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I have these suggestions/ideas:

-Multiple enemies.

-Natural disasters like hurricane,Thunderstorm,Tsunami.

-Fall Damage

-Some types of boats

-You need a blueprint to make complicate buildings/Items


-Fireplace/stove to heat you up and not to freeze to death.


-More types of shark/some kind of enemies who attack you in the surface.

-Shark trap(Like bear trap just with shark :D).

-More kinds of Item net,The basic item net would just catch some items not 5-6-7 ;D.

-Durability on items including cooking station,water purifier and item net.

-Friendly AI-s.

-Maybe some kind of cheats(Gamemode) to add items to find bugs...

-More items:clothes,stone in the ocean to mine,ores(maybe),plastic,cotton....

-More building angle.

-More buildings.

-Do the items rarer.

-Iron buildings/Iron spikes to the shark can't eat your raft ;D.

-Player model.

-More weapon: crossbow&bow,(Throwable)spear,Handmade gun&bullet,harpoon....

-Armor on your body.

-New vegetables/fruits.

-Some types of tree.

-The potato sometimes just give you back 1 not 2.

-You can gain some water from rain.

-Day-Night cycle

-Sleeping needs

- extract salt from the ocean

Sry for my bad english, Have a nice day and happy new year ;D


Awesome ideas!

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I love those ideas but I don't want this game to turn into minecraft on the water.

Deleted post

HuFas and Maheehoo, it seems like it's from minecraft because just about everything in real life is on minecraft. Mods or not.


also a smeltery for making weapons


Good Ideas And Also if there is a night cycle There could be 2 sharks instead of 1? :)


+DjwPlayz i wrote that ;) *Multiple enemies




But this is nothing like minecraft... i think this guy's ideas are pretty amazing!

and it would help/make the game even a better one!


Great ideas here 1 thing.

You could find blueprints from bottles floating at the sea!


This is a cool idea. Why stop at blueprints? These bottles could also contain hints or lore.


how about some goods which we could find occasionally in barrell? like walkman, painting etc.


nice thinking 9/10 games with Durability make me want to die and no big rafts would make the game get boring after 2 hour of gameplay but still nice thinking


Maybe if your injured and go in the water the blood will attract more sharks


I was thinking you could have an automatic harpoon, like a shark trap, however it would do less damage, deter the shark easier, use up ammunition instead of using none, the ammo would get stuck to the shark, and you could retrive it if the shark got close enough, have a clip version which would store more ammo, and another version which would have a bell buoy which would make noise, and alert you if the shark was getting close.

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There should be gun parts in barrels that are very rare to find, like 1/100 barrels have 1 part, and find blueprints for making gunpowder, bullets and a crafting station, like you can do in ARK, and cannons for fighting pirates and maybe multiplayer combats. (if you do this, make PvP and EvP servers and LAN possible) Also, nig youtube channels like ZerkaaPlays and Slogoman play this game, look at their vids for feedback, and as a Promotion source.


Doesn't every foundation float?


It would be pretty cool if they would add multiplayer as well, because I want to play with my friends xD

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These are great ideas. Adverse weather effects and a day/night cycle are fantastic additions. Needing to seek shade during harsh sunlight and warmth during cold nights is realistic - with rain/snow exacerbating the issue.

Scripted-events would be a great addition. As you progress, certain resources should begin to dwindle. These events would provide a way of obtaining those resources but would only appear after a set amount of play time. Here are a few examples:

1. You drift toward a derelict raft. You need to determine whether or not its worth the risk of leaving your raft to explore this new raft. Maybe there are enemies hidden on-board or sharks surrounding it. There's also the risk of your raft drifting too far away to return.

2. You land at a small island. You can explore it for resources but you risk encountering dangerous animals. The island doesn't generate important resources. It MUST be harder to survive on an island than floating on the raft.

3. You float over an undersea cavern which can be explored after dropping an anchor. There could be treasure inside but also enemies and possible drowning concerns. Maybe even traps.

4. You approach a whirlpool which will destroy your raft if you don't steer around it.

5. You're approached by a militant raft with human enemies that use fire to damage your raft.

6. You're approached by a friendly raft that has armed or unarmed traders or NPCs.

I'm not totally on-board with armor as it would likely tunnel the game progression toward reaching that safety net.




Rain? In the middle of the ocean?


I think rain and water purification/collection system from rain would be cool, but as an adverse effect make rain put out all fire necessary items(cooking etc.) that are not under a safe platform.

I would also love to see thatched roof systems and maybe thatch pipes to carry said water from a rain catcher to a barrell?

I love ALL of those ideas, and maybe from extracting salt from the sea, you'd be able to season or cure the fish you catch? All of it sounds great, I hope they put some more of these ideas in :)

I like the ideas but they should also add a diving suit....