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The Dukez

A member registered Dec 06, 2016

Recent community posts

Really great horror experience! Amazing to look at! Great sound design! Which all ties together to create a really tense unnerving experience! Really well made game! 


p.s I may have been scared by some jackets....

Love you guys! The Dukez 💙

Love this game! and this Duo are a winning team...

Back in the mean streets!

Man I love this game!
Trying out some of the multiplayer for...

Matt, you did good man! the multiplayer is awesome!!!

This game was amazing!

Great style, music! and most importantly an amazingly unique puzzle mechanic!

This game was amazing, It's rare these days to find something both "unique" and "charming" in the game market. I believe The Pedestrian is both of these qualities and more, can't wait to play the full release.

here it is! My side of The Raft Off! between myself and DeeGeeG!

Seriously thought this game is a lot of fun, and it's great that it allows for silly things like this to happen :)

Honestly I really enjoyed this game man! Keep up the good work, gonna play more of it on my channel :)

I had so much fun with this game!

You can be a little naked shapeshifter! That's a thumbs up from me!

Check out my first run!

This game was a lot of fun!

chill yet exciting at the same time!


Hey Guys! I made a video to support this awesome game!

More people need to play this!

Come check it out!

leave a like if you enjoy it!

and maybe even subscribe ;)