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So far I'm enjoying it ^^ It's a very cute story, and I like the puzzles so far, but my one gripe is that some of the art blends in too much for me to easily tell what's going on. 

Like the title screen (specifically the menu selections. They're a very light gray on white), and when you have a spell active (most of the areas are a bright gray, or almost plain white, and the "you have an active spell" thing above the character is a very transparent white).

Nevertheless, I'm enjoying the story so far, and I'm currently covering it for my channel. I hope it helps, and that my feedback here wasn't too harsh!

Oh thank you so much! We enjoy watching LPs and will definitely take a look at yours <o<!! 

All feedback is welcome and appreciated and honestly the brightness balance is something we were kind of worried about. We will edit the spell overlays in the future and maybe even the white tiles of the first town (they're very bright compared to all the other towns!) so it's good that you brought it up!

Just taking a quick glance I see that you're running the first version of the game and if you want to experience a less buggy version you can get it from here !  You can just drag the save file to the new game folder to continue where you left off~Thank you for playing Paletta <3