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Hi there! We allow all translations of Paletta! Thank you for your interest <3

Thank you so much for playing our game!!!<333

Thank you<3 Yes, there will be a full game! We aren't sure about the price yet. 

Thank you!!!<3

Awww thank you so much<3

Hehe thank you!!<3

Thank you<3

Thank you so much!!<3

Thank you (for the pun and the stars)<3

Thank you Patti!!!<3

Thank you<3

Thank you<3

This is still hard to process! Wow! 

Congrats to everyone else! There were some really incredible games that came from the contest this year! 

Unfortunately, I don't believe there's a Portuguese translation yet! Sorry about that.

Thanks so much for playing!! <3 and congrats to you as well! 

Thanks for playing~ We're glad you enjoyed it! More puzzles with increased difficulty are definitely something we'd like to add in future builds~

We're not looking to switch engines right now, but thank you for your interest! <3

Hi! What's your question?

thanks for playing! we hope to complete the game and the story sometime in the future~

sure thing! ^^ go right ahead~ thanks for asking for permission! 

thank you!! your entry looks super cute as well!<3

thanks so much!! ^^ we're glad you enjoyed the game and the characters!

aww, thanks so much spen!! <3 

Hi there! We allow all translations of Paletta! Thank you for your interest <3

Hello there! Thank you for playing Paletta~ Hmm that's odd, does this happen in the latest version (1.3.1) or the jam version?

Thank you so much! 

Thank you<3

Thank you so much! <3

Aww thank you<3

Thank you so much! 

Thank you so much! 

Hello there! Thank you so much (you're too kind!), we're looking forward to watching you lp <o<!!! Sadly you can only kill the father, there's no other way of getting the shard/fulfilling Berry's request. 

Oh thank you so much! We enjoy watching LPs and will definitely take a look at yours <o<!! 

All feedback is welcome and appreciated and honestly the brightness balance is something we were kind of worried about. We will edit the spell overlays in the future and maybe even the white tiles of the first town (they're very bright compared to all the other towns!) so it's good that you brought it up!

Just taking a quick glance I see that you're running the first version of the game and if you want to experience a less buggy version you can get it from here !  You can just drag the save file to the new game folder to continue where you left off~Thank you for playing Paletta <3

Thank you so much! We're glad you enjoyed Paletta!

That's good to hear! Thank you<3

Hello! You can either download VX Ace RTP here  or download the newest version of Paletta here ^^ Thank you for your interest in our game<33

Thank you! <3

Thanks for playing~ We're glad you enjoyed it!

Aww thank you! That might be a bug, we will look into it. If you try talking to the girl north of the houses she might help you? Or you might already have the ash; try the goose! 

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it! <3