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he reminds me of that professor from cool world

and possibly a collaborative partner for a game idea I have ...

so just for the one section of my game I am going to have an interactive fake web browser, but I need to know, can anyone advise me on a game development app that can allow me to make these interactive quick webpages?

Soooo... there are many 3d first person horror games, but what if there was one where you needed to collab with someone in order to overcome the game? I mean one where it would be like... sort of amnesia style? I mean the forest is kind of like that but its more primarily a survival kind of game rather than making your way through a scary creepy place and getting jump scared or otherwise attacked by some creature (s)

Had lots of fun playing this! hope you make more games everything about this was delightful

I love fashionista <3 he's so beautiful! I can't wait to get this game !!!

I am working on a dating sim and I need backdrops for it, an artist skilled in this field, it's for a youtuber dating simulator where the "routes" are popular youtubers (ie: Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie, Apocalypto12, and crankgameplays. ) 

I need art work for these environments 

  1. A coffee shop 
  2. A bedroom (for the main player) 
  3. A meeting room (ie supposid youtube headquarters) 
  4.  A Gym (place to work out, not a school gymnasium but an actual gym, the type that require memberships ) 
  5.  A dog park 
  6. A library 
  7. A shopping mall 
  8. Hair salon
  9.  A general store

I believe that's all of it.  I would greatly appreciate any help with this and if you would like to help out with this I can ofc provide credits internally in the game as well as on the page etc, and I would be able to provide possible compensation, it really depends on how much you would charge. 

Here's a rough sketch of the routes 

co-op cats in SPACCCEEEE! XD

I really enjoyed playing this and I really hope to see more from the development of this game! 

I really enjoyed playing this! your art style is amazing! and the story just grabbed me and yanked me in! so thank you so much for creating something so wonderful to enjoy

I share my opinion on the game and add some feedback during my gameplay

Some of the things I mentioned was that

  1. I hoped there would be co-op in the future
  2. the idea of different colored kitties would be cute
  3. 7 days seemed a bit short to me

Other than that I really enjoyed this :) can't wait to see what the updates have in store

Hey there wanted to share my gameplay of this game

I cannot believe it took me this long to play this game I am absolutely in love with it <3 I even added a tad of fan art of what my character would look like as a queen, thank you for creating such an awesome game!

I don't want to write a novel for anyone just looking to get the facts out for hiring me to be in your indie game for whichever roles you think you might need me for.

My experience:

I have been voice acting for 12 years and can do a wide range of different voices, some of which include female voices pitched in many different ranges, some male voices mainly more higher to mid tone pitches but believable male characters

Some examples of the male characters I can do:

Some examples of the female ranges I can do:

You can Listen to my entire demo reel here:


Generally available in the afternoon 1-6pm EST

Forms of Contact:

I have Discord and Gmail.


I can record in whatever format suits you best eg. wav, mp3, ogg .. etc


If you have a shorter project (1-5 pages of dialogue) I can do it for 5 USD. easy peasy

If your project is a tad longer I will require more. but will only charge up to 50 USD.

IF YOU CAN'T PAY that is also fine as long as the project is really short.

ALSO payments are always done after you received my work, if you are not happy with what I give you

1. You will not be required to pay me

2. you can STILL use my unsatisfactory work

3. I will do the recording as many takes until I either get it right or run out of breath lol

MOSTLY I work for the experience and portfolio of the jobs so I am comfortable with whatever situation you have.

Did another part of the raft, lemme tell you I am having so much fun with this game!

the updates are just so great seriousely this game is starting to rival the forest

This was a lot of fun to play I'm really holding myself back in playing more of the game and staying up all night!

Seriously! this is addicting AF!

thank you for putting so much effort into such a fun game <3

This was quite entertaining! and I learned stuff (Your mention at the beginning of the wall light's name) I subbed you!

Hey there I hope this game goes further I would love to see more, I've played this on my channel and had a lot of fun doing so

Hey there! I tried out your game was a lot of fun! played it on my channel

Hey there! this game was super fun I played it on my channel!
loved the chracters and the story <3 super cute

I don't know if other people are experiencing the same problem but clicking the download button on both the webpage and the client seems to not be doing anything

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Hey there! wanted to share my first part of the raft with you guys :) had a lot of fun playing, this game rocks!

Hey there! awesome game I played it on my channel was really fun <3

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Hey had a lot of fun playing this, am really going to try to go for all endings but I wanted to share that I played this on my channel. Naturally I linked people to this game in my description


ofc! thanks for making such a fun game :)

Felt I should share that I played this on my channel! this game is amazing thank you so much for making it! <3