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I have an IDEA!, can you put EDIT MODE so we can edit our raft a lot easier and maybe some INTENSE BACKGROUND MUSIC whenever the shark is attacking the raft, and could you improved the A.I. of the shark that if we put WALLS that the shark wont break the raft unless if there is an open area for it to break the raft, and maybe if we could put Mode's like, survival mode, custom mode, and creative mode if possible.

Yea Good Idea


I think there should be a building mode where you take no damage and don't starve or dehydrate but you have to get your own resources outside of building mode. Building mode should be turned on and off in main menu and in game toggled with the buttons 'ctrl b' in game. You shouldn't be able to do much in building mode apart from opening chests, building and breaking. In building mode you don't get resources back from stuff you built if you break it.