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Sorry for no progress/Why there is no updates? Sticky

A topic by Dεмøη created Feb 18, 2017 Views: 5,965 Replies: 4
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Im really sorry for no progress on modification from me, but i'm really don't have any time for it.
I been working all day and spend like 8h on my main game project, where i creating it only with my friend.
So we creating it with two, there is a lot of work to do and the game is like rust or hurtworld. For example, i spent this whole day to write voice chat ;_; (kappa).

If you are interested in my project go here and here
And again, im sorry for no progression on mod. I know that is a lot of people are waiting for updates.

Here are some screenshots from the project.

Mountain View

Mountain View

Mountain View

Mountain View



No problem boss we have patience


we love it ^^ just take your time were not in hurry ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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I personally apreciate all the hard work you have put into the mod this far and i will check in periodically for updates. keep up the good work but don't stress your self out about it and get to it when you have time

Thanks Again



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