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Love how atmospheric the sound and visuals are. I didn't see them all but I like that there are multiple endings.
Edit: nevermind, just did another playthrough and got the perfect ending.
like some others have said, the audio cues didn't feel very essential because of the visual cues (but from a game design view that's good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

these puzzles were a lot of fun to solve, and like before it had great presentation.
the tutorial was nice, but i also liked that you left a sound for us to figure out.

I couldn't try out the microphone bit, but it's cool that you implemented that.
The gameplay was really fun and unique, and definitely challenging. Had to really stretch my hand to do those last words. Would make for a fun party game.

Yeah, fair about the theme. For spectacle, I meant for the player to be watched as they moved through the level, and the crafting mechanic for fusion. I wanted to use screens that showed the player, to show that you're being watched, but it doesn't work on web. I had some more stuff planned for fusion, but I didn't get to it.

I'll definitely add something like that for the tutorials. That's also a good point you made about the telekinesis, I didn't consider trackpads. Thanks for the feedback

Yo this was really challenging. I can see the celeste inspiration.
I think the camera moved a bit too much, and made it a lot harder to play. But I made it to the last level (i think). I liked the chase that happens near the end. I kept overshooting the goal on that level though. I think it'd feel more fair if it was taller.

I really want to see more of this. I love this art style and smooth animations. Had me smiling all the way through

As some other's have said, I don't see how the theme fits. But i really liked the background effects you had going on, looks really cool.

Really digging the art style. Was really hard at first, but I enjoyed learning the controls and making high scores.
The leaderboard and ghosts are a nice touch, and a good way to do the network modifier.

Super polished, down to the mechanics, the animations, and even the tutorial.
Can't stop playing👍

I'm a little confused about the controls, but it's cool how you mixed 2d and 3d here. I'm guessing that's the fusion part?

Thanks, that makes sense. I'll keep that in mind.
Yeah, you're right about the influence

Thanks for the feedback. Locking the stage was something I had planned, but didn't end up having enough time to do. And there was a sound effect for hitting enemies but it didn't make it in. But overall that's something that we plan to fix after. Especially for the player too, I know it's also hard to tell when you get hit.

Thanks! We spent a lot of time testing and refining the movement. There's still things that could've done differently, but I'm glad you enjoyed it

the monkey's animation makes me happy

Felt a bit overwhelmed at first, but as I learned the mechanics and got used to the pace, it became a lot of fun

The sword ability was pretty cool, felt satisfying

I had fun trying out all of the different upgrades. I went back to try to beat it multiple times but i can never make it pass the chaos of the later levels, lol

The stand rush part caught me off guard. Those moments and the audio were pretty enjoyable

Mechanics feel good, but all of the visual effects are a bit hard to look at

Man, this was kinda brutal. I did end up finishing though, then I played again to beat my time. (Played with checkpoints btw)
My best time was 208

I wasn't able to beat this, but I felt like i got far in one of my runs. Seems like you have to get lucky depending on what item you start off with. I had fun playing this. My two criticisms are that I felt like I had a lack of direction, and that the line of sight felt really aggressive.

I liked that fist shooting, I thought that was pretty cool.
The first time that I played though, when I got hit for the first time, the animation that plays is a bit confusing since it looks like a death animation,

I saw what I think was the hidden area, but it was hard to go through it because of the camera position. It was hard to see obstacles and platforms whenever I had to move left.

I really love the visual style you have going for this. I think you really nailed it.
I thought the game design was pretty good, up until the vines, as it becomes a lot more unforgiving.

This is really impressive for the short amount of time you had. Especially the ai systems. I had fun playing. Only thing I'd have to criticize is the color of some of the floors. Seeing contrasting colors so close together was a little hard to look at.

After a few rounds, it seemed like it looped back to the first maze. I think it would've been nice if there was some indicator for what maze you were on. Are the mazes randomly generated, or are they prebuilt?

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We tried submitting but we were 1 second late.
Could we get a late submission?

I like the addition of the voices, and the extra sounds were good too. I didn't expect the story to go in the direction it did, especially at the end. The end credits were a nice touch too.

I like the choice of music here, I think it really fits. I was interested in seeing where this would go, and I like the bits of story added near the end. I will say though, at first I didn't realize there was an end until I saw a comment that said to go faster, so I agree with what some others have said about having more story near the beginning.

I like the minimalist style and the ambient music. Like someone else said, the movement was a bit slippery but otherwise felt good. I liked the particle effects too.
I also thought it was an interesting choice to display the character's thoughts.

It seems all of the builds are broken. It's too bad too, since I just figured out why. I'm glad you enjoyed what you got to play though

Ducks are cool.
I love the art style and the humor.

No mocos were harmed in the making of this game

Very cool style. Besides what's already been said, I really liked the colors and the effect on the bg water.

I should've made it more obvious, but you can also get into a boat at the docks in front of the village and the temple.

This is a total vibe

The player's animations really did this for me. I also really love that the ship is interactive.

Fun gameplay, especially with the 2nd and 3rd mechs. I think there could've been more cohesion between the foreground and the background, but I really like the art for the mechs and enemies.

I really like the models and the colors, especially the waterfall. I'd like to see where you'd take this.