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Ahh, gone are the days when a 750ti can be called a 'good' graphics card... Had to use all medium graphics and a lower, windowed resolution.

I don't know if this game is supposed to be humorous through and through, but if it is, then I'd call it a success! As with the likely next few commenters, I came across this game due to a YouTuber. That said, I played through the game myself. This review is based on my experience.

The first thing I noticed was the controls. Having no Xbox controller of my own, I played with keyboard and mouse. The controls were very responsive and easy to learn. In the first ten minutes, I had a firm grasp on them. Two downsides I noticed were the Repartee and the camera. Outside of combat, I could not use Repartee to restore my health, even if I was at one health unit. Also outside of combat, I felt as though my mouse sensitivity was too low for the camera movement, and there was no in-game setting to adjust it.

The dialogue suits a funny game, making plenty of references to pop culture and meme culture. Talking 'dead' guards is a definite plus, and I wish more humorous games would do that. There wasn't a single 'dead' guard line that wasn't funny. Two downsides here, as well: the overall sound quality and the accents. Some physics objects were a bit too loud, and the voices didn't sound super crisp. The accents seem too extreme in some moments and too lax in other moments, making it clear that whoever voiced the lines isn't a native Spanish-speaker.

The combat felt nicely balanced to me. Each sword strike felt strong, lending to the camera shake, audio, and character reactions. Most of the combat moves felt fluid and responsive; not sluggish at all. Even when completely surrounded, I didn't feel trapped. I had options. Allowing only Capitans and the boss to replicate certain moves otherwise limited to the player made them seem more formidable than the guards. Increasing the strike frequency of the boss compared to other enemies made the boss fight incrementally harder, but not unfairly so. Once again, two downsides: the physics of smaller objects seems a bit out of whack and I wish the guards didn't intervene in the boss fight. Small objects like plates, baskets, and light tableware had a tendency to fly extremely far and fast, like they needed more weight to them. The guards intervening prevented me from focusing on the boss, and it felt like a bit of a cop-out.

Beautiful visuals, funny dialogue, a comprehensible (albeit small) story... Overall, a fun game to play. I'd love to see or even be part of your next production.


Hi, thanks for the long and nice review! Don't worry, it's not your graphics card, our game is very poorly optimized haha :) 

Oh, it's really not just your game. ^^; I'm finding more and more games that I can only barely run. Though you're right that optimization would help. I know the defeated NPCs are supposed to linger so they can give their one-liners, but perhaps clearing them after they're far enough away and out of sight would help. It does seem more laggy the more ragdoll entities there are.