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Jonny (Jonathick)

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I really enjoyed this little game! 

Link to my channel in a seperate tab!

I really enjoyed this little game! 

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Fantastic little game you got here!

Looking forward to a full game!

I really enjoyed this game! It has a lot of potential.

what a great little game!

Really enjoyed this Remaster. Dave I have to say that you came a long with your skills making games! Looking forward to seeing what else you have in store!

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I enjoyed this game! I am excited to see where this goes for sure!

really enjoyed this game of yours!


I got a little mad...

I was looking forward to this game for awhile! Glad you made it a full game!

I really enjoyed this game! This bunny creature with the chainsaw got me soo good lol

Looking forward to the new game.

Looking forward to the full game so much!

Thanks my man! I appreicate it!! With time for sure lol I look forward to your new game!!!

I really enjoyed this short little horror game! Looking forward to your next game for sure!

I really enjoyed this little game. I wasnt sure what was going on but it was good nonetheless!!

YouTube: Link To My YouTube Page

I really enjoyed this! Looking forward to the full release!!

Dave you did it again!!! I can tell you are getting better and better with each game! As always, I look forward to your next game!

I really enjoyed this little horror game! Im looking forward to the full release!

Good little game about depression.

This was a very nice mod and I enjoyed it. I couldn't beat it, but I will be back!

I managed to get the secret ending! On accident of course lmao 

Barry has a secret alright! I wonder if detective sunglasses knows who did it yet...

This game was pretty good for a demo. Looking forward to seeing how this game turns out!

This game lol It was a great experience! I remember playing these types of games when I was younger! My gameplay is below!! 

I really enjoyed this little game! No one should ever have to go through that. Period.

I really enjoyed this game. Looking forward to the full release!


My Body is so ready for this!!

Didn't get the #12 update which probably fixes the fastness of Freddy but man this was difficult! lol

If you don't laugh at this gameplay then you don't have a funny bone in your body...PERIOD.

I remember this episode like it was yesterday. I wake up, get a big bowl of fruity pebbles, sit on the floor and just embrace Rock Bottom. Gameplay below! It is about 4 minutes so get a snack and enjoy!