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I personally apreciate all the hard work you have put into the mod this far and i will check in periodically for updates. keep up the good work but don't stress your self out about it and get to it when you have time

Thanks Again


Very excited for this mod cant wait for its release :D

changes, updates, bug fixes. come from the game developer. mods and patches typically are unsupported by the game developer and are supported by third party developers and not offical features of the game

regardless i'm hopeful that the mod developer decides to release this patch as id love to add this to my game

well take Minecraft the modding community with that game started out as very simple mods such as unlimited items and flying. just look at how it evolved. i personally think a modding community would be very beneficial to this game. also the developers mentioned that they wont have much time to develop the game so a modding community would be able to fill the void of features while they can not. who knows they might even add features that have been community created.

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its a free open source game so i doubt they would have a problem releasing the patch they probably would be excited about having a modding community around the game

when are you going to be releasing the patch?