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Agreed. I'd like to be able to pan out and see what the raft looks like from above.

Yes, I think there should at least be some menu bar slots permanently for drinking and eating items. It's annoying always having to shift out a bit of rope to make way for you drinking cup.

Really, the coconut palm is passable because it has shallow roots and is salt tolerant. But citrus trees on a raft? I don't think that would wash. Scurvy only sets in after months at sea, and I really don't play this game for that long. Besides, you could get vitamin c from growing bell peppers You don't need trees.

I agree that a shark shouldn't bite through walls. It looks weird. The walls should prevent the shark from attacking that side of the raft. It can always attack your nets.

Crocodiles are not freshwater! They're called salt water crocodiles for good reason.

The defense against that is to just build squares around the base of your pillar. If any of them get eaten just replace them. Yes it's annoying that the shark is constantly coming back, but if it were completely negateable there wouldn't be any challenge.

Once you have a few palm trees, that's really the end of the game. I suggest the final objective is to build a lookout tower (or maybe just build X floors high). Then you might see land from up there. Perhaps then an additional option would appear where you could build a row boat to escape, but not essential.