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Neat concept. Really nice, consistent art design. The level design is a bit simplistic - it's got a strong arcade feel to it (compared to the mission-based structure seen in something like hotline). In terms of gameplay, keeping stuff simple and avoiding RPG-style elements is a smart move. What i'm seeing here is too fast paced for that. If, however, you decide to build in that direction, go for more of a "downwell" direction with them. Great stuff. More enemy/weapon variety, environmental hazards would make for appropriate focus areas for new content. In terms of enemy design - adjusting the attack telegraphy and range of enemies is the right way to go about smoothing out your difficulty curve. I would love to see this, fully realized, on steam/mobile. 

Great twist on a classic mode.  This one has a lot of potential. I could definitely see something like this sitting next to a game like Forager on Steam. The visuals are nice and clean without being too simple. A bit of polish would really make it pop.

In terms of gameplay, the concept is great. I would probably make the level curve a bit smoother. You could also add new ways of obtaining crystals (e.g. enemies which drop crystals but only for a short period of time) and crystals of greater value. I would also like to see a second progression system which extends beyond each stage. One would reset between maps and confer larger bonuses while the other would grant smaller bonuses but would carry between maps. An alternate game mode or optional challenge could turn something like this off.

Finally, the boss fight is a neat concept but it would be cool the boss itself could move around. To that end, enemies (and bosses) should be able to attack the player, damaging your map health.  Optionally, giving the player a form of attack separate from the tower would add a lot of depth while keeping the "single tower" concept intact.

I've played a lot of these games - I like what i'm seeing here. Hopefully this feedback reaches you. Ultimately, it's your game and your vision and it's better to nail the core loop than risk feature creep. 

This demo shows a strong foundation and I would love to buy the final product. 

Pretty neat central mechanic. The level design and presentation are also solid. Lots of potential here.

This is a cool idea. Why stop at blueprints? These bottles could also contain hints or lore.

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These are great ideas. Adverse weather effects and a day/night cycle are fantastic additions. Needing to seek shade during harsh sunlight and warmth during cold nights is realistic - with rain/snow exacerbating the issue.

Scripted-events would be a great addition. As you progress, certain resources should begin to dwindle. These events would provide a way of obtaining those resources but would only appear after a set amount of play time. Here are a few examples:

1. You drift toward a derelict raft. You need to determine whether or not its worth the risk of leaving your raft to explore this new raft. Maybe there are enemies hidden on-board or sharks surrounding it. There's also the risk of your raft drifting too far away to return.

2. You land at a small island. You can explore it for resources but you risk encountering dangerous animals. The island doesn't generate important resources. It MUST be harder to survive on an island than floating on the raft.

3. You float over an undersea cavern which can be explored after dropping an anchor. There could be treasure inside but also enemies and possible drowning concerns. Maybe even traps.

4. You approach a whirlpool which will destroy your raft if you don't steer around it.

5. You're approached by a militant raft with human enemies that use fire to damage your raft.

6. You're approached by a friendly raft that has armed or unarmed traders or NPCs.

I'm not totally on-board with armor as it would likely tunnel the game progression toward reaching that safety net.