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[RELEASED] Multiplayer Mod (Demp For Raft) (v1.02c) (Raft v1.05)

A topic by Dεмøη created Jan 13, 2017 Views: 192,625 Replies: 93
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Mountain View

Hello, today i started to work on the multiplayer modification for raft.
So far i did video from prototype where they are implemented the basic synchronizations of player position.

Here's short video:

If people want to, I can continue to work on it and release soon as i can, along with the API that allows other people to create their own modifications.

"Q: Will there be multiplayer?"
"A: Since multiplayer is super difficult for a small team like our's, we do not have any current plans for it."

I'll take care of it :) If developers do not have anything against it.

Demp is available to download. Go here for more informations:



Nice !


This would be a great co-op game. You need to continue :)


thats icredible but teh skins have to change


When i'm done the basics i'm going to look for something on the internet for the player model. Don't worry :)

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Can you port this game on Android because im no fan of ios platform please. Btw i think this game will be released on playstore with a 5 satr rating :)

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Small cheats!


But seriously, needs this for debug :)

You are in Raft team, you work with them?

No, i'm working on it alone.

Where i can find more codes?

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If you ask for my modification. There is only /give :/


Building ready!


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Hi friend, I would like to ask you a few questions about the development of your game. I've seen it developed in Unity, would you help me with a very specific question? I would like to do it by mail so as not to spoiler your game. Thank you

Very excited for the release, keep up the good work!

same here :)


Cool but make a player model instead that tic-tac's :D

XD 'tic-tac'. My thought exactly. :P I personally wouldn't mind helping with providing a player model. Granted, faces are my weak point, but I'm not so bad at the other proportions. If Dεмøη would like help with the model, I'd be glad to help. (Though I think I'd need to talk with Raft first to ensure a full player model isn't already in the works.)

For some time, this is no longer tic-tac, a model made by a person from my team. How would you have done a good model of a normal person, preferably almost bare, it was possible to use it. I will not do a model, I'm just a programmer :)

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Oh, hi! I was thinking of a character model with some rag shorts and maybe a worn shirt (if too many people complain about a six-pack, that is). If some simple walking animations could be added, (edit: I scrolled down a bit further, so I see now that you've added walking animations) I know how to use bones and weight paint. Texturing might be a little tough, but I have an idea for some slight bruises (to make it seem like the character has been battered), and a head of hair. As I've said, though, I'm not great at modeling a face, so I'd need help with that.

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Amazing work! Maybe serwer browser or dedicated servers will be?

And... expected release date?


Server browser will be, dedicated server probably too. I don't know when i release the mod. Now I can say that even for three days, or for one week. Say what you like but it is not my duty. At the moment I have yet to synchronize throwing objects from inventory and items on chests. Other stuff are basicly done.

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It's sounds really good.

And one more thing:

Mordeczko, super że robi to ktoś z Polski :) Ogólnie widzę że szybko to idzie więc przypuszczam że data premiery może być blisko :D

That I see work on this modification they go really fast so I suppose that the release date of this mod will be soon.

What about models. or is doing someone else?

Probably I will add my own a model, but i don't know what it will be.

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Good to see the modding community extends ;) Have luck on your procect and dont give up!

ps. Polak potrafi ;)


A no potrafi :)


a nie? XD polak potrafi wszystko

Very excited for this mod cant wait for its release :D

This would be awesome! Will there be an option to create private servers? That way it would be way easier to play with our friends...

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At the beginning will be the only one option, and is it private server. You can connect to somebody by his public ip address (if have unlocked ports) or for example hamachi.

nice !

So nice!! Thanks you!!

Amazing work guy ! Maybe you could use hamachi to make private servers

Dedicated servers will be (probably), so to make your own server you don't Hamachi need
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Update 2 (2017.01.15) (Before release)

List of changes/new things.

  • Added player movement animations.
  • Dropping items from inventory are now synchronized.
  • Added free camera.
  • Probably all things to collect, are synchronized.
[ Update video: xxxx ]

are you able to make this multiplayer for mac players as well?

When release

Propably in this week. :)

Man this is amazing, people like you are the strength of the community, please continue <3


The first public version of demp is available to download. Go here for download:

How long have you been working on this? And how exactly did you figure out *how* to do this?

I'm working on it three days, it's just easy to write.

Pretty impressive. How did you mod the game? Did you unpack the game via unity and edit it from there?

Recompilation of game assembly file.

First idea for Raft is Get player models from Rust the games look alike.

And About servers Can like garrys mod You should be able to creat a temparary Invite only server once Leader left server shust down.

Oh wow, bloody awesome. Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for this! sounds like an amazing project and we all appreciate the effort and time your putting into this. cant wait to play with friends, and seriusly thank you.

Actually you even now can play with friends. At the time it's more like creative mode, but being able to play :)

can you help is does not work

we can get the mod working but when i try typing in my friends ip with the port on the end with a ":" and he is hosting (we are in a hamachi group/server)

it just comes up with failed to join

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Host have enabled NAT option and system firewall is disabled? And if the port is 26656? (This from the game because hamachi has other private port. So finally it should look like

i have made our host disable his firewall and enable NAT i have constructed the ip adress like you said with ("his ip":26656)

and still error

Try to open cmd and ping your friend ip (ping <ipaddress> without port so like, ping ). Goes correctly?

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what is the cmd?

also the ping idea does not work

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Open the Start Menu and type cmd. If ping don't work you have fix somehow hamachi.

Ive gotten a probelm which is that my friend cannot join my lobby, idk why. Ive send him my ip and he connects but doesnt find it. so i type example : and still doesnt work. Is there anyway to fix this or any other way i can do this? please help

Try everything that I have given above, if still not work i can't help you actually. Look on the internet for solutions or try with external ip.

how do you connect with friends on raft?

So cool that this mod will be released soon. Now we have to wait for some updates from game developers and I can invite friends! :D

Dobra robota ;)

Jeśli masz więcej niż jeden model gracza gotowy to mógłbyś ogarnąć jakieś skiny i możliwość ich zmiany chociażby w menu gry :)

Witam Mam pytanie jak to zainstalować to multiplayer ?? Pomocy !!

Covered this just yesterday on my channel! Figured I ought to share it in the Raft sub-topic as well :) Again, GREAT WORK thus far!

Hello, the mod works on raft 1.05 version? or it needs a new mod?

Wow, I did not know that the update. Soon I'll upgrade mod to 1.05 :)

Thanks dude

PLZ 1.0.5 (sorry for begging) i love this gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

also great work on the mod

NOICE!!!!!!!!!! But, please remodel the player so they look more....human..... anyway can you give more info? I dont know how to install or activate multiplayer, so please give instructions! AND PLEASE make an update compabtible with 1.05 Raft!


NOICE!!!!!!!!!! But, please remodel the player so they look more....human..... anyway can you give more info? I dont know how to install or activate multiplayer, so please give instructions! AND PLEASE make an update compabtible with 1.05 Raft!


I tried downloading this game. I did I and I don't understand how I am supposed to override the files and I tried what you did can you please make a video to this so we can follow the steps to do or to play this game in Multiplayer.


Hey Demon! I really enjoy this mod in its current state but I have a few suggestions. I know you hear it a lot ,even though you are just a programmer, we need new player models. I also think you should implement a option to make the server PvP orientated or PvE orientated.

I understand your a one man operation but if you could pull these of that would be great. But please don't stress yourself. I thank you for the work you have done in order to improve this game.

Can i somehow load a map to the server? I mean we couldn't play in our first map with my friend.

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That mode is very nice and i want it soooooo much but that mode its not on mac can you plzz fix it so that can be on mac?? ps: i have macbook.






تلعب معي

I'm late to the party here so someone may have already asked this, but have you asked the developers about officially implanting this? Because I think that would be a win-win with the developers and players, and they would almost certainly be happy to do it.

How do I can start the Multiplayer Raft ?





plz make for macOS i have win but my friend has mac so i cant play with him.

I agree for u




Umm i just got a folder... what do i do with it?


for everyone complaining about issues please see this topic:

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Well instead of placing 2 or more players on one island you can make separate islands for each player which aren't that far from each other, the players need to find and build to each other. It can be a really fun gamemode think about i

Hey, I am on a mac and I wana play with my friends so when will this be mac ready



How do I download

I'm like what do I do to Download it.8¤.

its cool game

I Do not See Friends' Pictures of Friends Playing With Me

Searching for HotSchedules as well as mounting the app in the typical method.  The HotSchedules web servers and after that attempt again later as well as cookies. 

Nice man

ok can you make like a creative mode.. i want to play spleef with a friend and this is the perfect way to do it. none of us get damaged and we can break and insta break anything and everything. also would be good for building battles or creative only people building for a stream.