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Cool but make a player model instead that tic-tac's :D

XD 'tic-tac'. My thought exactly. :P I personally wouldn't mind helping with providing a player model. Granted, faces are my weak point, but I'm not so bad at the other proportions. If Dεмøη would like help with the model, I'd be glad to help. (Though I think I'd need to talk with Raft first to ensure a full player model isn't already in the works.)

For some time, this is no longer tic-tac, a model made by a person from my team. How would you have done a good model of a normal person, preferably almost bare, it was possible to use it. I will not do a model, I'm just a programmer :)

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Oh, hi! I was thinking of a character model with some rag shorts and maybe a worn shirt (if too many people complain about a six-pack, that is). If some simple walking animations could be added, (edit: I scrolled down a bit further, so I see now that you've added walking animations) I know how to use bones and weight paint. Texturing might be a little tough, but I have an idea for some slight bruises (to make it seem like the character has been battered), and a head of hair. As I've said, though, I'm not great at modeling a face, so I'd need help with that.