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How about Steel, which can be made from 2 scrap in a Furnace (2 Scrap, 1 Wood). With the steel you can make Steel Tools, which are stronger than the normal scrap kind. Why not a Thatch Bed, made from 2 Wood, 6 Thatch? When you pick up a barrel, you could place it and store things in it like a chest, but not as many. Maybe some First Aid Kits could be out there in the blue sea, but it would be a rare sight. Could there be Cloth, A special fabric (found in crates)? Maybe it could make Sails. What else could be out there? Crates filled with rare items, like Food, Materials and First Aid? Everyone needs a good Rainstorm, you could make a Water Collector (2 Cloth, 1 Empty Tin Can, 2 Wood) and collect some purified water too! Fishing gets old, a Fishing Net (2 Steel, 4 Rope) can do the work for you! It gets cold at night, why not make a Coat (3 Cloth)? Potatoes can get boring to eat, mix it up with Carrots, Tomatoes, Corn, Grapes, and Bananas! Also, Make a Hat (1 Cloth, 1 Thatch) to protect yourself from Sunburn (Doesn't affect in shade). That's all I have for now.


Those are some amazing ideas, I love how all the things are highlighted in bold.:D

Thanks :D

I hope the Devs look at my ideas and consider adding them.


YOUR IDEAS ARE FANTASTIC i added about 6 but there not as ilaberate as these!!!! nice work man!! i hope they implement some of these great ideas! :D


Man! Your ideas are so great! i really wish your ideas to be added in the game :)

I can already imagine the cool cloth and steel that we can use to make more items :D

I know right? It would be so cool if you could make steel tools, and find a super rare crate every once in a while!


WOW! i love your ideas