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Very cool slice of gameplay. I destroyed 3 or 4 planes but the last one was just stuck in a loop diving below where I could get him so had to hit Alt+F4 to get out. One suggestion is to use left mouse button for left attack, right for right, and middle button for jump. Great stuff!

That’s too bad, especially since it’s AI I can’t see the problem being something like licensing. I think I was using that voice too in a game. PITA to have to pivot like this.

Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.

Thanks, glad you liked it. Look for more number-go-up fun in the future.

Thanks! Yup, plan to do something with this beyond the jam based on peoples suggestions. Should be a fun journey. Thanks for playing!

Thanks, totally agree that it needs some balancing but I think that, combined with new machines and ideas that people have given me (both here and on the livestream) will make for an interesting game.

For sure I’m looking to make improvements (have my TODO list ready). Will try to get a video put together if time permits.

Yeah needs better balancing. I saw Jern get the max $500 (but the $100 max was missed) so there’s some bug on the max funds tile. Lots of good comments in the stream on ways to make it better so I’m looking at doing that post-jam. Thanks for playing!

Awesome game, very fun! Would love to see this turn into a full game. Lots of potential here.

Fun game, lots of destruction. Nice idea.

Was a little tricky to get going and wasn’t sure how to get going with it, but was fun trying. Good job!

Cool game, was fun but a little annoying with the movement. Took awhile to get things going but it was fun.

Neat game, reminded me of Binding of Issac. Couldn’t figure out how to leave the first room but was fun.

Great game! Would have been nice with more controls like hover or something. I kept missing some parts for the nest trying to hit them. Lots of fun!

Neat game, wasn’t sure where I was supposed to go but had fun driving around.

Total chaos. I couldn’t find any quest items but had fun just smashing things!

Fun stuff. Took me three times before I realized the pieces have to be placed somewhere special on the board to snap together. I had it completed but nothing was “gluing” together. I hit hint and one piece flew to a spot and I had to rebuild around it. Cool game, well done!

Neat idea. Reminds me of a flash game or mobile game I played where you combine elements. More help would have been helpful as I stumbled around trying to figure out recipes, but maybe that’s just me. Good job!

Interesting game. Got clobbered but it was fun hack and slashing everyone!

Fun take on deck building game. Sounds were awesome. Couldn’t figure out how to dafeet some of the monsters but eventually just clicked enough cards to make it happen. Great job!

Interesting game. Had some difficulty getting things going and a few parts went flying off the screen. Nice job.

Took me awhile to figure out the mechanics so some kind of help would be useful. Great job!

Neat game. Was a little abrupt when I would die from a mine but I guess that’s the miner’s life! Upgrades took awhile to get to but worth it. Nice job!

Fun game. Had a good time going through the various different options for building. Never really got the hang of it, but then I suck at playing games. Great job!

Cool game, music was a little annoying after awhile. Fun mechanics!

Nice job. I had to rage quit a few times as it got harder and harder to find things. So yeah, there should be a stress rating. Fun game!

Thanks, I agree it gets a little boring fast. Will look at ways to make that better post-jam.

Thanks. Yes faster would be good so there are several “powerup” tiles that you can mine to get that, one that increases the money each resource yields and one that speeds up the machines.

Yes, balancing is always hard in game jam time. I also had nobody to test things to provide any feedback. Not making excuses. Hopefully will have post-jam time to look at balancing and expanding the gameplay. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks. A little grindy but glad you had fun.

Thanks. Takes awhile to get the end game but it can be done.

Is it possible to make a downloadable version? OpenGL is broken for me.

Thanks, confirmed. Works now!

The Windows version doesn’t work, missing a .pck file

Great job. As a fellow solo dev I know what it’s like to get your project over that final finish line. Trippy game and a lot of great features. Good luck on your other games!

Great game! Very fun. Good luck!

Good to hear that it’s not lost to time. Not sure why you don’t release it. Watched a video of it and it was good, just needed some work. Looking forward to the day it might return. Thanks!

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What does that mean? You deleted it? You lost it? Were you forced to for some reason? Will it ever return in some form? “Death” doesn’t make any sense.

This looks a lot like the old game you had on here, War of the Worlds Survival. What happened to that game? I would like to buy it.

Really fun. Wish there was a downloadable version as even with low poly performance in the browser for me is horrible.