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BALL BUSTER is a fast paced arcade game that is way more fun and interesting than that trademarked arcade game that it kind of reminds you of!

- Smash several different kinds of things, none of which have feelings.

- Features cutting edge modern graphics in gorgeous 256x256 resolution.

- Almost eight different colors, enough for everyone!

- Compete for a "High Score!"  --  but don't get annoying or weird about it.

- Monitor your mortality with an intuitive "Life System".

- Emergent narratives!

- Real time controls!

- You will be broken!!

Yeah, I actually had the degreed segments of the paddle  in mind when I first started developing the game. That is the way it is done in other Hit Ball With Paddle games. But when I started coding it, I realised that it actually makes no sense! It's just not the way that physics actually works. An object does not magically change its trajectory based on the area of an object that it lands on. So I decided to have the ball retain its original velocity, PLUS whatever velocity the paddle had at the moment of contact. So, you can still control the ball's trajectory. The technique is just different. 

Thanks Ben! Loved reading it. Really excited to see what you cover next.

an action adventure gameboy game. in retrospect, the title of this game is somewhat misleading. it is more accurately like acquiring milk by any means necessary. very speedrun friendly.

built using the Unity 2D experimental preview engine. they told me not to use it for production, but i'm a bad boy. ;)

music by the beloved ozzed.

pay what you want.


Muggy, you gotta get your shit together man. Bucket Detective is about happiness. Plain and simple.

yeah, the music is by an associate of mine, Alex. you might be able to find some of it online under the name God Destroyer.

not that I'm aware of!

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10-10-1990 is the first in a series of surrealist adventure games about life.