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A member registered Oct 11, 2016

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What do you think of me hosting this jam once every month?

Pretty good. I look forward to seeing people's entries.

I can help you out with your game if you'd like.

I started this before I found your game. I originally started to test my skills, but as it grew bigger, I decided to keep making it.

I didn't think it needed any at first, since it was text based, but I'll try to add some soon.

11/7/2016 This a text based game in the console that I have been working on. I plan on uploading it to the site in maybe a week or so. I've been creating different systems such as combat and the like. Lately, I created an inventory system. I am currently making a boss and an item shop. If anyone's interested I could give out a link to an earlier version.

I'm also willing to do it for free. I'm also not a very big youtuber like magicgames.