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Play Version 1.03 on 1.04

A topic by keithd93 created Dec 31, 2016 Views: 5,171 Replies: 18
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How can I migrate my raft / saved gameplay from V1.03 to V1.04. When I load V1.04, it just says 'OldVersion_RaftName' on the load menu. Please help!


I had the same problem :P, I just started another world and got even further than before :)


Hello keithd93!

Their is no way to play V1.03 saves on V1.04

I hope this feature can be added to future updates, as I had gotten quite far in the game, now I can't use my gameplay in the updates.


Hello Raft Developer, will this problem be with V1.04 to V1.05? btw you typed "Their" instead of "There" "Their is no way to play V1.03 saves on V1.04"

Really what if they get a new update


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hello how get version 1.03 on raft ?????? pls give me a link

Hey dont be rude!!

Faze Allan, I need to know this too. Cause when i played raft on version 1.3 I got really far. Now when version 1.4 is released I can't play on my safed file which I am really proud over. Developer if there is anyway to fix that please go ahead and do that now, I am sure there are plenty of other players that have the same problem as us.

The developer has already said earlier that 1.03 save files are not compatible with 1.04 so there's nothing really to fix here. While they could release a new 1.05 version they would have to build backward compatibility with the old 1.03 and 1.04 files and that's a bunch of work for no payback, other than providing that option to people that need it. A lot to ask for a free game that's only a few months old since development started.


Your probobly right, I'm just a user that played very much of this game the last couple of days. I got mad cause when i saw the new update that i couldn't use my old world. I should have looked in before hand which kind of save system the game had before i started playing ''alot''.

this game is asome i love using hook

It's hard to grab stuff though

You can build nets which picks up stuff automatically when they pass by! :D

Dear Developer,
An official trainer for the game would be nice, like toggle health, hunger and the shark. Please send me a feedback if you are interested.

Thank you.


how do you get the game i cant do it

can you still get V1.03 i had a rlly good world.