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A member registered Jan 02, 2017

Recent community posts

How do you create houses from wet wood? nothing makes sense its a game

Release the patches faster

How do you check for next updates?

Huh?What does that have to do with surviving the ocean?

Its not meant to be realistic,more of like a sandbox type game. We are literally building houses from materials that float in the ocean. Not very realistic

Also,please stop begging for 'illness when outside'...we are in the middle of the ocean the only thing we have is outside.Players shouldnt get penalized for being outside when the whole game revolves around finding items and craft materials OUTSIDE (to build houses and forts that is)...

If the underwater idea is going to be implemented it would be cool to have items/accessories/WEAPONS that are only obtainable as secrets that you have to find underwater in certain areas. Kind of like easter eggs that have to be found but the weapons can have different rarity levels and looks. Something i wanted to throw in :)

Night and day would be cool.Maybe different creatures spawn at different times of the day, seems like something that could be interesting.And yeah less drinking would be nice along with a save feature.Great ideas! :)

A few ideas ive thought of:

More weapons! (harpoon gun,different levels of spears etc...)

Doors for buildings

Different kinds of walls to make different buildings (stone house,wood house,bamboo house etc...)

Decorations for the inside of buildings such as beds,chairs,wooden desks or a bath that we can fill with water from the ocean (just for aesthetics)

More ways to catch food and different kinds of fish

Different levels of fishing rods such as basic rod(made for catching basic/small fish),medium rod (can catch bigger fish like tuna,lobsters etc... and experienced rod (for small sharks and other underwater creatures\

Different kinds of sharks as enemies that change everytime you kill the main shark (meaning): the first shark is the basic one we already have,then when we kill it it becomes a tiger shark, hammerhead shark,great white shark and finally a megalodon as a final shark

Different ways to make platforms (not just building pillars to stack houses for multiple levels)

The already mentioned idea of crafting diving gear and exploring is really interesting and the idea of crafting different kinds of rafts sounds fun too

Upvote/reply with any ideas/changes you have!