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For everyone that has issues with DEMP see this topic Sticky

A topic by B0GDAN created Feb 10, 2017 Views: 3,297 Replies: 10
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If you have any issues that were explained at bug reports topic( but you still complaining why is not working you have to keep in mind these things:

-Demp is created only by one person.

-its no easy to transform an non-multiplayer game into a multiplayer one.

-this mode has just been released there will be more future updates that will improve it.

-Demon is also very busy with his own game project so he works to multiple ones in the same time.

-Demp is just in early-early-alpha so don't expect any smooth performance (yet :D).

-stop asking stupid questions like:"how do i extract the file?" or "how do i start the game?" or "how do i load a save?" or even "how do i download the mod", this things are explained very well in this section:

-stop asking when the mod its gonna release on linux or macOS, it will never be released on those platform becouse Demon is not working on this platforms and he don't know how to create the code for it.



Deleted post

I didn't find how to load a save.. can u help?

you can't load your singleplayer saves in multiplayer mode

And how can we save our multiplayer map? Because we did a server, but couldnt save it, and we have to start again everytime.. :/

im not sure , for me its working normal as it should, it saves the same as singleplayer

We just can save it to singleplayer:/ idk why :(


how do i put the mod into raft

overwritte the game files with demp

I pasted downloaded the right version and pasted them in the right folder and it doesnt work( i cant overright anything or it doesnt tell me)

Can't Host game. I tried many ports, result is: "Network host error: CreateSocketOrThreadFailure". my output_log.txt is

Antivirus is disabled, Windows Firewall/Defender is also disabled.

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