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Voice actress for hire MALE/ FEMALE VOICES CAPABLE

A topic by Samillennium created Feb 15, 2017 Views: 145
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I don't want to write a novel for anyone just looking to get the facts out for hiring me to be in your indie game for whichever roles you think you might need me for.

My experience:

I have been voice acting for 12 years and can do a wide range of different voices, some of which include female voices pitched in many different ranges, some male voices mainly more higher to mid tone pitches but believable male characters

Some examples of the male characters I can do:

Some examples of the female ranges I can do:

You can Listen to my entire demo reel here:


Generally available in the afternoon 1-6pm EST

Forms of Contact:

I have Discord and Gmail.


I can record in whatever format suits you best eg. wav, mp3, ogg .. etc


If you have a shorter project (1-5 pages of dialogue) I can do it for 5 USD. easy peasy

If your project is a tad longer I will require more. but will only charge up to 50 USD.

IF YOU CAN'T PAY that is also fine as long as the project is really short.

ALSO payments are always done after you received my work, if you are not happy with what I give you

1. You will not be required to pay me

2. you can STILL use my unsatisfactory work

3. I will do the recording as many takes until I either get it right or run out of breath lol

MOSTLY I work for the experience and portfolio of the jobs so I am comfortable with whatever situation you have.