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Ya'lls game was really cool!

I was a little late to playing this BUT I STILL MADE IT! Pretty nice game!

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Thanks for watching it! I noticed while editing I forgot about the little door with the lock :) probably something pretty secret behind there! But definitely when you guys release the full game you got yourself a player here :D Keep up the good work! 

Would of liked some more scares , but this was still the demo, I still liked it very much! Story sounds pretty intriguing as well :D

I really would of liked Jumpscares! Overall to me it wasn't scary... But still a great idea for a game, I would like to see you make more Scooby Doo horror games

I did play this... Kinda felt a little odd after trying it lol... Well it was the 3rd game I played in the video haha

I played your game in this video! It was the second game I played :D

I played your game in this video haha 

Ahh sorry about that! Wasn't thinking :P

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Just scared me for like.... I really don't like rats/hamsters now XD

I may re-play it, I dunno, haha but thanks for letting me know! Appreciate it

Haha I liked it! Really cool, keep it up :D Can't wait to see a full version! 

Really cool, other than the jumpscares needed to be louder!

Was there suppose to be ONE mask??? 

Does it have to be VR?

AN AWESOME Tattletail/FNAF fan game!! Really good! 

How do I get out of the first room lol?

A few bugs, but still pretty cool :D

Very nice! I got a really good scare outta this! 

Yeah I really freaked up downloading this game XD, Scared me so good, nice game! I didn't know this has already been out for 2 years tho!

No problem! It was a good game other than just a tad short :D thanks for replying!

Here is my playthrough on Disturbed: A Hallucinating Tale! It was really cool and everything other than it is a little short, but still really cool :D I liked it!

I really liked this game! Funny, nice gameplay, all together a rather relaxing game! Here is my playthrough if anyone is interested!

I played it! It was so scary haha, I liked it other than I couldn't really figure out what to do, so any ways here is my playthrough of me getting my pants scared off XD

It wasn't weird it was awesome! Totally unexpected ending which made it good! Like I thought I might be dealing with some demonic thing, but it ended up being a goldfish that hasn't passed on yet XD It was perfect! Keep up the good work :D

I liked it! Yet a very sad game XD Really cool, but wish it was longer! Here is my playthrough if anyone is interested.

Haha thanks for the game! It was fun! I hope you add some more tracks, like maybe a loop :D I think it would be really cool to have more tracks. But I loved the game so far, if you make any other games lemme know id love to play them, especially horror :)

I played Tracks and it was pretty cool! It had a few bugs but I managed to get over them and had a fun time making my awesome roller coaster!



My Raft video! I build a,"Practically Shark Proof Raft!" haha