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Good damn what we really need are machines which help us surviving! For example a machine for cooking water automatically would be really great!😄

You are right. It has nothing to do with surviving. But I think its kind of boring to use the "normal" stuff to survive every time. You don't know why you are on this raft. Maybe you live in another year where you have cool techology? For example a machine that generates a portal? Why has everything to be logical? If you don't like it, maybe they can add this to a special event.

Maybe you can add some magical stuff? Means some potions, a magic wand or portals or stuff like that? :D

Would be really cool!

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Please add some cool machines. For example a machine that automatically makes drinkable water or a machine that catches and cooks fish automatically. Would be great! :)

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Sometimes my game crashs randomly. I have a freeze screen and then the game closes. Please fix this bug! Thanks for this great game!

It Would be great to play with friends and it would be nice if you can craft armor or something like that and more trees(especially more fruits