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Bonjour, merci pour votre intérêt ! Je ne suis pas sûr de comprendre le problème ? Le téléchargement et le jeu fonctionnent chez moi. Avez-vous bien extrait l'archive .zip téléchargée, puis lancé EnGarde.exe ? Sinon, le problème viens peut-être de votre ordinateur. Désolé je ne peux pas plus vous aider en l'état

That's very nice of you, I'm glad you like it! Unfortunately, I have another ongoing project right now (by the way, I should announce something special about it soon)!

I restricted the access by mistake. I just made it available again. :) 

I just found the issue, it's now fixed. I'm currently building a new version of the game and I'll upload it as soon as possible :) 

Hi! That's strange, we'll have a look at this and try to find what's happening. Were you able to play only once before the button got disabled? Does the button appear visually disabled (grayed out) too? Have you tried clicking with the mouse or did you use a gamepad? 
We're really glad that your son loves the game!

Merci pour ton commentaire qui nous a fait très plaisir ! 
La MAJ récente était juste pour régler quelques bugs, mais il n'est pas exclu qu'on continue de travailler dessus un jour... ;) 
On va voir ce qu'on peut faire pour le steamVR.

Hi, it should be windows 64 bits. Did you have any trouble launching it?

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Actually you need to use free-running mode (by holding shift), it will make every jumps and ledge vaults automatically :) 
Dodging to jump doesn't work perfectly and is only here to be used punctually in combat.

Hi! Yes, we might try to make a Linux build at some point :) Thanks for your interest

Hi! Maybe try to unzip it with another software ? Winrar for example. I'm sorry I have no idea why it's not working


Hi! Sorry, I have no idea why it doesn't work for you, I can't do much to help :( 

Hi, I'm sorry, I have no idea what's going wrong, I can't do much to help you :( 

Hi, once downloaded you just need to unzip the .zip file and then launch the EnGarde.exe file. What is not working?

Hi, thanks for the long and nice review! Don't worry, it's not your graphics card, our game is very poorly optimized haha :) 

Hi! Ok, I don't know much about, thanks for letting me know! I'll check in the game's settings or something to see if I can make it claimable.

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Hi! I'm so happy to read your comment, you perfectly understood what we wanted to convey with the game and we're glad you loved it!
Personally, I'm glad you enjoyed the tone, the writing and the voice acting, as I've put a lot of effort into those, to capture the feeling of a classic swashbuckling story. 
Indeed, 7th Sea was one of our references during development, along with classic movies.
And yes, we'd love to make a longer version one day, but it won't happen right now.
Congrats for stucking the turkey on Don Villano's head :')

Hi, I'm sorry, what do you mean by that?

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Hi, thanks a lot again, I really enjoyed your video and your feedback is interesting. So cool to see you laugh at the wacky situations and dialogues :D 

But I noticed that you kinda underused the whole "interactive environment" system (pushing objects on enemies and stuff). We designed the game around the idea that you're supposed to use objects in your environment at your advantage as much as possible, especially when there are too many enemies. It makes combat more interesting too! But we don't explain it clearly enough in the tutorial.

Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment! I'm glad you liked it. Cool you liked the environmental interactions and stuff, we put a lot of care into making those. But I'm soooo sorry for the boss fight's  difficulty >< we lacked time to make it good enough, it was not tested enough and its balancing isn't good. You didn't miss a lot though, The ending is basically boss dies -> credit roll ^^

Thank you! :)

Thanks ! I may release an English version soon :)