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Hi Jonathan, thanks for playing, we're really glad you enjoyed it so much, and it means a lot to us that you reached out to share your thoughts.

On the subject of optimisation; though the game looks simple, it's built using Unreal Engine 4, the engine we're by far the most proficient with. Though the engine is fantastic to work with, it certainly is heavy, made primarily for much more 'next gen' games, and so the requirements to run it are much higher than many other engines (such as Unity). Though we intend to optimise in any way we can find, the wiggle-room there is minimal, with laptops and systems with integrated graphics suffering the most.

As for an expanded version; we have no plans to add content to this game, but do have errrr... Plans. We carefully constructed it to be tightly focused and not outstay its welcome, and as you said yourself, it avoided becoming tedious. However, this game has always been one component in a larger collection of games that we've come to call The National Insecurities Murder Mystery Mix Tape. Once complete, this collection should be anywhere from 3-6 games long, each taking a different approach to the murder mystery genre in games. Some of this can be seen in my previous game Disorient on the Murder Express, which we plan to remaster quite substantially to compliment 2000:1's release elsewhere. We have several other ideas we want to try, however, and though we're sticking to murder mysteries, we don't like doing the same thing twice. So expect to hear more from us soon.

Thank you for your detailed explanation of the reasons behind the performance issues. I myself started dabbling a bit in game making not too long ago (although with much less demanding engines such as GameMaker 2), so I have a general Idea of the effort being put into making a game accessible as possible, especially for weaker and older hardware, I guess I am due for an upgrade soon anyways! :) However, I still do believe that adding an option to change the resolution might help people with less horsepower available. 

On the subject of the Murder Mix Tape - I am very intrigued. After briefly playing through Disorient on the Murder Express today, I must say that I agree that a collection of individual, albeit-short games with different premises will be better than just an expansion of an already existing story that indeed runs the risk of becoming tedious.  If you ever find yourself in need of a beta tester, I will be more than happy and willing to help and participate! 

Thank you again for the reply.