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i'm afraid i don't have the old game anymore! i built 2.0 straight on top of the first version. this release doesn't remove anything though- it just adds a few new brick types, music and balances the difficulty. when i revisit this again for the 3.0 release i can make another 'classic' build that gets rid of all the new features for you. <3

ah damn, yeah the web version seems to struggle for some reason, but weirdly not always. if you can be bothered try out the native version! it runs a lot better for me. 

the lyrics in case anyone is wondering are roughly: 


thanks! are you using the bust your ball feature very often? you can do it whenever you want, and i think that's how you can get some really highscores. bust it constantly. 

chameleon move those little guys are so good at sticking to walls. sounds like a feature to me. so immersive! 

love this game. i have tried to make my own version of act two before and you pulled it of waaaaay better than i did. 

nifty little idea. try to get a little sound in there next time, even just a couple sounds a really out sized difference 

yeah man i think that is probably the game i got the best at in my entire life. i wish i had picked a more interesting game. 

this is really cool. kinda reminds me of Winterbells, an old flash game i spent waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time playing. i would love to see a slightly more polished version of this with some sound effects

this is a masterpiece 

rad. really loved the effect of the enemies that dart towards you. super cool. definitely agree with the poster down below, would have loved some sound effects / BGM in there

mine is broken for some reason i push the start button but nothing happens 

super cool entry. i can't get passed the bit with the curved tunnel of death.  i would like to see someone who is good at this game play it i suck so bad hahaha

i murdered the shit out of those eggs

i died right at the end and i am sooooo fucking angry great game

my game crashed every time i tried to go through the door so idk what went wrong there but this game is cute as fuck. i think this is our first RPG maker entry so cool. 

i am a big fan of spiders so this is right up my allie

amazing polish. i want that SFX

wild beautiful game

it was absolutely the best part. really well done 🙏🏾

i thought i wasn’t allowed to use the Y axis! but i realise now after playing everyone else’s games that is not the case hahaha 

super cool idea. great sounds too especially when you're creating the ball/tail things. i like how they say on the screen when you restart so it kinda just gets easier the longer you play hahah

i got absolutely destroyed nice work 

hahaha this game plays itself! i loved the red/blue effect that shows which paddle you currently have active. nice job

top contender best sparkly particle effects 2020

the slimes were very scary. great job. try adding some particle effects to your next entry they are like a cheat code for making things feel good. 

man i suck at this game i crashed into everything. the explosion effect looks incredible though so i enjoyed dying. 2/2 games in a row from you with enjoyable deaths. that is clearly a strong suit of yours. i wish there were sound effects. good job <3

i can confirm that it did indeed crash my browser. hahaha

really great entry. loved the aesthetic and the gameplay. my high score is 70.

extremely weird control scheme but super impressive that you managed to make the logic of this happen in 3 hours. very ambitious. 

love the music on this. i wanted the camera to be zoomed out a little more so i could see what was coming. it felt pretty claustrophobic. nice work 

i love the multiple bindings. the little shield anim was really nice too it all looked good. definitely agree with justin below though, i just arrowed absolutely everything and was an immortal god. i reckon if you had a limited amount of arrows and the enemies drop them it would be great. really well done overall. <3

i got absolutely fucked up which is always want i want from an arcadey game. pretty well executed overall. some sound would definitely help up the polish a little. 

i love how ridiculous this game is. my favorite part was how after you die it takes way too long for you to respawn so you get to just see the blood particles pooooourring out. it was a bit of a be careful what you wish for situation though, because when i got killed by the big blue hedgehog for some reason i never respawned so now as long as i keep the game open i can just watch the blood particles for the rest of my life. 

fantastic new entry into the shared HELLGRINDER-GUNSEED universe. my top time is 1.24. the only technical fault i can point to is that the cursor wasn't confined, so if i was on the edge of the screen and tried to shoot i would click out of the game onto one of my other monitors. very good game.

i love this one so much. definitely my game of the jam so far. going up in that last level was so satisfying. it felt like the bit in portal where you break out of the test chambers into the behind the scenes area. 

really cool little entry. i am pretty bad at simon at the best of times and this definitely tipped me over into the 'very bad' at simon category. hahaha. definitely think some sounds would have helped a lot with the polish but overall it's really well put together. 

pretty cute game. it kinda reminded me of redball on from years and years ago which is a nice memory. i did not see the boss fight coming and it made me laugh. i would have liked it if the game was way harder but good job overall <3