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Stab red spiky things with your sword, protect your hilt.
Submitted by jul2040 — 18 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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Jam HostSubmitted

Very simple, yet fun! For a 3 hour game, this is a good entry. Couldn't get past Wave 3 though :(


Quick and easy to play right in the browser! Quite fun and difficult.

Jam HostSubmitted

love the music on this. i wanted the camera to be zoomed out a little more so i could see what was coming. it felt pretty claustrophobic. nice work 


I found a few exploits with getting into a narrow corner and rocketship flying as I termed it.

If you take this forward maybe give it a recharge on the flight and some element to prevent corners like resetting to a start zone on new waves.


I absolutely loved the movement mechanic! Wave 3 was most definately the most difficult wave in this, I'd personally have loved to see staggered spawning of the enemies or a larger play area to account for the intense crowding that can happen. Other than that I really enjoyed this game, good job!

Jam HostSubmitted

Had fun playing this one. Felt pretty polished, and the effects were nice. I liked the attack mechanic, felt good to dash attack through enemies. I see what you meant by the corner exploit, but if someone really wants a challenge it can be easily ignored. I guess to fix it you could do what neverknow said, or you could make the room a circle.


Nice Job! I see everyone is commenting about the corner technique so ill just stay that making you constantly move at a slow pace or staying still too long makes you lose health would fix that exploit. other than that it was good!


Hey there. This is my review of your game, pleas ekeep in mind its MY opnion and by no means the absolute thruth. I do belive it has ist value tho.


Above average jam scope, i like that it goes on and on with more waves (wich i assume the characteristics are picket by some function wich make sthe game harder as you go). Its not super Ambitious, but defitively above average 4/5


This is quite the fun game, when played in the intended way by the developer. However, it is easily cheesed by going in a corner, sitting back, relaxing, grabbing a nack and initiating automatic murder mode 5000. Still, gets a solid 3/5 from me, and i really think you should expand on this game after jam


This is surpisingly functional  for a 3 hour game, good job! Its not flawless tho. here is a short list of the main ones 1-The corner cheese. 2- teh enemies go CRAZY in the death menu. they starting clipping throight walls and stuff. 3/5

Submitted (2 edits)

My girlfriend had an idea similar to this game when she see the theme, i'm happy to play it. The game is really cool but ... exploitable. If you go in a corner, you win. :/


Cute concept, would've liked to see enemies with the same vulnerability as the player. And I was very quick to cheese it by going into a corner :p