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developer plz make it so the raft can be as big as possible because some people can make cool things and ONLY small rafts would make the game a 2 hour of fun. make a small raft only would be cool ONLY in a different game mode. keep up the good work

:D game rating right now in v1.04 like real life 7/10, fun 10/10 but gets lower as the same save goes on, thing right now to do in game for a 1.04 game there is a lot so 10/10 total 9/10 my opinion this is. o and this is my 4th fav game when full probs 2nd

Its called raft, not giant wooden island. The developer should focus on deepening the content rather than just "make the raft bigger." Right now the game lacks realism. There is no considerations when it comes to buoyancy, the raft doesn't move with waves and shit, and doesn't drift in the ocean. The point is to survive in a small space with minimal resources not make a world builder.