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Idk why but being able to go up and punch another bird was oddly satisfying lol


Love the fact that its a funny horror game lol

Ducks are scary lol

I played this a couple of weeks ago but I found it to be a pretty great game and found a bug :)

Very awesome point and click horror game. I've always loved the point and click style games they are so neat. 

This is a very cool game I struggled to get my people to work haha they just wanted to die but I enjoy it :)

very cool game i enjoy the hard decisions I had to make about where i wanted life to take me 

Great game I enjoyed the graphic style of this game and creatures that were in it. Very creepy atmosphere and a very good game.

The atmosphere of this game made the character scary and scared me alot throughout this demo I enjoyed this game !!!

very interesting game I enjoyed and embraced the weirdness of this game haha

Very cool demo I really liked the different elements of the game that you had to use to get to the next part of the game

Tried to find the end of the wrold in Raft didnt end to well lol!!!

Love the new update very awesome Guy keep up the good work !!!

ready for the next update I love this game !!!

very fun I enjoyed it!!

Very Cool game I love the concept of it the only thing is that it has alot of bugs but that is to be expected since its only a demo. Overall I Love the game the jump scares got me haha

I really like this game ready for the whole game. Reminds me of Noah's Ark but in Modern Times

Killed the shark haha that was fun!!!

Awesome game!!

This is a really Cool game... Im Glad I got to play it!

Hope you Enjoy !!

This game is real cool and fun to play!! I love how everyone goes flying when hit haha and the kicking is a great feature !!