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While I may still be processing some of what I just experienced, I will say that this is an interesting game. Confusing at first...but interesting. I like the low poly art style it has going on, and feel it was a great choice for this almost dreamlike place the player is wandering through.

Good job making a thing.

Challenging gameplay? Check. Fast paced action? Check! Rad tunes to keep you pumped while dying repeatedly? CHECK! Hyper Flex is an all around good time if you like titles like Impossible Game and Super Hexagon. It's difficult, but never leaves you feeling cheated, and that's a great quality for a game like this to have.

Good job on this, dev.

Part 2/Ending!

A fun game with enjoyable mechanics that I could definitely see lending itself to gamepad controls very well. The only thing I would want more of from this is maybe story. I had a vague idea of what was going on...but only vague.

Alluvium is a micro-masterpiece, being relatively short, but great in pretty much every way it can be. A pixelated art style and variety of bright colors mask an increasingly grim world as you point & click your way through a constant barrage of life threatening danger, all while the excellence that is Adrian Vaughan's voice guides the way through the story. I did click myself into a corner at one point, but once I corrected things and reached the ending, I was left definitely wanting more.

Great job on this, devs. You made a point&click adventure...exciting.

Another quality work by Wolod, Knightin' spruces up the look of an old school Zelda dungeon, gives some fun dungeon puzzles to figure out, and sasses you in a scroll. It's never super difficult and always fun. I dig it.

Good job on this.

A charming little game with plenty of mystery to it, A Tale of Paper proves to be a pretty fun play. While not all mechanics are immediately obvious, the game gives you plenty of space to roam and discover what does what rather than simply holding your hand, and I can appreciate that. It leaves a little to be desired on the audio side of things, though the chase music with the spider has a pretty rad beat going on.

Visually, I have no complains at all. Everything is well designed and works well to set the apparently dreary and potentially post apocalyptic tone of the game, while not coming off as a downer. (I could be mistaken on the apocalyptic thing. The radiation zones just have me thinking it.) I also thoroughly enjoy the subtle environmental storytelling through room decorations and the litter outside; it's good proof that not all games need a narrator telling you everything.

The controls feel a little sketchy at times, and playing with the gamepad didn't seem to have transformation buttons(unless I missed them), but this is some great work. Good job, devs.

I've only just started the demo and Light Fall is an excellent piece of work. Everything being silhouettes works well with the ever present theme of light & darkness and, despite that simplistic appearance, the world is still well drawn and holds much to look at. What I've heard of the music has been a pleasant experience as well, with my favorite song so far being the main menu. So dramatic. And the one doing the owl's voice needs a high five, because he plays the part well.

Great job on this.

The Librarian is an atmospheric and very visually appealing adventure about figuring out what goes bump in the night. Crisp and moody audio works well to set the tone as events unfold, keeping the player wondering what could try to spook them next. And, of course, the art design is awesome, plopping you down in what looks almost like a haunted world, and giving hints of depth in some places, which I always love seeing in 2D style games. The puzzles are about what one would expect to see in a point'n'click game, with some requiring a little though, but none ever overstaying their welcome. Overall, this is a fine piece of work.

Good job on this, dev. You make some nice pixels.

Being a typing game, I just assumed it was supposed to be difficult, heh. Still, good job on this. It's a good foundation for whatever you do with it next, so good luck on the updates.

If you're taking suggestions, I would recommend enlarging the text that shows when you type and maybe slowing the enemies just slightly. Not a lot, but enough so you aren't getting swarmed after one mistake. Maybe add a mode so they go faster the more you mess up.

Type Knight is both entertaining and a good challenge to exercise typing skills. Of course, if you're like me and aren't a fast typist, then it's just hard. Still, it's well made overall and has a lot of potential for what it is. The art style is pretty nice as well.

Good job, dev.

Always glad to give feedback on fresh works. Also, I finally managed to find the Legendary Loot.  Turns out I was over thinking things.

And thank you for making and posting the game. It's a fun play so far. I did eventually find the informant purely by chance after that video, though his riddle didn't help me much.(Not that I won't keep trying.) I also managed to find a bug. There's a cellar behind one of the houses and trying to open it causes it to flip upright like a normal door and renders the cellar inescapable.

Ransacked is a pretty fun little sneak game. Graphically, it reminds me of the Game Cube days, with everything being stylized and a bit cartoonish. A good thing, of course, especially with the world and all the models within being well crafted and with good art design. And while I've no clue how to get the Legendary Loot, I did still enjoy going around stealing literally everything else in the town. This definitely has potential.

Good job, devs. You made a thing.

A short, but fun game, Check, Please! combines all the romance of a dinner date with the joy of using simulated hands. Graphically, it has a simple, yet well crafted design, with all the models have  some level of detail, but also a smoothed look to them. The controls are simple, operating with a few simple mouse clicks, but are much less frustrating to deal with than your typical hand simulator, and the audio, while limited to one music track, is pretty darn rad. Overall, I enjoyed this and think it could have potential as something larger with a little work.

Good job making a thing.

YOU LEFT ME is an artistic approach to point'n'click style adventure games with just enough of a surreal theme to keep things interesting throughout. The ability to pan the camera around the images has a nice feel to it, almost like the player is looking into a diorama of an emotional story unfolding. The music, while not necessarily to my taste, definitely worked well with the dreamworld surrealism going on. Overall, this was quite the experience, and I liked your way of conveying messages.

Good job on this. I've seen your art before, but never knew who it belonged to. You've a nice style.

Thank you for making a neat game. And, yeah, that thing is a mystery. I think it follows me around.

Posted in Exit84 comments

Exit 84 is a simple, yet really challenging typing game, and I like that the entire game, even the menu, is controlled by typing. The controls are super responsive, so it lends itself well to the idea of "If I fail, it's my fault." The simple visuals are nice as well, since not everything has to be flashy looking.

Good job on this, devs.
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Whether I found the full ending of this demo or not, Archimoulin is a delightful little game. The music is peppy and upbeat, providing a good mood the whole way through, and the art style is really pleasing to the eye. The choice of having 2D assets in a 3D world is always a winning choice for me, as it really makes the characters stand out and adds more depth to the world than a purely 3D game. I'm really curious what the full game will be like.

Good job on this, devs.

And thank you for making a fun game!

Short, but fun, Fox Flares is an amusing little platformer with an interesting mechanic. Trying to avoid being on fire while also having to use that fire to progress created a good challenge that could easily become a longer game. While the bouncy tiles felt a bit unwieldy most of the time, I still had fun figuring out how to get through the different rooms. Plus, foxes are cool.

Good job on this, dev.
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Let's call it beginner's luck then, because I normally have loads of trouble coordinating multi-directional teleportation. About the gems, I just like collecting things in games and thought it might get a reward.(I just noticed you telling others it unlocks something, so I'll look into that.) As for the boss, that's just fun for me to do. Years of practice with button mashing, heheh.

Glad you enjoyed both it and my voice. (Never been confident in my speaking, so recent compliments have felt...different.) Since I noticed you have a couple of other games, I may give them a play sometime as well.

Edit: Died a few extra times(24), but I just cleared it in 8:30 after unlocking the statue. It took a couple of deaths to figure out what the flash attack was. Well done on the hidden thing.

Magic Wolfgirl is a short, but fun game with well polished controls and a nice, pixelated art style. The teleportation mechanic, while I am not very good with it, works really well. The puzzles are an enjoyable challenge, though you have to be really quick at times, and the use of a bow and arrows for both teleporting and attacking kept things flowing nicely.

Good job on this, dev. (Also, hi again. I played White some time ago.)

Short, quirky, and mildly amusing, Hug Them Real Good is a pleasant way to start your day. What better way to spread love and joy to those around you than hugging strangers on a playground? The custom squeeze control, while I'm unable to use it, seems like a neat thing, and the isometric movement takes getting used to, but makes playing on the equipment fun.

Good job, devs. You made a thing.
Posted in Neiva comments

While it's a shame it won't see further development, Neiva is still a genuinely fun time. With so much work having been put into it, it could serve as a very solid foundation for a full game. From the simple to solve, yet occasionally challenging to execute puzzles, to the eye pleasing art style it has going on, there was nothing I didn't enjoy about it. Even without a story being told, the adventure itself was enjoyable, feeling like a light hearted trip through an increasingly troubled land. And the teleportation mechanic, while likely best suited for keyboard & mouse, works really well. The swappy power was a bit jarring with just how instant it was, but it felt very polished.

Good job on this, dev.

He's already known for being "creepy" and chasing/following Courage, so it makes sense. Maybe the alien chicken. Or Fred. He actually came to mind while playing and I searched the bathroom, heh.

Always good to see a dev with passion for their work. Even if the work does seem to put on some pressure. Touching back on Courage, I actually just had an idea(if you accept those) for either an update to this game or a future one. Katz would be perfect as a character chasing him for X reason. More so with his theme.

Totally understandable with the complications. Life and all that. Though that you do have interest in adding to it says a lot, since most I've seen who made games like this just posted them and forgot about them. I'll try to keep an eye out in case that "one day"comes. I've seen a couple of your other games before and you do decent work.

While simple in design with the low poly graphics, Courage's Curse is a surprisingly good time and manages to be pretty spot on with the layout of Courage's home. The item hunt aspect is nothing new to horror, but I like how you need more than one thing to accomplish tasks, so it's not just constant running back and forth for single tasks. The randomized placement of things paired with an AI that just won't quit is a pretty good challenge as well. While I doubt it would happen, I'd love to see a more fine tuned version of this, with smoothed out models and some of the different foes Courage faced.

Good job on this, dev. You've catered to nostalgia in a good way.
Created a new topic Video/review!

Despite Raygun Gadabout bein just an Alpha demo, I found the visuals quite stunning and the adventurous sounding music an absolute delight. With so many things in the playing area, the background, and even up close in the foreground, it actually felt like the character was running around on a lively planet. And while that could be cluttered in some games, the devs pull it off nicely in this, with a bright and cartoonish art style that keeps everything popping out at you without being overbearing. A fine balance, says I.

All the little details in the animation were fantastic. From the movement of the hero's hair and dress as she attacked, to the oddly organic look of her blaster shots, as well as some of the enemies, it was so fun to just sit and look at. Admittedly, I forgot to use the shield much(at all) in my experience, but the gameplay still felt pretty good overall, with a very responsive set of controls. Still not feeling the Melee button being a bumper, but it was a great time I could easily recommend to a random person on the street.

Good job on this, devs, and good luck getting funded on KS. (Not that you need luck.)

Well, you've hit the big time now. Markiplier just did a video on your game. Good job!

Posted in BOGDAN comments

Bogdan is an amusing and rather unique platformer where you dispense justice in the best way possible: As a fat guy on a pogo stick. If that's not enough to win people over, it also has some rad music playing and a pretty good graphical style going on, with a low poly but still very atmospheric look to it. The difficulty feels a bit much at times, with some victories feeling totally random, but it's a good time overall. I'm curious what the full game will be like once the new levels are in and some extra polish is applied.

Good job on this, devs

Combining the best of both physics based acrobatic gaming and the abstract 80s style of vaporwave, Verlet Swing is a surprisingly good time for a Pre-Alpha Prototype Thing. The music, while limited to one or two tracks, is really well done and keeps a good mood going the whole time, and the visuals are pretty great is well. Everything looks clean and well designed, even down to the giant floating pizza slices. Difficulty is a bit of a mixed bag as some stages feel considerably easier than others, but it's still a fun time all the way through.

Good job on this, devs.
Visual Out community · Created a new topic Video/review!

Visual Out is a rather unique looking game with an apocalyptic feel to it, using both a very atmospheric soundtrack and glitchy, pixelated art style to reinforce the idea that "Something bad has gone down." The Metroidvania aspect of it combined with a giant map to explore ensures a lengthy playtime as you wander through the computer, lost and confused, wondering with the main character why things are the way they are. While I, unfortunately, am not good at this sort of game, I can definitely see how it could appeal to many and hope it does well.

Good job on this, Berry.

This was fun and well made, especially for something early in development. I'm curious to see what the full game will turn into.

The visuals are great, the art style is charming and occasionally adorable, and the music is really nice and sets the tone of the areas well. Good job.

Memory games were never my favorite thing, but this gets some points for design. Rubik's Cube  of doom, heh. The music and visuals in this are pretty rad - I do enjoy me some neon lighting. And while I can respect a game that doesn't hold your hand, having lived through 80s and 90s games, the deaths seem a bit harsh at times. The controls are pretty tight, but going around the turns many times resulted in instant death when the character just "popped" to the other side and immediately into an obstacle. No amount of holding a button stopped it, and I doubt we're meant to rely on the slow time  constantly. I also noticed a slight imprecision when collecting the item where just passing by it was enough. Is that intentional, or are we meant to walk onto it?

Space Outlaw Alice has it all. With the simple, yet well designed pixel art, a very sci-fi appropriate soundtrack, and just the right amount of challenge in the gameplay, one could easily mistake this game for an old NES title. That's not easy to get right, so I give this two thumbs way up. Plus, it even has a story going on!

Great job on this, devs. I am very much looking forward to the completed work.

Played the original some time ago. Even when it was simpler, it was a good time. Vikings, explosions, axes, and bacon - it had it all. Now it seems to have it all and then some.

Glad to have provided the extra motivation. I've played several games that came from Jams, so I understand it can be hard to have good quality control in so short a time. Good luck in finishing your work.

An interesting looking game, Mona Lisa Overdrive drops the player in a brightly colored 80s themed museum world and sprinkles a bit of sass into the character personalities. It  lacks a bit in the story and script, as there were multiple grammar issues and the player just seemed to be led places without clear motivation, but there was still enough to follow along easily with what was intended. It has a good premise, but needs polish. Especially with the art style  used, I could see this as a longer, more involved game were the writing to improve.

Good job on this, devs, and keep practicing.