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Awesome game had real fun playing it, humor was great and would love to see more of your content :D! Keep it up!

Thanks for playing. Having a video of it exist of it is flattery I can barely handle. *Falls slightly apart*
The next thing you're likely to see from me and National Insecurities would be The Old Gods Are Dead. It's been in the works since long before this game came to mind, and it's certainly more ambitious, so keep an eye out over the next year or so.

Thanks bro :D im glad you enjoyed haha and dude....... that trailer was amazing now you have just got me really excited for more of your content! Count me in!!

Wow! Count me in as well! When do you think this will be released? 'Cause it's been radio silence since this post,  bar updates for bug fixes for Disorient, so is  The Old Gods Are Dead still a thing? Just asking! Thanks in advance

The Old Gods Are Dead is still a thing, but we need appropriate funding and publishing to develop it. So, since that post, it's entered a kind-of standby, and we've spent much of the intervening time working on a follow-up murder mystery game. 2000:1: A Space Felony will be available in a few weeks, not quite for free and not through (yet). I would reveal where, but I'm unsure our hosts are ready to announce just yet. Follow us on Twitter, if you can, I certainly won't be quiet about its release (@GaryJKings, @NIPresents). This game is our most ambitious work yet (made it with my team this time, rather than alone), so I hope you get a chance to check it out. Here's an outdated trailer, as I'm still a week away from making a new one: