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Just what I was looking for :D

I had played another magical girl VN, and was looking for others when this popped up. I love the character diversity, and there were quite a few hilarious moments as well. Definitely looking forward to the full version!

I also made a let's play, and plan to cover the rest of the game in the near future. Hope this helps!

I LOVED Nya-Nya XD Best mascot ever...and the story was lighthearted at times, and serious at others. This was fun ^^ I can't wait for the full version now!

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

I disagree with what goes where to some degree, but this was still a fun game and a hilarious experience ^^

I made a let's play as well. Hope it helps give this game some attention!

I never thought I'd see a dog dating simulator XD This was pretty funny! Loved how you could date the Squirrel!

I made a let's play as well. Hope it helps!

This was fun! A bit buggy, but I found workarounds for what I encountered! I like how you have to google your problems to solve them XD Just like real-life.

I made a let's play, as well. Hope it helps!

Note to self: trusting a sloth to drive you places is a good idea if you wanna get there quickly, but not safely XD

This was fun! A little rage-inducing at times, but fun nevertheless! I made a let's play as well, hope it helps!

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I felt an incredible urge to never let my bird friend go unfed, at the cost of my own physical and mental health o-o I have no regrets ever.

This was a neat little game, with a great message! Thanks for making it!

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

This was a great game with an even greater message :) I'm glad I found this!

I covered it on my YouTube channel. I hope it helps!

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I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of horror games. And while chapter 1 did have me almost "nope" out of it, I did enjoy what I saw! I may not play future chapters (really, horror and me do NOT mix T_T), but I do look forward to seeing how the story develops.

I also made a let's play, linking back to the game in the description. I hope it helps!

Trick's optimism is something I wish I had >< This was a great game, and I loved the topics it covered ^^

I made a let's play, too. Hope it helps :)

No worries ^^ Glad I could cheer you up!

This was a nice little game :) I had some trouble with the way the puzzles worked (my mouse kept going out of the game ><), but I enjoyed it nonetheless ^^

I also made a let's play of it. Hope it helps!

This was fun! I was also pleasantly surprised to not see any serious jumpscares :) One of the reasons I steer clear of horror games ><

I see you already found it, but I might as well post it here :P I made a Let's Play. Hope it helps!

This was fun! The looping world really makes you think outside the box :)

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Xango ^^ Hope this let's play helps!

Don't be embarrassed D: It had a great story, and it was adorable. You did a great job with this!

This was kinda neat! A little buggy, as previously mentioned, but there's potential here ^^ Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

I made a let's play. Hope it helps!

You lied to me >:O

It's not terrible, it's cute and fun and true on many levels :P

I made a let's play of my run. Hope it helps ^^

This was fun ^^ I probably should've given this a playthrough when I wasn't sick though XD

So far I'm really enjoying this! Great game to chill with :)

This was touching :) Really loved it!

I made a let's play of one ending. Hope it helps bring attention to your game!

I was terrible...but still had fun :D It's not classified as a puzzle, but it feels like there's at least puzzle aspects to it around a third of the way through. Got horrifically stuck, however XD

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

I didn't get very far, but this was a fun platformer :o If there'll be a SFW full version, I will definitely play this more when it's released!

I made a let's play of the demo. Hope it helps!

I personally found this to be a bit too easy...until the last bomb XD

But yeah, I like the concept! Really interested to see where this goes :D

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

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The tone is so dark, and the failure theme fills me with a sense of dread (not necessarily bad things)...but holy crap this game does a great job of making you feel like you're disposing the evidence of a murder XD

I made a let's play. Hope it helps!

Holy CRAP this is fun! I can't wait for the finished product now :D

Made a let's play. Hope it helps!

This was neat ^^ I sucked at it, but I liked it XD

Made a let's play, as well. Hope it helps!

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This was GORGEOUS oh mah gawd T_T

I got a bit confused during my run of the game, but it's still a beautiful, fun adventure game ^^ Loved it!

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

WOW this game was beautiful! So much fun to just explore the island and take in the sights!

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

I normally steer clear of score-based games (more of a story fan personally), but this was too funny a concept to pass up :D Definitely a fun, short Thanksgiving game!

I also made a video of it. Hope it helps!

I can't get over the ridiculousness of this game XD Only got one ending, but it was hilarious the whole way.

I made a let's play as well. Hope it helps!

This was hilariously fun :) Definitely a unique experience!

This is a really neat game :) It feels very reminiscent of Kirby's Dreamland. Though our protagonist knows not to eat everything in her path :P

I made a let's play as well. I didn't beat it yet, but I hope to next episode. I hope I did your game justice!

Another great visual novel from Nami :) Very cute! I didn't play through all the endings yet, but so far I love Jams'. It kinda became my headcanon XD

Anywho, I made a let's play of this one as well. Purposefully missed an ending so others will give it a shot, which I hope they do!

I'm finding it a bit awkward to aim after fighting the leg boss, but that might just be me being bad at the game >< Still loving it.

Hate to spam this, but I'm continuing this as a series on my channel >.> This will be the only other part I post here with a video.

That said, here's part 2.

I'm not really a huge horror game fan (mostly because every horror game out there uses the age old tactic of jumpscares >.>), but this was rather pleasant :) I also like the visibility mechanic it has going.

I also made a let's play. Definitely gonna play it some more!

I thought picking them up zoomed them in as much as they could be zoomed in >< crap...

This was neat! The randomness to the paperwork brought some hilarious results, though XD And quite a few that made you think.

I also did a let's play of it! Hope I did this game justice!

This was fun! Sorry to hear about the original, but glad to see the game didn't die there :)

I also made a let's play >.>

This is fun so far! Dunno how much of the demo I have left to play through, but I already can't wait for the full game :) Feels a lot like Oneshot and Earthbound...love it!

I also am among the crowd of people who made a let's play of this game >.> Hope I did it justice!

I like it ^^ It felt like the environment told a deeper story than the words did...love those kind of stories in games :)

I also made a let's play of it. Hope you enjoy, and that I did the game justice.