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I love roguelikes and this looks promising! Wishlisting on Steam.

I personally like Unity more than anything.

I feel like the hitbox on the player could shrink down a little more, there was multiple times where it looked like I hit nothing and still collided with something. Other than that it's great!

Lol idk why it still included the image and gif, I chose to not include those

Thank you!

Got any maps you wanna share? Feel free to send them here!

Lol yeah. Communication is the main component of the game. Good day to you too.

Just a bit buggy trying to jump on some of the enemies, also noticed that there were some repeating Wilhelm screams. Excessive blood particles is a big plus! I don't think I couldn't get my full enjoyment, web games lag for me, but, I ain't letting that lower any scoring. Well done!

Adding some audio to this would be amazing. Really fun though

Quick and easy to play right in the browser! Quite fun and difficult.

Pretty cool and like the concept! Also nice that it's easily playable in the browser as well!

Yep yep! Means a lot!

Wow thanks! Yeah I wanted to do more levels that had to do with changing directions that you travel but time was running low. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! Yeah I felt the same way. Trying to figure out how to easily tell different parts of the environment was a real challenge. Kinda difficult still but it works. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks a lot! Yeah game length was a slight concern so the last amount of time I had left was just trying to speed build as many levels as possible!

Thank you! Yeah the last bit of time I had left was just speed building levels. Thanks for the feedback though!

That just ruins the whole point of the game which is communication.

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Reviewing a lot of these comments, a lot of stuff I'm seeing about are console adaptations and voice chat, so here are my thoughts on those topics. They already have said that console version wouldn't be good because of the text chat. It's too slow to try and send even a small message. Now with Among Us 2, they said there would be in game accounts, meaning making friends and stuff. And therefore I believe that in game voice chat would be amazing. I'm thinking something like a reputation rating. People is poor reputation, would have less features like voice chat (assuming that they had that because of previous incidents like toxicity). People with higher reputations will have better chance of being queued with one another and those with lower reputation would have better chance of being queued with those of low reputations. People has also talked about ranked matches which I think this reputation system could be amazing to have. Abusive voice chat and toxicity doesn't have to be the only things that affect reputation, leaving mid game (though idk how this well be with people with poor connection) is just an example. These are just my input on these topics so feel free to discuss!

Medic can't be doable with the way you explained it. When you get killed, you know who killed you so if the medic revives them, that person who died will know who killed them.

Actually, your name is of my concern because you told us to look it up to confirm that you are a REAL estate agent that makes MILLIONS and refuse to give us anything to look up. Case, dismissed.

Hey, sorry for replying late. Could it be your antivirus seeing it as something that could be dangerous?

Sorry for replying so late. Been dealing with other things. Could it be your antivirus seeing it as something potentially dangerous?

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Daym this still going? Look mate, obviously you don't make that much if you can't afford $2. I myself can't anymore cause I spent some money on other stuff but that's besides the point. But anyways, you tell us to look up your name without knowing what it is. So please, tell us what to look up. Hope to be hearing from you soon. Good day, and remember, wash your hands!

Maybe I can help. If there is an error message, please elaborate on what the error is. Also, what is your OS (operating system), and/or you platform (windows, mac, linux).

What system are you running from? Please tell OS (operating system) and platform (windows, mac, linux).

You do have to pay a developer fee to even upload anything to Steam. Now by imagining the popularity of this game, he probably has the funds to do so though the real question is, will there still be profit

Actually, schools are shutdown. Plus, even if, good thing he isn't going cause he is practicing "SOCIAL DISTANCING."

Still ignoring the point of this post. You couldn't afford $2 after making millions a year. Still can't spell m8.

lol perhaps. Either way, I had some enjoyment out of this.

LMAO. This still doesn't change the fact that he couldn't handle $2. And he completely ignored all of the comments I had before. He also posted 3 comments, all saying the exact same thing except for one which included a picture.

PROTIP: There's an edit option.

LMAO m8 I know right? It's actually getting hella funny

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Hard to believe since you didn't have a good education in English. My future career isn't anything of your concerns and hell naw you don't make a million or else you wouldn't have complained about $2. 2 literal dollars. And the average real estate agent makes $50k a year about.

Edit: Also you cried about a horror game called, "I'm Still Here," (not advertising) and even if, your comment on that was, "i cryd." Like literally? Or another comment on a game saying, "can you make a home alone horror game it be so fun plz." Another one, "nice game good joob make more games about jobs." "dave how can i get around the clock at bikini bottom i what to play that game so bad." M8, lemme tell ya something. You write like a toddler, try to get some beef with people (lots of toxic toddlers online too), and isn't even realistic overall. $1 mil. a year as a real estate? And a $900k house? I've dealt with kids online, baby sat quite a few in my time, and yet you act like a lot of them. And yet you keep replying to this thread (yes I know I am too but everytime you reply, it goes to my emails and I check often for business, sport team, and other online services).

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Lmao I'm too young to have a part time job. And I've already got my future planned so how bout you keep yourself to your parent's basement, and leave teens on their own. Ok? Ok.

p.s. If you make more money than me in 10 years, then why are you complaining about $2? I make more than that in a month. lego-master is right.

Possibly some new maps or endless mode.

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Porting it to mobile is pretty difficult. And the controls would be too clunky for this.

It was made using the Unity engine. If you're looking forward to be making games yourself Unity is a great place to start. It uses C# (I think Java too idr), works both 3D and 2D, and the asset store will be your best friend when starting out

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Lmao "kid?" You don't even have proper grammar (or spelling), "kid."

After selecting 2-4 player splitscreen the keyboard and controller both control player 1... is there a fix?

The reason why it says that the application could be a threat is because he hasn't paid the developer fee. After purchasing the engine, either on steam or their website, there is a optional developer fee that you could pay. I guess it's there so they can make a little extra money but it doesn't make sense why they have it in the first place. The engine is expensive enough. But there is why.