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Can I translate this game to polish language? I can also show this game on my YouTube channel :D

In this topic you can post your ideas for my game. ;)

Raft community · Created a new topic The game has died.

In my opinion, this game has long since died. Developers did not give to us enough options to configure it when it comes to graphics ... Enabling and disabling shaders? Funny, what do I do after seeing game on my GTX 750 Ti in 1920x1080 at 30 FPS? On the other hand, this game after 30 minutes does not make sense. No new releases + no new features = game dies.

"Realistic Graphics" probably no...


When new update?

Cheat Engine probably

Dedicated servers will be (probably), so to make your own server you don't Hamachi need
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It's sounds really good.

And one more thing:

Mordeczko, super że robi to ktoś z Polski :) Ogólnie widzę że szybko to idzie więc przypuszczam że data premiery może być blisko :D

That I see work on this modification they go really fast so I suppose that the release date of this mod will be soon.

Yep, this is now better than BF :D but I want multiplayer now! :D

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Amazing work! Maybe serwer browser or dedicated servers will be?

And... expected release date?

Make multiplayer, add some weapons, calss, vehicles and maps then this game will be like Battlefield or maybe better? :D

Hen game be 'valible to download?

I want multiplayer! :D