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It created an awesome environment that kept me on edge about what's coming next. Well done!

I question why my instinct is to put my friend's body parts back together. Fun game and great atmosphere!

Having been made in 7 hours, very well done! Brings me back to when I did a 2 hour game jam.

The creepy factor was turned all the way up for this one. Well made!

Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza...

That first jumpscare caught me so off guard. Great short game! 

That was a great ending I was not expecting! Very clever and well made.

Had some good scares. Also absolutely LOVED the art style.

This was awesome! I jumped so much in such a short time. These are the perfect horror elements I've been looking for!

The nightmares I get when I don't get my handshake....

Fun and funny game!

The guy initially coming out of nowhere startled me. Well made short game!

Short game, but fun as is! Does give you a creepy feeling that there could also be something or someone waiting and watching.

Didn't expect that ending I got, fun game!

Fun game! Cool that it's randomly generated!

Thank you for making the game!

Had some good scares and tense moments. Well made!

Such an awesome twist I wasn't expecting! Great game!

Thank you for making it! Have any plans for more horror games?

I shouldn't have been jumpscared the way I was...

Fun game!

I didn't even get to finish my game of checkers...

In all seriousness, neat game! I really love the art style. 

This was cool. Reminds me a lot of the analog horror stuff on youtube. 

Really cool game! I sucked at my job. 

I ended up getting the good ending cause I didn't remember any of the controls. 10/10

For a 48 hour game jam, this game was really well put together! I still somehow messed up on sorting the taxes, something so simple.

The maze mechanics into this created some really tense moments. Very fun and great atmosphere!

It was neat! Cool that there were different endings! 

The visuals were really cool and the horror atmosphere with the story played out awesomely!

I loved the pixelated design and the environment was awesome. Well done!

It was fun! Had me on edge thinking something was going to happen, but it was just an awkward one-sided discussion! 

Played this recently, the image it took from my computer made it be a very pleasing experience. Fun little game! 

Played it recently. The chase sequence was really well done! 

I spent more than 3 minutes with my dog. Fun little game!

I personally like Unity more than anything.

I feel like the hitbox on the player could shrink down a little more, there was multiple times where it looked like I hit nothing and still collided with something. Other than that it's great!

Lol idk why it still included the image and gif, I chose to not include those

Damn dude this is actually really cool! I'm looking forward to this project's future!

Thank you!