I felt like I was able to make sense of its story, or at least make one or two interpretations. I had some platforming issues, but the overall gameplay was pretty great, especially in the chase scenes.

Great job, devs.

How to Mummy: Take lamp, wrap in bacon, mummy.

At a glance, Residentvania looked well made but, after playing, I found it was actually super well made. I've only played so much Castlevania, but had a surprising amount of fun with this. The art was fantastic, enemy designs pretty spot on for the pixel style, and the ambience really gives it that Resident Evil tone. Best of luck if you expand on it.

Great job, dev. (At one point I call the art wonky, I think I was referring to the boss blending in the darkness.)

Crux is short, simple, and a bit green, but seems like a good start for someone learning. 

Good job, dev. Could use some extra audio, maybe footsteps or a breeze to fill the void.

This adventure in Doghouse building was certainly an interesting experience. I hope he likes his new home.

Have played a few games like Up the Light and I always enjoy them, whether it's something with gameplay or simply living a short story. There's something about the minimalist visuals that gives it a certain charm, while letting your imagination fill the voids. Overall, I had fun with this.

Good job, devs. Also, I just realized I said "Bitly" in my vid instead of "Bitsy." Oops...

Decent low-poly style, surreal spooks, a questionable scarecrow, and burgers. Burger & Frights has a lot going for it. And for a bike based game, the controls are pretty good, too.

Good job, devs.

Part 6!

Ugh, these frogs...

And thank you for making the game. Always glad to give helpful feedback.

E-scape is short, chill, and easy to look at. It's effectively a third person walking(hovering?) sim, but was still a fun experience overall with a sort of "makes you think" ending. I dig it.

Good job, dev. (And nice use of Sonic 3 and Chao audio.)

With the crazed character and bright colors, Devil Catcher easily caught my eye. Gameplay wise, it's a fairly standard 3D platformer, although it did have a certain nostalgic feel to it as I hopped around, trying not to fall to my doom, and whacking guys with my weapon. I could easily see this having a few extra stages to just hop & bop in. Maybe some off the wall flying minigame involving a holy jet fighter.

Good job, dev.

Part 5!

Game puts you through the ringer if you want success...

Deep City seems to enjoy confusing the player and NPCs alike with its warped reality, and I'm okay with that.  The choice of monster was unexpected, but oddly well designed. 

Good job, dev.

I like a plot that lets you question reality, and The Sirena Expedition does just that. A short, light psychological horror experience that leaves you wondering "What just happened?" and has decent voice acting to boot. 

Good job, dev.

Part 4!


Part 3!

When titans attack!

Progenexis has the classic Ps1 style down to the pixel, plenty of challenge, a finely mustachioed boss, and some really rad music to massacre scan things to. Overall, a fantastic time, even if I'm bad at it.

Good job, devs. Played the original FD a while back and it's cool to see more happen with the world.

Looking forward to how it turns out!

For what it is right now, Kill The Robot is surprisingly challenging to do well in, but still a fun time. Smooth out the driving controls, maybe add a player controlled camera, and this could definitely have a lot of potential. Especially with bigger, more open maps like in level 1, or perhaps a chase sequence, since it is about driving around. The bridge was alright once I got the hang of it, but felt very restrictive since I was limited to just driving in a set circle. Gameplay aside, I really enjoyed the old age/future sci-fi theme to it. Some of it actually reminds me a little of Stubbs The Zombie.

Good job, devs.

Part 2!

Dying hurts.

Can't think of much to say that others haven't already said, but Ruin Valley is a quality piece of work. Even as a short demo, it stirs up some exploration nostalgia and has some pretty tight controls going for it. Acrobatics that even I could have fun with.

Good job, dev. Keep it up.

Such a cozy House, where nothing spooky goes on and everything is absolutely fine. From the atmosphere driving music to the bouncy pixels everyone has, I'm enjoying it so far. Pity about the cat though...

Good job, devs.

Karmic Dungeon somehow turns sluggish zombies into fast paced fun. The you-are-what-you-eat mechanic worked really well with the setting, and I felt like I was learning to get better at things along with the character. I'm curious to see how the full game turns out.

Good job, devs.

And thank you for making it. Still having fun bouncing around.

While I'd love to see extra abilities added to it, Spectrum Valley has an oddly hypnotic vibe to it that keeps me just running around, watching the world bounce. Had a lot of fun just experimenting with different songs.

Good job, dev.

So I was totally going to review the game, but then my cat burned down, which made me late to my fruit shaving class, and one thing led to another...

And then this happened, so good job, devs.

It's short, it's (mostly)voiced, and it's sprinkled with sarcasm and humor. Overall, a fun little VN experience. Just a shame I never got to try my Unicorn Shake...

Good job, dev. The one doing the voice also did well with the "I'm here because I must be" tone.

I don't trust the ocean. Turgor Pressure proves me correct and does so in classic Ps1 style. I am okay with this.

Good job, dev.

Took me a few years, but I finally got to play Octodad. The game perpetuates my pre-existing hatred of game ladders, but was still a really fun time and I'm glad I got around to it. And the humor!

The oblivious wife that somehow understands Octodad's burbles.
Octodad sassing people, but getting sassed back and dragged into shenanigans.
Slippery naked antics!
And dramatic chase scenes leading to non-combat. Also naked.

Loved Stacy's lines at the end of it, too. She gets her dad's sass.

Great job, devs.

Finally got around to trying Octodad and had to try the original build while I was at it. I love seeing how some games begin.

Good job going from this to what the game became, devs.

While I have played games with similar mirror mechanics, Glint is the first to rely on it almost exclusively, and I like the unique angle it has because of that. Plot wise, it felt like I was going through the house just because, but at least I had fun doing it.

Good job, devs.

I've played a few Isart Digital games now, and they make some good students. Astreia's Gift was a great time, both in visuals and gameplay, and while the protag's movements may have been limited, I liked her enthusiasm as she had fun doing everything with a joyous "woohoo!"

Good job, devs. I hope the completed game turns out just as well.

Tether'n'Feather is definitely impressive for something made in 48 hours. From the painted looking world and tricky level layouts to the swinging physics and general movements, it all felt very well designed. The two birds looked good, too. I wound up stumped on a level, but this was otherwise a good time.

Good job, devs.

Ship It Out is definitely a puzzle game with potential

Good job, dev.

The world needs more squishy ball games.

Good job, dev.

Octoclutz gave me a few issues with gravity, but I've never gotten along with physics, so it's fine. Overall, it seems like it'll be a fun time with a lot of potential for levels, and I hope it does well.

Good job, devs.

Despite being a Horrible Night, I had a rad time playing through this. The hints of nostalgic gameplay paired well with the jams and really seems like something with potential.

Good job devs and musicians alike.

High intensity monke action and an appreciation for bananas. Not much more I can say about The Midnight Monkey.  

Good job, devs.

As far as (meat)ball physics games go, Mama Meatball is definitely up there in challenge. The controls are simple to figure out and get the hang of, but that means nothing to physics themselves. So many dropped meal is ruined.

Only made it half way through the game when recording, but still had fun trying to keep the meatball rolling.

Good job, dev.