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Thank you for your detailed explanation of the reasons behind the performance issues. I myself started dabbling a bit in game making not too long ago (although with much less demanding engines such as GameMaker 2), so I have a general Idea of the effort being put into making a game accessible as possible, especially for weaker and older hardware, I guess I am due for an upgrade soon anyways! :) However, I still do believe that adding an option to change the resolution might help people with less horsepower available. 

On the subject of the Murder Mix Tape - I am very intrigued. After briefly playing through Disorient on the Murder Express today, I must say that I agree that a collection of individual, albeit-short games with different premises will be better than just an expansion of an already existing story that indeed runs the risk of becoming tedious.  If you ever find yourself in need of a beta tester, I will be more than happy and willing to help and participate! 

Thank you again for the reply.