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So I was playing last night and filled my chests and water/food cookers with stuff and logged off. I got back on this morning and looked in my chests... nothing. looked in the water and food cookers and nothing was in them. I think this is a bug because i saved the game which should save the items in the chest. Please fix this! Thank you!

Fish Traps and Spikes so the shark will get hurt when eating my stuff. A pistol would be a great addition with ammo craftable with metal scrap. Maybe a metal refinery would be good so we could make metal ingots and sheets to craft a gun. A bow craftable from wood and rope, arrows of leaf+wood+metal could give you 3 arrows. Just some ideas that would fit into the game. Thank you!

oh god. i thought my 2.6 ghz 16 gb ram quad core processor ASUS notebook was bad