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Super Oiram Single ChildView game page

Made for the Friday Night Game Jam week 36 of 2020
Submitted by Nuvares — 13 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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Just a bit buggy trying to jump on some of the enemies, also noticed that there were some repeating Wilhelm screams. Excessive blood particles is a big plus! I don't think I couldn't get my full enjoyment, web games lag for me, but, I ain't letting that lower any scoring. Well done!


I'll do a download build once I get some of the bugs worked out and make sure to let you know.

Jam HostSubmitted

i love how ridiculous this game is. my favorite part was how after you die it takes way too long for you to respawn so you get to just see the blood particles pooooourring out. it was a bit of a be careful what you wish for situation though, because when i got killed by the big blue hedgehog for some reason i never respawned so now as long as i keep the game open i can just watch the blood particles for the rest of my life. 


Really? I thought that was the best part

yeah I need to figure out why some of those softlocks occurred but it was  afun game.

Jam HostSubmitted

it was absolutely the best part. really well done 🙏🏾

Jam HostSubmitted

I really love the Willhelm scream, didn't expect it to encounter here, with some juicy blood effect. The jump is definitely floaty, should've made the gravity scale of the player bigger. Nonetheless, its a pretty good entry for 3 hours.

Jam HostSubmitted

Didn't expect 2 full mario platformer levels, and even a boss.
I had fun trying to squash the enemies but it seemed as though their collision was off and it could get a little frustrating. There was also some bugs where the level wouldn't restart if you fell in lava or got killed by the boss. Nice work with the character controller, although it was a bit floaty here.

Submitted (1 edit)

was able to get it working. VERY buggy but i finally won! Am i doing it right?


SHHHH you're not supposed to tell people how to get to the warp pipes and the other 6 levels I built into the game.


Oh boi i was looking foward to rating this. Before we get started, please note this is MY OPNION and by no means the obejctive truth. With that said, i do belive it has its value


5/5. To think someone would make a plataformer, with enemies, animations, and at leats 2 levels (didint finish it sorry) in 3 hours is insane. That is a 5 star ambition from  me. Unfotunally, it had its cost...


This was actually surpisignly fun to mess arround with, and find out ways to beat the level in un-intended ways, by abusing the fragile 3 hour code for such a "large" (for 3 hours) project. As much as it was fun however, it wasant fun because of the game itself. In fact, the game itself eels slughish for a plataformer. Still, i had fun, 3/5. 


Oh boi. Look i get it, its a 3 hour jam, but like i said, this game is a glitchy mess. in 20min of playtime i managed to: SUPER high jump over huge sections of level 1, softlock the death screen, fall throught the ground, clip throught one tile walls. Yeah... im sorry but this is a solid 1/5 from me


Jumping while moving causes my character to jitter, the jump is a bit floaty. I would also make jumping on the hedgehog bounce you up a little more. More sounds would be nice. Otherwise, good job!