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Ya'lls game was really cool!

I was a little late to playing this BUT I STILL MADE IT! Pretty nice game!

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Thanks for watching it! I noticed while editing I forgot about the little door with the lock :) probably something pretty secret behind there! But definitely when you guys release the full game you got yourself a player here :D Keep up the good work! 

Would of liked some more scares , but this was still the demo, I still liked it very much! Story sounds pretty intriguing as well :D

I really would of liked Jumpscares! Overall to me it wasn't scary... But still a great idea for a game, I would like to see you make more Scooby Doo horror games

I did play this... Kinda felt a little odd after trying it lol... Well it was the 3rd game I played in the video haha

I played your game in this video! It was the second game I played :D

I played your game in this video haha 

Ahh sorry about that! Wasn't thinking :P

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Just scared me for like.... I really don't like rats/hamsters now XD

I may re-play it, I dunno, haha but thanks for letting me know! Appreciate it

Haha I liked it! Really cool, keep it up :D Can't wait to see a full version! 

Really cool, other than the jumpscares needed to be louder!

Was there suppose to be ONE mask??? 

Does it have to be VR?

AN AWESOME Tattletail/FNAF fan game!! Really good! 

How do I get out of the first room lol?

A few bugs, but still pretty cool :D

Very nice! I got a really good scare outta this! 

Yeah I really freaked up downloading this game XD, Scared me so good, nice game! I didn't know this has already been out for 2 years tho!

No problem! It was a good game other than just a tad short :D thanks for replying!

Here is my playthrough on Disturbed: A Hallucinating Tale! It was really cool and everything other than it is a little short, but still really cool :D I liked it!

I really liked this game! Funny, nice gameplay, all together a rather relaxing game! Here is my playthrough if anyone is interested!

It wasn't weird it was awesome! Totally unexpected ending which made it good! Like I thought I might be dealing with some demonic thing, but it ended up being a goldfish that hasn't passed on yet XD It was perfect! Keep up the good work :D

I liked it! Yet a very sad game XD Really cool, but wish it was longer! Here is my playthrough if anyone is interested.

Haha thanks for the game! It was fun! I hope you add some more tracks, like maybe a loop :D I think it would be really cool to have more tracks. But I loved the game so far, if you make any other games lemme know id love to play them, especially horror :)

I played Tracks and it was pretty cool! It had a few bugs but I managed to get over them and had a fun time making my awesome roller coaster!

My Raft video! I build a,"Practically Shark Proof Raft!" haha