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me too

I can't collect items from item net

why absolute turkish? because you from Turkey?!

for me it's absolute polish then :D

not only french, polish, russian and german also

they can add crocodiles. Crocodiles could walk on a raft, you could kill them with crossbow

You can do on multiplayer mode survivor.

The players will have their own raft for each and they will swim with them, raid with them, and survive with them.

Man no islands!

Didn't you see description? "Surviving on a RAFT, not island"

May you add

knife - for crafting more items

anvil/workbench/or something else - for crafting more items

bow - to hunt shark from the distance

corssbow - the same as bow but with craftable iron sight

running - for faster coming to a shark when attacking

CHEST with sign - for storing items

storms - for making game harder

day/night cycle - for enviorment

LAN multiplayer - for playing with 1-4 players (using hamachi)

sailing - moving to new areas of the ocean

crocodiles - new enemy that can get on the board

crocodile/shark skin - for clothings and decorations

hippo - for a new enemy

map - to create a map of where we sailed

speed meter - to help map with counting of speed

giving wood to fire - for making to have fire on harder

bigger can - for more water storage to drink

crafting backpack - for more space

Thanks for creating and developing game. I would be very happy if this fings were added to a game. I'm sure that your game will be famous. Greeting from whole Poland. Merry x-mas :D

Man this game has 1 week and it's 3rd version of it so what do you think? I think most of free games has got a graphics for a weak computers but if you see this graphics in this version and see other game's graphics in maybe 50 version you won't see diffrences.


I know i just say there's a bug like that. But thanks for reply :DWhen i sawi it i was like "Hey! What happen?!"

Why not both of them?

I think about adding first LAN and then online.

If i can i will send you about 10$

I have an Idea!

You can create LAN multiplayer! It may be easier than normal multiplayer.

Also please add chests and signs (I want signs to the chest to see what's in it like:

in 1 chest ther's hatch so i write hatch in a sign what is on a chest)

Have a nice christmas! :D

Hahahahh. Not funny. Don't copy someone's suggestion.

Dear Squirrel194 there won't be island or ending because:

a) The games with ending are popular for a month and then they are borind

b) There won't be islands because it's game about surviving on the raft, not on island.

Ummm. HELP! Shark crossed my foundations

Thanks. I wish you too merry christmas :)

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If you want translation just ask me. I know Polish. I can give you some of them:

Foundation - Fundament

Axe - Siekierka

Hook - Hak

Item net - Sieć na rzeczy