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FaZe Allan

A member registered Dec 31, 2016

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Ive gotten a probelm which is that my friend cannot join my lobby, idk why. Ive send him my ip and he connects but doesnt find it. so i type example : and still doesnt work. Is there anyway to fix this or any other way i can do this? please help

You need WinRaR if u have it so then u have to click the launcher which is and then it will lunch the game

u dont have to buy the game but you can buy the game for any price u want even $0.00

I was wondering if there is any way to get this mod at this moment just to test it out and maybe find some bugges which can be fixed at the realease of the full mod

a nie? XD polak potrafi wszystko

Hello Raft Developer, will this problem be with V1.04 to V1.05? btw you typed "Their" instead of "There" "Their is no way to play V1.03 saves on V1.04"