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Hahaha, mission success

Impressive! I love how polished this is, this is also a SUPER fun concept! Good job!

I like the game, however arrows render the sword and shield useless (also theres a strange animation glitch where you can see the bow and sword at the same time) Either way, good job!

Very well done! I absolutely love this idea! The one thing I'd say is that a larger level would have been fantastic and maybe make it slightly (and I mean slightly) more difficult because otherwise I can (and did) accidentally fling myself over a lot of the map.

Well done! The only things i really have to say would maybe have an arc showing where you will land as opposed to the arrow pointing to which direction you will go up, because it is kinda difficult to determine where I'm going to land. Other than that, good job!

This was so good! The only thing I have to say is that you have a small exploit where you can regain your jumps by hitting the sides of things, other than that this is a very well polished game!

I absolutely loved the movement mechanic! Wave 3 was most definately the most difficult wave in this, I'd personally have loved to see staggered spawning of the enemies or a larger play area to account for the intense crowding that can happen. Other than that I really enjoyed this game, good job!

Thanks for playing!

I chose not to use WASD because I took the literal meaning off "one button". Either way, thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing! I agree with all of your points, I do however want to explain one in specific. The time between bosses was added to ensure the boss fights were survivable. In earlier tests when this didn't exist, it was virtually impossible to collect the crates that would spawn and you'd run out of ammo, however I believe that if I had paired no timeout with far slower bullets (like many have suggested in these comments) then the battles would probably flow far more smootly. And on the menu issue; that really sucks, I had added optional keys to shoot instead (for trackpad users) which would avoid this, but to further stop these problems, a confirmation yes/no would safeguard such an unfortunate event.

Thanks for all of this feedback and for playing!

Thanks for the detailed feedback and for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I agree with the idea of a boss fight zoom out, would've been very helpful

Thanks for your feedback! The companions were intended to be more helpful and less overpowered, but after the addition of the bullet hell, I didn't feel I had the time to update the companion AI to survive them, however if I do return to this concept, this would be a key area I'd want to fix.

Thanks! I unfortunately forgot to add a post processing toggle, that would have probably made it more accessible for people.

Thanks for playing

The visuals were fantastic, however the game didn't feel balanced enough when playing single player, I was always being killed by the first 3 enemies. In addition, I'd love some more feedback when I'm attacking, like some particles or a sound so that I'm aware I actually hit something. Either way, good job!

Thank you for your feedback and for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!

Thank you! And yeah, I agree with you on the turn!

Thanks for playing!

Currently in the levels themselves, you run out of ammo if you've already looted everything (a possibly large oversight after the addition of hard and impossible, but that should be expected given the untested button hiding them). In boss fights after the first however, regular drops of ammo are delivered to the player in the form of portable crates. Hopefully this answers your question!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

I'd love it if you'd try my game :)

You can now view the source code at

I can assure you there is no virus, please try chrome instead as I've heard of firefox incompatibilities before. If it makes you feel any better i can share the source on github so you can play the desktop one with piece of mind.

Hi, your WebGL build doesn't run, visit this message in the Miziziziz Discord which will help you fix it.

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Bug Corrected

We have just released the first binaries for the first Inferno build, get it here