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The game's premise is simple but the fact that you made the art and music definitely raises the ambition.

Since your focus here seemed to be on art and music, I'll say that the player character did feel a little out of place against the background, and when you press restart, it'd be nice if the music didn't restart.

Overall, I enjoyed everything, especially the season change at the end.

The things that stood out for me when playing this was the overall design.
I like that you used a globe for the map, and that units are always visible no matter what the globe's rotation is. The in-game descriptions were also nice, and let me figure stuff out along the way instead of reading an info dump or going through a long tutorial. And of course, I feel that there was nice feedback for the actions I made.

Really great idea. Lots of fun trying to dodge objects and balancing the amount of bullets I kept onscreen. Uses simple mechanics that I think were implemented really well.

Liked the way you merged a tool and a game together, pretty innovative. It was fun to try and create images using the prompts with the set limitations, and I think it fit the theme pretty well. What interested me most was the reactions whenever I finished a drawing.

Thanks for playing.
Not sure why it doesn't work in browser, but the download version should have it.

Think this was a funny idea, and I would've loved to see more responses. Also found an exploit, where you can knock someone over and use them as a shield.

I like the concept here. It was fun using the arrows and spikes to trap enemies.

I thought it was a regular snake game at first but the added mechanics were a nice surprise. Played for a while trying to find an efficient way to as many pellets in a single room as I could.

I like the simplistic style here. Like others have said, all it really needs is a lose condition.
Also noticed that you have to throw a box before you see a lit house appear if you want to hit it because of the speed difference.

All part of a nutritious breakfast

Great job here. You had some good level design here. It was challenging getting through, and I had fun doing it.

The grappling mechanic felt really polished and fun. Played around with it and swung around for a good amount of time. Even more impressive that you did it in 2 hours.

Much ambition. I liked the controls, and I especially liked the particle effects. Had an issue though where I couldn't select any buttons after I died and had to refresh the page.

I made it to the moon :]. I agree with what the others said about the arc, but I also think it's really easy to out jump the ghosts. I think some other kind of challenge or obstacle would be nice.

A nice and simple game. I really liked the parallax effect, and I find it awesome that you used your own engine.

Haha that was a tough one. I like how you took a simple game and added a big twist.

Had a lot of fun here. Had a satisfying game loop and a great aesthetic.

The ball had a bit too much bounce, it rarely ever touched the flippers. Though besides that, you did a good job, and I'd like to see where you'd take it.

I couldn't get it to run, but I did watch others play. I'm impressed that you undertook this challenge using c++.

I find the mechanics to be pretty interesting. I would love to see it fully fledged out. My only crit is that since they're tied to movement controls it can be annoying to reset.

Really love the aesthetic you had going on here, what with the visuals and the music. Was really fun triple jumping across the map.

This game was fun and challenging. The scrolling felt a bit slow, at least when playing the html build, but I don't recall having as much of a problem when I downloaded the linux build. To be honest, that's the only crit I can think of right now, you feel like you did a solid job here.

Pretty ambitious to make so many levels. I'd imagine its hard to make a lot of puzzles in a short amount of time. There were a few times where collisions wouldn't register, although that probably had something to do with being a web build. All in all, fun game.

Had fun playing this one. Felt pretty polished, and the effects were nice. I liked the attack mechanic, felt good to dash attack through enemies. I see what you meant by the corner exploit, but if someone really wants a challenge it can be easily ignored. I guess to fix it you could do what neverknow said, or you could make the room a circle.

I'd like to think I got over it.

0.01 seconds too slow fool

Easy 1:02:20 baby

Didn't expect 2 full mario platformer levels, and even a boss.
I had fun trying to squash the enemies but it seemed as though their collision was off and it could get a little frustrating. There was also some bugs where the level wouldn't restart if you fell in lava or got killed by the boss. Nice work with the character controller, although it was a bit floaty here.

Interesting idea you have here. Sadly I got stuck on the first level. It seems like there should be 4 slimes instead of 3. Nevertheless, good job getting this within 3 hours. It's not an easy thing to do.

Nice job here. You got your core mechanics working. Enemies were a bit tough for me but I'm impressed with what you managed to accomplish with 3 hours.

Pretty nice. I really liked the spinning sword, stands out and feels good to hit enemies with. You've got a good level of polish.

Nice, another entry with pathfinding. I like the attack effects, pretty juicy. I like the idea you were shooting for, its too bad you weren't able to get what you wanted in the time window.
I do think there should be more than 1 hitpoint for the player/door.

I like the little twist you added to this snake game. Also, good job creating a finished game in such a little time frame.

I love the fact that you used the jam's colors as a theme. Funny thing, is that you can build the ultimate defense and turn this into an idle game. Had fun reaching that point tho. It was sometimes hard to keep my color since it was hard to avoid other colors lying around.

You got a nice level editor done in 3 hours. Enjoyed tinkering with it. I did find an issue where the pathfinding breaks if you try to make more complex dungeons. I tried to find the cases for this, all I found out was that if the shortest path to the final door is greater than 25 tiles, it'll break.

I probably should've pointed it out in the game, but the white squares on the player actually represented your health. Then again that'd be hard to see with all of the splashing on the screen.

Pretty creative, and ambitious. Nice to see what you can do with storytelling in such a short amount of time.