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How you can make electricity with riffs , seems not realistic. To your first part i wanna say that i know my is idea ambitious and its just an idea but i think its important for developers to know aproximately what should coming out at the end of developing

Rly? I cant find this message anywhere where did they post that?

Ok than sry

nice idea with the npc rafts

But i think diving and islands as additional feature cant turn raft into another game the main feature is and (i hope) will ever be the raft you should give the game time to evolve and stop complaining about ideas of fans. Not all islands have clear water, food or even palms and every new feature turns raft into a new game some more some less

So have a nice day and well done so far to the developers

i agree with you and only want to add another idea: Diving

An underwaterworld with riffs, turtels, new fish, shellfish and treasures would make this game more diversified and amazing