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Nope. Sorry.

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That's neither a problem we've encountered nor a problem we've ever had reported to us (that I remember). I'm not sure what to suggest beyond messing with some audio settings, perhaps the volume mixer or something in your windows settings.

Thanks, Alex. Glad you enjoyed.

Yeah a lot of that is down to us using Unreal 4, a pretty heavy engine, for a fairly simplistic game. Glad you enjoyed it anyways. Consider giving Once Upon a Crime in the West a chance, our follow up game, also included in the bundle.

It typically defaults to your screen resolution but you may be able to force it lower in graphics settings on windows, or by temporarily lowering your computer's resolution then loading it. Sorry about that.

Unfortunately complications made a save system a difficult thing to apply here, and since the game's play time is between 1 hour and 90 minutes we simply designed it assuming it would be played in a single sitting. The same applies to Once Upon a Crime in the West.


2000:1: A Space Felony

damn seere wait until you hear about books

We started and did a lot of work on a remake, but then a bigger project got funding so it kinda fell to the side. But that work is still done so we intend to finish it sooner rather than later.

We'd love to, but simply don't have the expertise (or equipment, in Mac case) ourselves. Nothing planned yet, but I wouldn't rule it out for the future.

If anyone is having issues getting the game working when downloading it via the itch app, try downloading it through the web page instead. That seems to work.

Thanks for playing!

It's always good to see people play our game, and see how they work it out. Thanks!

We might have our remake of Disorient on the Murder Express available as early as next month (Christmas kinda time).

Thanks, we'll be releasing 3 new murder mysteries in the next year, if all goes to plan, with at least one of those matching the scope of this one. We look forward to sharing them all with you.

Thanks, we're really glad you enjoyed it and recorded it. Your support is appreciated. This game is to be one of four wildly different murder mysteries in a series. We have another available on here for free, Disorient on the Murder Express, but we're in the middle of remaking that so expect to hear from us near christmas, with the following 2 next year.

Do you happen to have any other games made in Unreal 4 to see if it happens with them? Also, what version of Windows are you using?

Shoot the answer to those to:

We probably should have put that email somewhere folks would find it. Will do that now.

$5. If it isn't $5, it'll be lower, not higher.

'Evidence glow' is there to make evidence glow more that it usually does. By default, they are flat, bold colours. With the setting turned on, they kinda pulse. People kept missing them. We didn't intend to make a game about searching for evidence, our focus was more about piecing it together. We've seen what this game looks like when players are searching for that final piece they're missing, and that's not the game we wanted to make at all. 

Glad to hear you enjoyed it overall, though, and thanks for chiming in.

We've got even weirder stuff on the way, so keep an eye out.

Hi Jonathan, thanks for playing, we're really glad you enjoyed it so much, and it means a lot to us that you reached out to share your thoughts.

On the subject of optimisation; though the game looks simple, it's built using Unreal Engine 4, the engine we're by far the most proficient with. Though the engine is fantastic to work with, it certainly is heavy, made primarily for much more 'next gen' games, and so the requirements to run it are much higher than many other engines (such as Unity). Though we intend to optimise in any way we can find, the wiggle-room there is minimal, with laptops and systems with integrated graphics suffering the most.

As for an expanded version; we have no plans to add content to this game, but do have errrr... Plans. We carefully constructed it to be tightly focused and not outstay its welcome, and as you said yourself, it avoided becoming tedious. However, this game has always been one component in a larger collection of games that we've come to call The National Insecurities Murder Mystery Mix Tape. Once complete, this collection should be anywhere from 3-6 games long, each taking a different approach to the murder mystery genre in games. Some of this can be seen in my previous game Disorient on the Murder Express, which we plan to remaster quite substantially to compliment 2000:1's release elsewhere. We have several other ideas we want to try, however, and though we're sticking to murder mysteries, we don't like doing the same thing twice. So expect to hear more from us soon.

The Old Gods Are Dead is still a thing, but we need appropriate funding and publishing to develop it. So, since that post, it's entered a kind-of standby, and we've spent much of the intervening time working on a follow-up murder mystery game. 2000:1: A Space Felony will be available in a few weeks, not quite for free and not through (yet). I would reveal where, but I'm unsure our hosts are ready to announce just yet. Follow us on Twitter, if you can, I certainly won't be quiet about its release (@GaryJKings, @NIPresents). This game is our most ambitious work yet (made it with my team this time, rather than alone), so I hope you get a chance to check it out. Here's an outdated trailer, as I'm still a week away from making a new one:

It does this for me, too, and I made the game. It did it with my new game the other day right after I created the .exe.
To my understanding, Windows does this to any .exe that isn't recognised, and I get it often with programs I run.

I have a mac build but it's far from super stable, and I have no real means of testing it. How good is your mac?

If either of you are still interested, the new update crushes that mouse bug that made it unplayable.

Thanks very much, I enjoyed your video.
Your slow, dry delivery lends itself very well to this game.

The fact that it has 1gb of Nvidia Geforce graphics might give it a bit of an edge here in comparison to the machines I've tried on. Still might not be enough. Between Unreal's poor mac optimisation and my poor Unreal optimisation, it might simply fail to load. Still, shoot me an email at if you'd like a link to my crude Mac build.

Thanks for playing. I can't seem to fix the mouse issue, but may tackle it again later this week when I've put out a few fires. For now, the only thing I can suggest is using a gamepad, as people don't seem to be encountering the issue with those.

I have a mac build, but it's so poorly optimised. How fancy is this mac of yours? Specs if you can get them. It nearly killed mine, but mine is a solid few years old now. I'd have to find a way to privately send it to people, as i don't have the confidence in its functionality to throw it up for download.

That's ever so odd. I didn't really change anything from the way Unreal handles mouse movement by default. If either of you have a USB gamepad, try using that.

That's incredibly strange. I also don't have the resources or knowledge to even begin to fix that, so I'm sorry this game doesn't work for you >.>

Dear all,
I have now updated the game. It's mostly the same, though I did rewrite part of The Lawyer's dialogue. Aside from that, some awkward bugs are fixed, spelling errors that I knew about have been corrected, I added a splash-screen type thing at the start and an icon to the exe. If what I've done somehow destroys everything (though I have tested, it doesn't), please contact me either here or at my twitter @GaryJKings.
Thanks to all who have played. I'm seeing much bigger numbers than I expected from this, and some really lovely feedback.

Thanks. I updated that in there. :

I'll be sure to correct that in the next update, thanks :)

If you have any suggestions for how to word this credit so it doesn't occupy half the screen, it would be much appreciated. You seem to know much more about this piece of music than I.

Thanks for playing. Having a video of it exist of it is flattery I can barely handle. *Falls slightly apart*
The next thing you're likely to see from me and National Insecurities would be The Old Gods Are Dead. It's been in the works since long before this game came to mind, and it's certainly more ambitious, so keep an eye out over the next year or so.

I'm glad it kinda worked.
A couple of the other typos people caught work a little less well, so I'll still likely fix this one when I update, too.
Again, thanks for playing, means a lot to me. :)

I caught that spelling error just before release, and decided to release anyway. I'll be spell-checking the whole game through over the next couple of days and then I'll update.
Really glad you liked it! Thanks for playing.