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I just finished playing this, and I must say I'm impressed at how well you captured the charm of Megaman in just 48 hours ^^ This was really good, and I loved every second of it. 

Expect a let's play next week!

This was fun! The animation felt smooth, the controls were great...I do agree with one other post about the need for an aiming mechanic for the flying enemies, but I don't think it's super necessary if you're careful. You gain a weapon you can fire while mid-air later. I thought that was a nice touch, and a good way to not make the gun overpowered ^^

I was expecting it to feature jump-scares, and was thankfully wrong >< I tend to avoid horror games, or games that LOOK like horror games, for that reason. That said, I do enjoy the eeriness of the atmosphere, the enemies were fun, and I look forward to that end boss fight!

I can't pledge to the campaign, due to my bank not allowing any transactions to Kickstarter ._. But I hope this helps raise awareness and promotes the game!

Very cute art style ^^ And I love the story, along with the message. Thanks for making it!

I also covered this game for my YouTube channel. I hope it helps somehow! 

I couldn't understand the storytime might've just been me, but the audio was too quiet >.> But other than that, I enjoyed this a lot! Especially the method of escape ^^

A bit hard to manage 3 things at once, but a good game nonetheless ^^ 

I'm liking it so far :o I had some issues with the cyclops enemies, but overall it felt like one of the better Zelda-like dungeon games I've played.

I guess I need to fix my phone's issue of not being able to scan QR codes >< Would've loved to see what was beyond some of those locked areas I found...but anyway.

I covered this game for my YouTube channel. Hope it helps! 

Well, this...this certainly was a thing XD And now I want hot dogs...

I covered your game for my channel. I hope it helps! Making the thumbnail didn't >< I got hungrier and STILL have yet to eat a hot dog...


...but I have many feelings about this game ._.

Most of which are positive, though! I am however, a big puss. Quite a bit of what I saw iyour game scared the bajeezus out of me, and I don't handle that very well... (my mind kept going back to the fire guy and the "don't leave me" room when I tried to go to sleep 2 nights ago >< It was not pleasant)

That said, while I don't aim to continue playing it after...well, THAT...I enjoyed the experience, and definitely recommend others play it for themselves ^^

I covered the game twice on my YouTube channel. Next episode's going up tomorrow morning. While I can't handle playing more of it myself, I do hope this helps encourage others to give it a shot. 

The feels T_T

This was a beautifully amazing game! I almost feel bad I covered this for my channel, because I feel like this is an experience you should go into blind. 

But, I uh...totally did that >.>

A trip from the first second ^^ I liked it! I love non-euclidean puzzles.

I covered it for my channel...hope it helps! 

Short, but sweet ^^ All I can really say to describe Ludum Dare games, but this was very funny! I love the wobbliness of the arm, and the absurdity of the setting just makes it a fun trip.

I also covered this game for my channel. I hope it helps! 

I enjoyed this a lot ^^ I have to ask though...was the title of this game a reference to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing?" Because I totally got that vibe throughout the game lol

The story was great, the music was chill, and it touched on a deep subject. T'was a good'un in my book ^^

I also covered it for my channel. I hope it helps, and that I don't make anyone's ears bleed from the musical fun I had with it XD 

So far I'm enjoying it ^^ It's a very cute story, and I like the puzzles so far, but my one gripe is that some of the art blends in too much for me to easily tell what's going on. 

Like the title screen (specifically the menu selections. They're a very light gray on white), and when you have a spell active (most of the areas are a bright gray, or almost plain white, and the "you have an active spell" thing above the character is a very transparent white).

Nevertheless, I'm enjoying the story so far, and I'm currently covering it for my channel. I hope it helps, and that my feedback here wasn't too harsh!

I enjoyed the demo! ^^ I really like Meredith and Winnifred's characters so far. Can't wait to see where this goes!

I covered this for my channel, and linked back to the Kickstarter page. Even if there's just a few days left, I hope it helps! 

Oh my god this is so cute I'm gonna die T_T

This was an amazing experience from start to finish ^^ I thought there would be horror elements to it, but I was pleasantly surprised to not find any (pretty much because I do not like horror >.>).

I LOVE the rolling mechanic, but...and this might just be an unfamiliarity with hedgehog they actually use leaves like that?

In any case, I covered the game on my channel. I hope it helps get this discovered more!

Nice ^^ I really enjoyed how the crowbar worked.

I covered the Halloween edition for my channel. Hope it helps! 

Part 2 is up as well, if anyone's interested!

No problem, on either count ^^

And that was the one! I also noticed that I could move just before some scripted events start (i.e., in the school when your classmate's trying to get a favor from you. I walked into her just before she started talking, as the screen was fading in). 

I enjoyed this one ^^ I especially liked the approach to magic, and how certain things weren't what they appeared to be. I did find a minor bug, but only during the second time around. It happens in the school hall, and involves a certain little bird.

In any case, I covered the game for my channels. I hope you don't mind, and hope it helps!

I liked it ^^ The art was great, the topic was deep, the exchange between everyone (on the ending I got, anyway) was interesting and uplifting, and I liked the Homestuck references I saw :P

I made a let's play for my channel as well. I only went through one ending, but I hope it helps! 

So adorable, and so much fun ^^ Also totally who I am at parties XD

I do have to wonder who owns that house, and how rich they are to afford such a huge house that is practically a maze. Even if it's a game design thing, I still think the doggos just own the house and let people party there in exchange for pets :P

I also covered your game on my channel. Hope it helps!

This was neat! I love the art style, and how relaxing it is ^^ I didn't explore every little corner, but I did have fun with it nonetheless :) Also our protagonist is adorable af yo

I made a let's play of it. Hope it helps! 

Thank you for capturing the exact feeling I get when I wake up in the morning, in a video game XD I had some trouble with one of the rooms, but it was fun nonetheless!

I covered it on my channel as well. Hope it helps! 

I liked it ^^ It got really deep, really fast though T_T Left me with feels for the whole day

I also made a let's play of your game. Hope it helps!

I really need to play more parkour games >< This was fun, and I hope development is going well ^^

I covered the demo on my YouTube channel. Hope it helps bring in some more attention! 

This was really fun! I liked the art style a lot, and the story was cute ^^ Though I am there anything in that cave at the start?

In any case, I did a let's play for one of the endings. Hope it helps! 

This was a neat little platformer! Reminded me a lot of the game Eversion...only less twisted ^^ I liked how open the world felt at the beginning, then expanded more as you progressed...definitely a nice touch!

I made a let's play of my run through it. I hope it helps!

I'm liking it so far! I didn't know this was intended to be a NSFW game going in, but I'm really glad you provided a SFW version ^^ Dunno if I'm able to (or if I WANT to for the entire demo), but for now I'm going for an intellect-focused path. Kinda glad I did though, cause I want to get to know the cat lady better ><

I also made a let's play, and plan on continuing it until I complete the demo. I linked back to this page, so I hope it helps!

Yeah, but I had meant I haven't played one written by DCS ^^

I've been following Nami's games for a while now, usually covering them on my YT channel. And after this game I'm probably gonna give DCS a closer look :P

I really enjoy what I've seen so far! The artwork is great, and what I've seen of the story so far was cute. I look forward to playing more, and seeing what you two come up with in the future ^^

I'm also covering this for my channel. I hope it helps!

Twisted at many times, but that's what I loved about it ^^ Definitely giving you a follow!

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

I hope you don't mind me posting this here D:

I can't actually fund the campaign (I have no money, and even if I did my bank hates Kickstarter ><), but I did do a Let's Play of the demo. Linking back not only to the download page, but also the Kickstarter page. I really hope this helps, and I wish I could do more :(

If you want to see the video, here you go:

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Congrats on the E3 love ^^

This was fun! I got a bit lost with some of the puzzles, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Really looking forward to seeing what you do with the game!

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

I'm really enjoying this so far ^^ Though I do wonder when these two are just gonna kiss already :P

I started making a Let's Play series of it on my channel. Episode 1's up now, and more are gonna trickle in over time. I hope it helps!

Hoo boy, this was awesome! I'm disappointed that I couldn't find this sooner, but glad to know you're still working on this! Definitely gonna follow development ^^

I also made a let's play. Might be a little late, but I hope it helps nonetheless!

I enjoyed this one! Looking forward to seeing the full game when it's done ^^

Made a let's play of the demo. Hope it helps!

This was fun! Though I went to collect nothing but Legendaries, and couldn't find a 6th XD

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

This was a trip XD The walk cycle for the cops was hilarious!

I also made a let's play of this. Hope it helps!

Just what I was looking for :D

I had played another magical girl VN, and was looking for others when this popped up. I love the character diversity, and there were quite a few hilarious moments as well. Definitely looking forward to the full version!

I also made a let's play, and plan to cover the rest of the game in the near future. Hope this helps!