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sick music. where is he putting all that trash?

i agree with sam 10/10 caged man

10/10 would virus again

this is a weird ass game! hahahah. it's fun! the dodging is fun, the jumping is very strange but also fun. i love the laser sights. i got to the end and then just started going back again? very weird. good job 

i really like this game. i think the gnome hunting period is way too long. maybe like 4 minutes instead of 10 minutes, or if there were more jokes going on during the process like there is at the five minute mark, it could have kept it engaging over the whole ten minutes. and at the end it didn't even tell me how many gnomes i saved! super funny game. love the boss, love the gnomes.

i relate to this guy so much. volcanoes are a massive problem for me. :(

i saved the city! so many old people. so little time.

unity web builds are reaaally hard to get right. i found this tool recently and it's amazing. you import it into your assets folder and it helps combat viewport scaling issues like you had in this game. it helps a lot!

this is good! really solid presentation overall and cool mechanic. i love when i can grapple anything, in any situation. when i was a kid a made a grappling hook to grapple onto my roof. it didn't work.

i actually like how the sprite rotates in the wrong directions, it really helps sell the story of a plane struggling to get a sense of direction in a storm.

i played this with my girlfriend. the art and vibe is so cool.

i win! really fun game. awful use of the theme. hahahaha

i love orbiting shit. did you ever play osmos? best orbiting shit around.

thank you! i agree. i am also a programmer and not having tab auto fill screws me up every time. i thought about adding it but because the challenge is typing i thought maybe it might make it too easy? maybe not though. it might be more fun.

i win!

yeah this is cool. i love the use of the theme, it's so funny. the puzzles and music are great.

the jumping and graphics are good!

i absolutely did not. hahahah

it's not a great fit thematically but it's super fun! i got 133. it was really cool when my tail became a problem like in snake.

really cool presentation. is it possible to find the axe

i neeeeaaarrrly got everything. i should have left my family outside the bunker i would have lasted way longer. 

this is cool! the mechanic and art work really well together.

i love it

i'm afraid i don't have the old game anymore! i built 2.0 straight on top of the first version. this release doesn't remove anything though- it just adds a few new brick types, music and balances the difficulty. when i revisit this again for the 3.0 release i can make another 'classic' build that gets rid of all the new features for you. <3

ah damn, yeah the web version seems to struggle for some reason, but weirdly not always. if you can be bothered try out the native version! it runs a lot better for me. 

the lyrics in case anyone is wondering are roughly: 


thanks! are you using the bust your ball feature very often? you can do it whenever you want, and i think that's how you can get some really highscores. bust it constantly. 

chameleon move those little guys are so good at sticking to walls. sounds like a feature to me. so immersive! 

love this game. i have tried to make my own version of act two before and you pulled it of waaaaay better than i did. 

nifty little idea. try to get a little sound in there next time, even just a couple sounds a really out sized difference 

yeah man i think that is probably the game i got the best at in my entire life. i wish i had picked a more interesting game. 

this is really cool. kinda reminds me of Winterbells, an old flash game i spent waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time playing. i would love to see a slightly more polished version of this with some sound effects

this is a masterpiece 

rad. really loved the effect of the enemies that dart towards you. super cool. definitely agree with the poster down below, would have loved some sound effects / BGM in there

mine is broken for some reason i push the start button but nothing happens 

super cool entry. i can't get passed the bit with the curved tunnel of death.  i would like to see someone who is good at this game play it i suck so bad hahaha

i murdered the shit out of those eggs

i died right at the end and i am sooooo fucking angry great game

my game crashed every time i tried to go through the door so idk what went wrong there but this game is cute as fuck. i think this is our first RPG maker entry so cool.