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Whenever diving is implemented, I wonder if sea life (i.e. fish, crabs, lobsters, oysters) could be gathered by hand with enough player skill. (Not meaning an in-game level system, but actual tactics players can use from the beginning of the game.) I'm also wondering if sea shells or other resources could be gathered for purely cosmetic purposes (i.e. dyes and decorative strings). Fins to improve swimming speed would be very beneficial.

Since the shark would obviously be a problem while diving, it should probably require one of those submersible shark cages on a player-operated winch. The shark would attack the cage much like the raft, and after a while, the cage takes too much damage and breaks open.

Until diving is implemented, though, I'm with lots of other players: beds would be great in the next update. I'm aware it'll be awhile, though. Good luck to the devs as they finish up their college classes.