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The Shark is not my Friend, great survival game though loved it!

REALLY REALLY good concept, it is actually alot better than most survival games which ive played!

I only touched on the game but a really really interesting concept! and so far is a ace piece of work!!

hahaha Oh shit.... Was i drunk or just retarded XD Sorry about that

Thats so sad that they did that but because the internet lives forever we still can see the old version No Mario's Sky <3

Loved the game!! I ended up playing this longer than i did with no mans sky XD

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Awesome game man loved the humor, 8 year old girl whos had kids.... XD

Not sure if i posted this (delete if so)

me too please give him my buisness email beacuse i want him to dress me every day!! XD

This game made me what to crossdress 10/10 XD

Awesome game as much as it killed me i loved it!! :DD

Thanks for making it man!

A girl who was 6yrs old was a drug addict.... 10/10 game XD loved it hahaha

This game drived me insane...... But still a really good game and really well made would love to see more levels :DD

Well... What a game.

Awesome game! would love to see more like this :DD (p.s the people are rude XD)

Hope you enjoyed it! thanks for making the awesome game!! :D

What a game!!! LOVED the art style reminded me of Spirited Away for some reason :D

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Dude.. This game is amazing! #SteamGreenLightThis!! This game will defiantly be getting some attention!!

LOVED THIS GAME!! plz make more..

Cool little game bro, i just wished there was more, but for what it is i really enjoyed it :D

Really enjoyed this game! The sounds for the game are on point! Well done :D

Such a fun game, i hope that it was actually miley cyrus!! XD

Dont trust google translate.....

This game changed my life...

Thanks bro :D im glad you enjoyed haha and dude....... that trailer was amazing now you have just got me really excited for more of your content! Count me in!!

Awesome game had real fun playing it, humor was great and would love to see more of your content :D! Keep it up!

I attended. I insulted and now i want more! Haha Great game, would love to see more when, more of the game is avalible! Keep it up! p.s keep adding the hotties XD

a real insite on youtubers!! XD

I played this awhile back, extremely strange but did really enjoy it! Would love to see more!


Glad you enjoyed :D make sure to keep up the content !!!

Awesome Game, Loved that all of the FX were recorded using voices simply hilarious! And the Twist! oh the Twist! Brilliant game well done!


Thank you!! Im glad you enjoyed it :D

Never enjoyed my time infront of a game so much, i need some time alone xD No Love it!

its alright dude! Thanks for making the game! Defiantly going to have to download it! but yet again WELL DONE!

Awesome game! It tests the sanity of all living beings who will ever play it! Defiantly going to give it a try on mobile! But seriously awesome game would love to see more!

Dude, i saw the other comments.. as you see below i had none of these issues!! But well done dude loved every second of it!! You have a talent for this KEEP MORE COMING

Literally the hardest game ever! But loved it please tell me who the voice actor is? XD