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Whats the best way to defend vs the shark then other than spear? im thinking of just making a huge buffer since walls dont rlly work as well as i would like them too. I would prefer it if walls cost more but protected that block from shark. You guys said it adds duriblity and I belive you but the shark takes out foundation in one run at my boat wether it has walls or not so its kinda a waste of resources.

imo theres a suggestions board for the devs so they will probobly be looking there if they wanna add or fix anything. Much love to devs for making an amazing game and continueing to improve it. I actaully found this game from a person mentioning it on a twitch stream :3

I know I sound like an idiot, I just wanna know before I make a ton of them.

Thanks so much for this! sounds like an amazing project and we all appreciate the effort and time your putting into this. cant wait to play with friends, and seriusly thank you.

+add some really expensive automatic shark defense or detterent

+add some kind of way to funnel things from item nets or planters to chests (for planters, they dont need to be autorefilled)


Thanks for making this, it looks so good so far and I love it. Will definatly be looking for updates!