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I played for a video for possibly the second to last time?

I played another episode!


Basically, I just made another season to celebrate raft v1.05! WOOO

I can HELP with Spanish. I only know a little, though.

How do you save? I would like to know...

I messed around with it after this recording, but I couldn't get saving to work...

Here's the video:

I broke the game. It may be something to look into.

But I know just how hard programming games is, due to me doing it at one point myself.

Second post with more

I've played it for a few episodes, but ran out of stuff to do! :O

I'm looking forward to an update that does that stuff, and will definitely play it again then!

Here's the other one:

I played! The hand was a little weird to control, though.

I've got another, more recent video coming.

I can't make my plant live!

Also, I never noticed a time when the plant name came in (In the game at least)

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I played it! I loved it! I'll pay for it! I'll support in funding!