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Monster arenaView game page

1 button. 3 actions
Submitted by Scarfy goose (@ScarfyGoose) — 15 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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Jam HostSubmitted

i love the multiple bindings. the little shield anim was really nice too it all looked good. definitely agree with justin below though, i just arrowed absolutely everything and was an immortal god. i reckon if you had a limited amount of arrows and the enemies drop them it would be great. really well done overall. <3


I liked the general concept but once I found out that arrows were infinite the difficulty dropped out of the game. Cheesing the arrows just made it so nothing got close to hitting me.

Otherwise a great play on the restriction, I liked the use of the unused axis as a combo mechanic.


I like the game, however arrows render the sword and shield useless (also theres a strange animation glitch where you can see the bow and sword at the same time) Either way, good job!


I liked it! keep working on it. it would translate to a platformer very easily. PS arrows are OP


Pretty hard to play to this game on an AZERTY keyboard ^^".


I'm on a colemak so i understand the pain lol


Hey there. This is my rating of your game. PLease keep in mind this is MY opnion, and by no means the absolute truth. Now lets get right into it


Not much to say here, its quite a simple game, nothing to crazy, nit not that simple either. Solid 2/5


As the description says, this is a good concept, but it coukd have been better executed. My problem with this one is that it is simply to easy. it starts off cool, but it should get ahrder (more crabs etc) as we progress. Also the healing is a bit TOO op. 3/5


This game really shows the 3 hour mark on this criteria. There arent any game breaking glitchs like softlocks or wall clips (wich i found in 2/5 games i rated so far) but, it doe shave its flaws. Tha min ones are: 1-Kill counter doesnt reset on death 2-you can move when in detah screen 3- the health bars goes crazy on deatj screen. 2/5


Overall, the button combinations are a cool way of getting around the restriction. Good job.


Its kinda boring at the moment, I would make it a little faster, and add different enemies that can only be killed with certain attacks. Or, maybe have limited arrows, and crabs can drop arrows. This would force the player to get up close to the action. Maybe the crabs could fall in from the top all over the screen, instead of just the sides too.

Developer (2 edits)

believe me almost all that was planned and or removed. you just wait pls rn the game is trash