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Jonny (Jonathick)

A member registered Jul 06, 2016 · View creator page →

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Thanks my man! I appreicate it!! With time for sure lol I look forward to your new game!!!

I really enjoyed this short little horror game! Looking forward to your next game for sure!

I really enjoyed this little game. I wasnt sure what was going on but it was good nonetheless!!

YouTube: Link To My YouTube Page

I really enjoyed this! Looking forward to the full release!!

Dave you did it again!!! I can tell you are getting better and better with each game! As always, I look forward to your next game!

I really enjoyed this little horror game! Im looking forward to the full release!

Good little game about depression.

This was a very nice mod and I enjoyed it. I couldn't beat it, but I will be back!

I managed to get the secret ending! On accident of course lmao 

Barry has a secret alright! I wonder if detective sunglasses knows who did it yet...

This game was pretty good for a demo. Looking forward to seeing how this game turns out!

This game lol It was a great experience! I remember playing these types of games when I was younger! My gameplay is below!! 

I really enjoyed this little game! No one should ever have to go through that. Period.

I really enjoyed this game. Looking forward to the full release!


My Body is so ready for this!!

Didn't get the #12 update which probably fixes the fastness of Freddy but man this was difficult! lol

If you don't laugh at this gameplay then you don't have a funny bone in your body...PERIOD.

I remember this episode like it was yesterday. I wake up, get a big bowl of fruity pebbles, sit on the floor and just embrace Rock Bottom. Gameplay below! It is about 4 minutes so get a snack and enjoy!

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Last game finished...on to the 4th one...oh wait :( I also have to have a word with you DAVE! starts at about 2:30 lol 

Of course I had to play the second Scooby Horror! On to the final Scooby Horror!

Loved this little game, on to the second one!!! Check out the gameplay below!

I would love to see a Bugs Bunny, or Looney Tunes game. What you have here is very unique so please keep making these!

This was a fun little game, I am just not sure how or why a killer is in my house just because I didn't pay my electric bill lol 

I enjoyed this little short horror game, it was straight to the point! 

Gameplay below!!

I enjoyed this little horror game, not 100% what was going on with the zombies but I still enjoyed it! Gameplay down below!!

Enjoyed it a lot! Gameplay down below if you want to check it out!!

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I absolutely loved this little game, cartoon games have so much potential. I played a few of your other games like your scooby doo games! Please make more of these!

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/jonathick

No worries, take your time! Looks like i will have to play the version out now then play again when the English version comes out! Just make sure to let me know when it releases!! lol

You got a time frame when the english version comes out? Take your time of course, but I am curious lol

Cool little horror game. 

Fun little game! I enjoyed this!!

Fun little game, looking forward to the full release if there will be one!


I loved this little game, I hope there is a full game soon!

This game was fantastic. I loved the camera mechanic! Looking forward to more!!

New year, who dis?