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Is this being worked on or available? The version listed here (0.5.5) is not the same one as in the videos on your channel. Those show 0.5.5 as the version but the descriptions are 0.5.6 and they contain a world map so they’re different. Also the discord invite is invalid now.

Sounds good. Totally hear you on your health and that’s #1. Take care and look forward to more creations!

Reading through the comments it mentioned you were sick but this was over a year ago. Hope things are well. Are you producing any more packs in the same style as this? I really like the style but looking for more content, buildings, seasons, etc. Thanks!

Has the source code been released for this yet? Is there a way to get it. I’m really interested in how some of the layouts and connections are generated.

Even with changes coming it should have one just to help everyone (trying to put together my own OneNote file of all the combinations). Also what is this written in? Executable is small so I'm assuming C? No dependencies though, your own engine?

Great looking game but watching some people play and reading the comments here is there a wiki or something on how to get everything?

Great job! Good use of atmosphere and assets. The  sounds are great, the environment looks and feels good. I can see you put some attention in to the type of the surface the player is walking on, etc. Little details that some "developers" don't bother with. While there's not a lot of depth to the game, there's a lot of potential if you wanted to carry it forward. I would be interested to help out if you want so feel free to contact me. Nice job overall!

There are a ton of Android rip off versions (that used the original graphics) and it's inevitable that people will make clones of things that are popular.

I can't speak for the developers but I'm sure they'll figure something out if they're fair (I would). Like if you donated some amount of money for the game in the first place (some percentage of what they might finally charge for it on Steam) you would get a free Steam key to get it from there. The problem with Steam is you can't charge whatever the user wants like here so it's a fixed amount, and the developer hasn't said anything about what that would be or how they'll handle users. I'm sure that's part of all the logistics they'll work out when they move to Steam, it's just a matter of time.

Yeah I talked to a Steam guy a week or two ago (I'm working on a few games and had a Greenlight question). They're going to replace it with Direct but for now the process is still Greenlight as they haven't worked out the details yet on Direct (like cost). No idea if the Raft developers will just wait for Direct or go through Greenlight right now (but given the popularity of Raft I'm sure it would go through quickly).

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Looks like the developers posted an update basically saying they're not updating this version here anymore and will be working on Steam.

You can read the whole post here:

No information on how long this going to take or when and no link. Given the current Steam process, they'll need to submit it through Steam Greenlight (but I don't see it there yet) so hopefully they'll provide an update and a link once they do.

Pretty much. Raft first appeared around October of last year and they jammed multiple versions out before getting to 1.0 around December/January. Pretty good when you look at the prototype they started from. After the initial release they were back in school and except for the day/night update, it's been pretty quiet. They'll probably be a release hopefully in spring break then it'll probably go dark until summer again.

There are a *lot* of Raft clones on Android. People just throw them up with screenshots from the game and they're fake or broken apps. The developer has already mentioned the only way to get it is from here and they haven't built a mobile version. A lot of asshats out there that do this. You can report the app to the app store and it might get pulled, but for every one that gets yanked 2 more appear.

It was stated by the developers they dropped the Mac version with 1.05 due to the lack of resources (they're only one developer and two artists).

Since multiplayer is someone's mod and not part of the official game you should contact them. The original developers of the game cannot help you.

1.05 seems to cause fatigue just standing there (I suspect the water bobbing up and down on the raft causes it to trigger the fatigue).

Sigh. Where is the block key?

You have to take out the foundation/floor below the cooker and other items to destroy them.

Stop yelling, and why exactly do you need to duck in this game?

LMAO. Totally not a bug, you're just a skilled sailor who can run on the backs of sharks. Consider it a feature ;)

So... a multiplayer version of Stranded Deep then.

Yeah I had the same problem. Better to put chests out in the open. Stairs seem to create an alternate universe where the E key no longer functions.

If you have a 64-bit operating system you can run either the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the app, otherwise you can only run the 32-bit version. The 64-bit version is able to access more memory among other advantages.

If I had a nickle every time someone in this thread asked for multiplayer...

They produce seeds after eating them that you can replant to grow more trees.

That's not how computer programs work. They don't gobble up all available memory, they use what they need (and swap out to disk when they run out).

Unity (the engine this game is written in) has a very strong community and a ton of great HOWTO videos from basics to full programs. Check them out here.

Pie menu is tied to the right click on your mouse. If that doesn't work not sure what to say.

There's already a FAQ stickied and locked and contains the multiplayer message. Like I said, people just don't read.

When was the last time you saw a sniper rifle floating in the ocean?

Please no islands. The mystery and challenge that makes the game unique is the raft and having to make due with what you have and build. Adding islands to it would just turn it into Stranded Deep.

And it will continue to keep being asked for. People can't read.

Most times when I write code that does this I call it a feature, not a bug ;)

Without seeing the rest of the processes you have running or what your graphics setup is not much help I can offer here. 280MB to run the application (if I read your screenshot correctly) isn't much so obviously something else is taking up that 54%