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keep it up :D

overwritte the game files with demp

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reduce the water quality in the pause menu

Please stop screaming and give more information about your issue

just overwritte the game files with demp

man i just said that the shark is not syncronized to clients from the host , that means each client see different shark positions or gestures.

yeah because the shark is per player ,not synched to all players that mean you see a sahrk in different stage than your friend does

Yeah thats happening because the shark is not synched with the host and client so that means each of you will se the shark in different possitions.

Man i just said that the mac version is not available , if someone can port it to mac then go on . But for now we can't

good point of view , those things might even be added in the near future

No problem boss we have patience

please see this before posting any topic:

we have just a programer guy that worked just with windows code, how can he perform to a mac one?

try to restart the pc , and tell me the results

just have patience

Demon is not the developer of the raft, he is only the developer Demp. He can't update to mac because he does not have the knowledge for that operation system

Demon and I were working on a new character model for the next update. Also there will be more game features to be added.

I just posted this so the people understand that he didn't gave up. We also will try to improve Demp as much as we can but bare in mind that we have just a programer guy (Demon).

If you have any problems just let me know down below:

raft and demp for raft are not available for linux or macOS

im not sure , for me its working normal as it should, it saves the same as singleplayer

you can't load your singleplayer saves in multiplayer mode

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maybe in the future but for now you must create new save in multiplayer

you can't load your single-player saves into the multiplayer mode

for everyone complaining about issues please see this topic:

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If you have any issues that were explained at bug reports topic( but you still complaining why is not working you have to keep in mind these things:

-Demp is created only by one person.

-its no easy to transform an non-multiplayer game into a multiplayer one.

-this mode has just been released there will be more future updates that will improve it.

-Demon is also very busy with his own game project so he works to multiple ones in the same time.

-Demp is just in early-early-alpha so don't expect any smooth performance (yet :D).

-stop asking stupid questions like:"how do i extract the file?" or "how do i start the game?" or "how do i load a save?" or even "how do i download the mod", this things are explained very well in this section:

-stop asking when the mod its gonna release on linux or macOS, it will never be released on those platform becouse Demon is not working on this platforms and he don't know how to create the code for it.