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Yeah I've been working on a generic easy to use multiplayer starter so I can do stuff like this more

the gameplay isn't amazing but it's cool I got it done in the 3

any time that's what this community is about. We are all a bit nuts to be making these games in such a short time we need to support each other.


I ran into an issue where after about 500 or so i would just explode randomly. otherwise a great start on something.

That's one inefficient penguin. but as a game it's pretty good.

100% fake. doesn't follow the theme at all, instead of infinity I met a really nice monster and we're going on a duel tomorrow night. I expected my swiping to go on forever but I'm happily fighting my way through hordes as we speak.

Y'know some days it really does feel like that.

I also found if you jumped just right you could kick them in the head and knock them over.

Well that has all of the paperboy nostalgia in it. And definitely what the amazon delivery guy is doing if some of my packages are to be believed.

Great entry, I love the simple aesthetic.

Wow that was amazing for 3 hours. great job.

Great concept, just needs a bit of tweaking. the arrows did seem to sometimes pass through the enemies without hurting them.

Definitely has a good start, need to keep some score system but it felt good to control.

Thanks, I over scoped and spent too much time on animation. lol

in one of the rooms pushing a zombie across two graves side by side counted as both being filled and let me pass. I can't remember the level

no problem. you should make sure to thank the awesome mod team. without them the jams wouldn't be going as well as they do.

I liked it, a nice feel to the running and jumping. great job

Awesome entry, the only point I'd make is the default volume is too high.

Interesting mechanic. I liked the element of clinging to the roof. wasn't able to find the end game but great job.

Thanks. it worked really well and surprisingly quickly

Honestly not sure what this is but I think I can see what you were going for.

Nice, only encountered 1 bug but it wasn't game breaking. great job.

Interesting use of physics. would be great to see more levels that take advantage of it

Great entry, controls felt good but it never really felt like there was a huge amount of speed.

Yeah I fought with some design elements, the sluggish was meant to make it feel like you were in a tank and a lot of the "old school" feeling. Thanks for playing.

Great entry, One thing to think about in the future is to put a collider on the camera and give it a little bit of free reign on where it can go. that way you'll have less instances of it popping out of bounds.

I love it, a nice rendition of spore. a tiny bit broken with the Carnivore -> spines -> tentacles -> spines then spin your way into a dance of death!

Amazing job.

Other than the bit of fiddliness with clicking the stars it was a great experience.

Uuuuugh those tank controls. Almost made a jill sandwich.

Man that hit in the nostalgia zone for some old school resident evil. Amazing work.

Nice entry, the movement looks good and I like the aesthetic. It's too bad you weren't able to get the rest of the core mechanics in.

I like it, definitely brought out the Double Dragon feel.

Keep up the good work

Interesting concept. looks good and it's intuitive


It's got a good foundation but there needs to be more feedback to the player. As it stands there's no way to gauge the strength of a unit compared to others.

The concept is neat. I like the building challenge but that initial part gave no quarter and I spent my entire time barely past the first couple of platforms without heavy rage inducement.

The idea was interesting but the execution lacked a bit. I liked the scan element and if pathing was a bit better it would have been a fun and frantic game. Keep refining and you'll have a gem.

A really interesting entry, though I ran into an issue where I couldn't jump high enough to get past the first three bottles. overall a strong entry in the jam

Really great entry, the perspective at first seemed hard to manage but after a few playthroughs I was able to hone in the feel of it. Look forward to more entries from you.

I liked the mechanic and it was pretty fun, more than what you would expect from a balance mechanic. The moving water back and forth with clicking was nice compared to the usual left and right arrows. In this case taking control away helped the gameplay.