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Great job on making it then. You do "gross" very well.

Cardiac, as it is right now, is dark, disgusting, and full of goopy flesh. In other words, it's perfect for spooky October gaming. I'm curious to see what the final build will be like.

Good job, dev.

It's short, it's simple, and it's really dark, but I like the idea behind The Myth. It reminds me of another game I've played where you traverse a maze, following cryptic notes and worrying about a monster. This could make a good first step toward a larger game.

Keep at it, dev.

Part 2!

I like the little cutscenes. Such amusing animation.

Though it's a simple build for now, Jousty Dragons has some decent potential. There aren't many jousting games these days and the aerial aspect gives it a nice angle. I'd love to see some stunt flying in this. (And the music kicks, too.)

Good job, dev.

Little Misfortune is cheerful, it's dark, it's adorable, and it's twisted. Just how I like my games about kids. The art style is great, the voice acting and character interactions keep me wanting more, and all the sudden turns the game takes make for some great comedy. Overall, this is a great time and I'm eager to keep playing now that it's fully released.

Great job, devs. I hope my videos do it justice.

Part 2!

Now with more head scratching and puzzle solving!

Janitor's Day is short, silly, and has a sliver of spook to it. Overall, it's a decent piece of work for something done in a week for a project.

Good job, dev.

And the ending.

This one was...a long trip.

Even though I prefer more detailed graphics, Hourglass is a visually pleasing puzzle game with some fun puzzles happening in it. It's also rather relaxing, with the only stress of solving anything being what you put on yourself, and I like that. Sometimes, it's fun to just relax in a game.

Good job, devs, and good luck finishing it.

And thank you for making it. It was fun.

I love seeing quality works come out of Game Jams and The Tutorial definitely makes that list. The art, while simple, looks really nice, and I enjoy the cartoonish character animations. The controls are solid, it handles well, and the mechanic...heh...I guess it's justifiably frustrating, given the theme. Nothing too over the top difficult, just a lot of tricks. I dig it.

Good job, dev.

Part 6! Nearly to the end!

Also, thanks for sharing the guide link, but I'll still try to figure things out on my own for now.

Despite being as short as it is, Elec Head is has a really fun mechanic. It takes getting used to at first, but it's really enjoyable. I hope the finished game is as well made.


I've seen Tower Princess around for a while now, but only just recently gave it a try. While some parts need a bit of polish, this is pretty great for a demo. The mechanics work well, the comedy shows what to expect from the full game, and the graphical style seems like a perfect match for that.

Good job, devs. I'm looking forward to the completed game.

Part 5! Peaking into the last dungeon today.

While I haven't made it far yet, dying just before the second boss, Demon Burst is super fun and definitely captures the look and feel of playing a classic style game. From the unforgiving enemy placement and camera related deaths to the fun of using the screen wrap to my advantage, the whole game oozed nostalgia.

Great job, dev. You do fine work.

While not super "scary" for me, I enjoyed what Ghost of Tomorrow had going on. The audio worked really well to set a spooky atmosphere, and the hallway light scare was a nice touch. I like those where the spooky thing is practically in your face. I would recommend maybe altering the audio for the dark bathroom, however. Maybe have the spook sound grow as you linger in the room rather than simply being triggered by entering. (I show how this can be silly in my video.) Overall, this was a fun demo.

Good job, dev. Keep at it.

Part 4! Now with beaten boss!

Pencil Heart is short, but fun. I felt like some of the visuals could use some more polish, but this was otherwise enjoyable. Any plans for extra levels later on?

Good job, devs.

I finally got around to streaming it for the other endings. However, it didn't go well. Apparently, the game still has a few bugs to be worked out that absolutely prevented me from reaching an ending. Here's the recording, I think the worst starts about an hour in:

Any answers for why this happened?

For a demo, Skul has a lot of nice things going for it. The art is really pretty, with some interesting character designs going on and smooth animations. The music is well made, and I find the intro theme especially beautiful. I also enjoy how the head mechanic works and appreciate some abilities having a delay, so the player can't just spam the "best moves." Overall, this is a good foundation, and I wish you luck finishing it.

Good job, devs.

Part 3! I feel SO lost, but at least I have loot.

And thank you for making the game. Hopefully I managed to show it off well enough despite...y'know...crashing into things constantly, heh.

1mpulse is short, simple, and is a rainbow in your eyes. It's also deceptively challenging with its one button control, which I can respect.

Good job, devs.

Grumpy old men, ragdoll physics, breakable furniture, and violence? The game is 0% serious and 100% senseless violence, and I dig it. Senile Showdown is a win for me.

Good job, devs. This was silly.

I typically like to stay in a dungeon until I get all the loot I can. I'm all about having a big pile of loot, just like the hero. Even if there is no need to grind, I probably would just for the hoard, heheh.

Part 2! My poor brain...

Still fun though.
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Off The Balls is short, it's simple, it's easy to learn, it has rad music,'s got balls. What's not to enjoy?

Good job, dev.

Despite the many, many deaths I faced, Ded Guy is a pretty great time. The controls are solid, the challenge is...frustrating, but doable, and the music is rocking. Overall, this is a nice piece of work. The only thing I'd change is the part where hitting your ded hed on blocks makes you drop instead of them disappearing.

Good job, dev.

Started playing the full version of Knightin' + and it's as good as the original. The controls are simple, the gameplay is fun and easy to pick up on, and the loot is plentiful! All it needs now is rad music. Oh, wait, it has that, too.

Good job, dev, and keep up the quality work.

This bird has been staring at me since it was posted, so I finally decided to follow its example and give it a try. Since playing Bird By Example, all has become clear to me and I will never again have regrets about my ability to bird. I am bird just the way I am, just as bird intended, and life is good because of it.

Good job, dev. You bird well.

Demon Castle takes everything I have trouble with in Castlevania and makes it fun and speedy. I dig it. It's also cool seeing a PICO-8 game with multiple paths rather than strictly point A to point B travel.

Good job, dev. Would whip again.

Part 2!

It took me a little time to get the controls, but I like how this game handles. Some parts need polish - no pun intended - but it's definitely a good foundation for what's to come and impressive for a prototype.

Nothing like some fast paced, explosive pixels to start your day! Mr. Blast is a pretty good time if you're into speedrun style games full of exploding protagonists and exploding stages, plus the music is catchy.

Good job, dev.

As a professional woodworker and totally not someone who just randomly glues wood together and calls it art, I can say this is a fun and accurate simulated representation of the joys of working with wood!

Keep up the wood work, devs.

Part 2!

While not outright "scary," this was a good story for building a horror world. And while visuals don't always mean much to me, I love how this game looks and how it twists the world around the player. Keep up the good work, devs.

From the fast paced platforming to the super fast paced downhill slopes, Crumble is a great time for playing as a goo ball. The cartoonish graphics, while simple, work excellently with the overall whimsical tone of the game, and I enjoyed how the music picked up more and more as the game became more action oriented. It's definitely on my list to return to once it's fully released.

Good job, dev.

And thank you for making the game/demo. I'll definitely be doing another episode so I can finish the story and will likely do a livestream for checking out the other endings. It's too pretty to only play once.

Been checking on Faceless for a while now, but only recently saw the Sorrowvirus demo was up. So far, I am loving what I'm seeing in it. The visuals are fantastic, and the world shifting mechanic and subtle way the game distracts you when it happens works so very well. Not to mention the dolls look pretty cool. Very...merch-able, heh.

Great job, devs. I knew long ago this game had lots of potential.